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  1. Pele’s going to new farm no sure about the others
  2. Np best a luck to both teams
  3. Is this game being streamed on periscope?
  4. Actually I think there was one guy on here saying they will finish in the top 5 couple weeks back which started the first debate about it am sure. Got nothing against them at all its just my opinion. Maybe its because there unbeaten in div 1 more people will like a say about them but thats credit to them for going unbeaten so well played new farm
  5. Dont get me wrong I dismissed them on gaining promotion from div 1 and they’ve almost went it unbeaten so well wrong there but prem a different kettle of fish for me
  6. Also cant see new farm being a great addition. I mentioned on another thread or possibly even this one that they wont make the top 5/6 if so I’ll be made to eat my words I’m sure
  7. Whos the doing the poaching here if this is true? Is there someone at thistle above the management but below hamilton himself? Come on lads this isn’t techinal director stuff its ammie fitbaw surely not
  8. Shortlees to just shade it for me 1-0 or 2-1
  9. Beyond me how cumnock and hurlford afc have ended up playing each other back to back in the league in the month of may. Wtf’s happened there?
  10. Well the premier really been nowhere else in any cups unless u count the Hamilton tarmac trophy they have a chance of winning that . Always there or there abouts but always bottle it that result on Saturday shows it . In the semis of the ayrshire aswell this year but looking like HT in final should they both win there semi final games
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