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  1. He will eventually but not anytime soon
  2. A was under the impression he’s jordyn sheerin naw? Common knowledge am lead to believe
  3. Cant believe harestanes have flagged this up
  4. Any standouts for shortlees in your opinion?
  5. Random but nonetheless interesting. Explain
  6. Had tae laugh at this post. i’d love to see this touch and finish at the tail end of the season when the welfares playin 3 games a week and the oconnor goals are drying up faster than they 2 boys from drongan signed way thistle. Away and gees piece mick
  7. Don’t book an astro park and hope for the best. I see a few have booked astro’s. Shortlees, thistle and new farm. Must be fine for numbers.
  8. Great result for tarbolton. Night and day from the start of the season anyone know whats changed since then?
  9. Fighting with each other or seperate incidents?
  10. Bit surprised at the sandys result yesterday scraping a 1-0 win with all the hype on here about them. No disrespect at all to the dirrans as they would have battled all the way no doubt but I wouldnt rate them in the top 5 in ayrshire. Nevertheless its sandys in the hat for the last 32
  11. Cracking result for tarbolton today away at dailly winning 3-1. They really are flying at the moment!
  12. Glenburn up there with the best of them on there day. No shame going out to them. Dont think they’ll win it but could go far draw depending
  13. Explain to me how they go in favourites? New farm already beaten them 3-1
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