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  1. Seen stranger things happen with the safa but good luck hopefully they get told to bolt
  2. Thought protest had to be done within a certain time scale of said game being played?
  3. xnxx


    Scottish is wide open this year
  4. Taking Pumpherston players all ready
  5. Glenrothes strollers have the infrastructure in place just now to apply but whether they can bring players in is a different story
  6. Inverkeithing didnt have a team for few years, but fair play to them on getting it back up and running and pushing on from their amateur days
  7. Thought he went to Pumpherston
  8. xnxx


    Pretty sure any manager would jump at a chance to manage a top team if they've proven them self's at say a lower team. From what I've seen Disney has kept a team going, was fairly successful at St Bernard's, just unfortunate couldn't keep them going.
  9. xnxx


    Thought Jordan sheerin was the manager? Or is he just helping out?
  10. xnxx


    Would they have a choice if he wanted to leave? Pretty sure from last time I played you can't stop players at amateur level and there released when season is finished
  11. Fort william just announced today their manager was leaving
  12. Boys stealing a wage then, watched them in a Scottish game against Glenrothes and they struggled against a poor Glenrothes team
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