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  1. Hadn’t noticed the 2nd one - assumed the first game was because Ainslie Park was going to be free on the Saturday but maybe you’re right. Have to say if I was another club in the league I don’t think I’d be particularly chuffed. Must be a nightmare for some of the players (not to mention club officials)
  2. To be honest probably not, but that’s just because he’s struggled to stay fit. He still reads the game well and if he’s not exposed to pace he’ll be fine for you I reckon. Seems Naysmith wants his own guys in and a new playing style and the big man didn’t fit what he was after.
  3. Having slept on it I can only assume we reckon Meadowbank won’t be ready at all this coming season and as LTHV are sharing Ainslie Park there are no free Saturdays so it’s Friday nights or nothing. Essentially trying to make the best of a bad situation but it’s still a bad situation. Very hard to attract people to Ainslie Park at the best of times, would assume it’s near impossible on a Friday night.
  4. Might be an interesting experiment at Meadowbank (pubs nearby, relatively easy to get to). Will be absolutely brutal at Ainslie Park, be surprised if we got 150 through the door. Feels like the move to Meadowbank is a while away yet
  5. His statement suggests that’s not the case, talks about wanting to go somewhere that’ll he’ll be involved
  6. Blair Henderson released (had a year left so must have been paid up or something similar). Naysmith quite simply not f**king about. Can probably see the logic in this one but big risk to wave goodbye to what amounts to a guarantee of goals.
  7. Releasing Laird felt like an odd decision at the time. Now that he’s signed for a direct rival it looks pretty stupid and if he stays fit it’ll look absolutely thick as f**k. Arguably City’s most important player of recent years - we’d have gone straight back down to the Lowland in our first season if we hadn’t brought him in.
  8. Struggled a bit with injuries last season but quite simply a brilliant footballer. Really not looking forward to seeing him line up against us.
  9. Gutted Liam Brown is away but far too good for L2 and you can’t ask guys to turn down a shot at full time. As others have said, lots and lots of work required to get the squad in shape.
  10. He was our player of the year a few seasons back, essentially all about how fit he gets, really struggled after a bad injury. Was sad to see him released, gutted to see him sign for (in theory) our key rival
  11. Andy Black signing for Kelty is a really hard one to take. If he’s fit (and admittedly that’s a big if) he’s basically Ngolo Kante. Naysmith better have some absolute galacticos lined up or we’re in serious bother. Not got much of a new season buzz on just now to be honest, partly concerns about the squad and partly knowing we’ll be back at Ainslie Park for at least the diddy cup games. Plenty time and all that but lots to do
  12. Could easily play L1 and I’m surprised he isn’t. Hadn’t thought about a clause like that but would make sense. All things being equal he’ll only play (at most) one more season in L2
  13. Liam Henderson is a tremendous player and deserves his big move. Really good on the ball, a decent athlete and a ridiculous goal threat. Don’t know much about your squad but I wonder if he’ll end up playing left back initially and if that goes well moving inside one. For what it’s worth he’s a better CB than LB
  14. Delighted for Liam H getting a move to Arbroath, obviously would have loved him to stay but he deserves a crack at a level above L2
  15. Crichton as captain? Sounds like yer man that had C Tapping coming to City this year might be on to something....... Delighted if true!
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