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  1. Heard Fintry were going to be Dundee St James and playing at Fairfield.
  2. Has Cupar Hearts confirmed their intentions to move?
  3. Cupar and Am soccer are now joined as a team
  4. They have all ages of football, including 2 adult amateur teams so I wouldn't imagine the pathway wouldn't be an issue
  5. No other amateur team from Perth have the facility's like Letham. Breadalbane have a great set up but I presume they are to far out the way?
  6. So basically you'll be leaving soon anyway?
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if you did beat them after your last round victory against Thorn. Glenburn are a very good side
  8. Maybe you should lay off the weed. All about opinions and mine is Scottish won't be in the east
  9. I'll be very surprised if you get past Glenburn
  10. Nobody from the east winning it.
  11. Isn't that what good teams do. Win when it matters and with the players that they have?
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