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  1. I’m hoping that we’ll have something in place for the start of the season. Even if it’s temporary as I agree it won’t be much fun sitting miles away at basically pitch level. Would be good to get some clarity on it and the club did say there would be more news soonish.
  2. Yeah the main stand attached to the building is just 2 or 3 rows as far as I can tell. Seems the point of the 2nd stand is to provide a viable viewpoint for watching football. Would imagine it’s the stand we use once it’s built and the current 500 seater is for overspill (yes I know)
  3. Beyond delighted to be going home. As a few have said we really need to get the new stand in place ASAP but just brilliant news. Going by the chairman’s statement it sounds like the council/Edinburgh Leisure approached us to try and find a solution, not surprising as their income has been absolutely slashed this last year (my EL membership is £50 a month and it’s been suspended since COVID so x that by lots of other people). Genuinely 6 or 7 really good pre match options for pints which compared to Ainslie Park’s 0 good options is maths I can’t even do. Absolutely buzzing and won’t miss Ainslie Park one bit.
  4. close enough, really enjoyed that actually. We give away a few more chances than under the previous manager but we look far more of a threat, Brown and De Vita among a significant list of players that look much happier playing under Naysmith. 2 tremendous goals in the game, one for each side. Felt for the young lad in goal for them, that can't have been much fun. Hopefully Blair and Brown aren't too badly hurt especially with our Scottish Cup odyssey continuing at the weekend. I suspect the extra £1.01 was for the 2 commentators or maybe we were paying a premium for a good view of the pylon - coverage was absolutely grand to be fair so well done Cowden.
  5. See we can use our ECFC TV log ins to buy the stream for Cowdenbeath tonight, wonder what they do to make it worth that extra £1.01. Can we go on winning until the end of time? Probably yes. 0-2 City another 3 points and our first clean sheet under the new gaffer.
  6. It really is lovely to support a team managed by Gary Naysmith. Thought we were good today, probably the best I've seen Liam Brown play for us and Ouzy See looks a different player to the one that returned to us at the start of the season. Expected a bit more from Stenny but that said they missed an absolute sitter just before we made it 3-1. Someone said it was McGuigan, if it was then Mr Goals literally just headed the ball in the wrong direction. 3 wins in a row for the best manager in Edinburgh.
  7. After a honking start to the season we’ve been much better over the last few weeks. Wasn’t blown away by QP last week but still reckon everyone else is playing for the playoffs. Good form to continue with a 3-2 win.
  8. Aye no Artificial Intelligence controlling our camera so any ropey moments are down to flaws in human intelligence. *touch wood* streams have been bang on after a few issues during the early games.
  9. Thought we were tremendous first half, really well organised and moved the ball well. Draw probably fair overall. Wasn’t blown away by QP but that’s a team built to win this league and they will. Not sure how yer man, number 28, got man of the match by the way......
  10. Not much point trying to say anything clever about that game, the wind made it a nonsense. At least 1 hysterical miss from Elgin early on so pretty happy to take the 3 points and never speak of this again
  11. Meant to say, the stream last week was perfect, didn't miss a beat. Just the football that was pish.
  12. Just glad Shane Sutherland is on one of his brief Elgin hiatus's to be honest. Would expect us to be better than last week and something other than crosses into seemingly immobile strikers would be lovely.
  13. Glad we're not allowed in, I'd have missed my bus home by staying back to give Blair Henderson pelters.
  14. Okay now pishing it down and blowing a gale. Forecast is better for kick off though
  15. Despite everything I'm actually quite excited about this. Might even get a macaroni pie in for the occasion. Much more options in attack for City this season, probably with games like this in mind. City 3 - 1 Cowden
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