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  1. Edinburgh City

    I’ve always assumed that he’d be playing part time in league 1 next season (if we’d gone up I think he’d have stayed). Don’t think full time is realistic, he’s got a good career outside football and no full time team that would be interested in him will pay enough to justify chucking the accountancy gig. Did better than expected with us and clearly deserves a chance at a level up.
  2. Old Firm Colts in L2

    https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/spfl/scottish-premiership/those-who-lead-anti-colt-16241447 How about raising the standard and numbers of coaches right through every level of the game, how about increasing access to high quality (free) football facilities for every child in Scotland, how about using the excellent development loan system and then how about Rangers and Celtic (because this is their baby) actually trusting youngsters to play in the first team? How that tit McCart can complain about people rejecting the colts pish when his club are trying to give Izaguirre a new 1 year deal rather than let a homegrown player be back up left back is beyond me. The reason we’re doing none of the above by the way is because it costs money (and of course on the final point the OF are so fixated on 10 in a row/Going for 55 that medium to long term thinking goes out the window), Colts is a cheap way of pretending to do something radical for the good of Scottish football and even that’s a very generous assessment.
  3. I’ll be following this one from a beach in Mexico, hopefully the Clyde Twitter is better for regular updates than ours. Anything that keeps the tie alive for the 2nd leg will do me. On the pricing it does seem a bit off to me but I wonder if it’s something both clubs need to agree on, i.e. pricing needs to be the same for both legs? Our injuries have just been too much for us to cope with since the turn of the year and for all playoffs can throw up some interesting results I expect us to bow out at this stage.
  4. Edinburgh City

    Hope so.
  5. The Battle for 2nd - Edinburgh City vs Clyde

    My thoughts on the game can probably be best summarised by the text I sent my wife about 15 seconds after the Clyde winner, “I’ll be home early and I’m not going to the playoff game”*. *I actually will but heat of the moment and all that. Other than my macaroni pie and a reasonable performance from Danny Galbraith that wasn’t a particularly pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Interesting to see some of the grass banking opened up yesterday, that did make the crowd more manageable. My thoughts on Ainslie Park are well documented on this forum so I won’t rehash any of that.
  6. A View From The Terrace.

    Brilliant show this week and probably my favourite so far. No chance I’m getting T.H.I.S.T.L.E out of my head all weekend. There are so many great stories to tell about Scottish football and so many things to celebrate, just makes it all the more depressing that we’ve signed another loose change TV deal with Sky and that the mainstream BBC content is (with some exceptions) so poor and so sparse. I’m about 2 beers away from suggesting we revive SPL (SPFL) TV as a concept and get the Terrace lads in position front and centre. At the very least a comprehensive, weekly, lower league show (especially considering how accessible and how high quality the lower leagues highlight packages are now) would be an absolute treat.
  7. Edinburgh City

    Wee bit on Danny Galbraith on A View From The Terrace this week.
  8. The Battle for 2nd - Edinburgh City vs Clyde

    Should caveat everything I’ve said about where City can get to with the pretty obvious point that we need a settled home we can call our own (or at least ours + Edinburgh City Council and the surrounding community). Lovely day through here with bright blue skies but it’s pretty breezy so expect it to be absolutely f**king gale force down Pilton way, bring your sunglasses and a warm jacket.
  9. The Battle for 2nd - Edinburgh City vs Clyde

    There is actually something in this I reckon, not necessarily hipster but definitely *different* to what Hearts and Hibs offer. All for a bit of rainbow flags and decent coffee but it’s sensible haircuts and Tennent’s lager for me.
  10. The Battle for 2nd - Edinburgh City vs Clyde

    Clyde are clearly the bigger club but for me as things stand all part time clubs basically have the same ceiling, relegation favourites in the Championship. City’s stated ambition is to be the best part time team in the country. I’m sure Clyde’s is the same. Reasonable chance that either or both sides could bankrupt themselves trying to meet that ambition but hey ho, that’s been done before and will be done again I’m sure. Someone mentioned there’s not room in Edinburgh for a 3rd team but I’m not so sure that’s true now, the population growth here is incredible and you don’t need a massive fan base to sustain a part time side.
  11. The Battle for 2nd - Edinburgh City vs Clyde

    There are loads of reasons for Edinburgh City to really push for second place, the figures above are certainly a factor but clearly the biggest motivation should be that I get back from Mexico on the Friday night before the 2nd leg and I’m grumpy enough when jet lagged without having to drag myself to Broadwood to watch our promotion dream die. Anyway, we’ve been poor since the turn of the year, a mixture of injuries, players losing form and a general regression to the mean. With that in mind and considering Clyde’s excellent run I’d expect Clyde to finish 2nd but as per what I’ve already stated I’d love it to be us.
  12. Berwick Rangers v. Edinburgh City

    Danny Galbraith continuing his cunning plan of only playing well when I’m not there. Fair play Danny, I don’t know what the end goal here is but I can’t help but be impressed by your commitment to it.
  13. Edinburgh City

    Met big Conrad Balatoni’s (non football) boss tonight after loads of wine. Basically if the big man is as good a wealth manager as he is a centre half then he’ll do just fine.
  14. City vs Peterhead

    Aye I’ve never had any issue with the Clyde travelling support (apart from one game at Meadowbank where I celebrated a disallowed Craig Beattie goal and (quite rightly) got absolute pelters). Some of the games we’ve played out on the other hand have been a deeply painful experience......... I think “wary” is as close as I can get to how I think the club feel, nervous would work as well. Personally don’t think it’s anything other than you bring a large and boisterous support and Ainslie Park is impossible to steward effectively. I’d imagine the 13th will be a dress rehearsal for the surely inevitable playoff games we’ll contest but if you do come with the title in sight then we might get a crowd close to the 1000 mark we breached on Saturday.
  15. City vs Peterhead

    Not sure on the exact number but stand holds 500, after that it’s just people standing at one end and half of one side so another 200 max? Once you get over that there’s clearly a call to make on opening the other end and risking the wrath of the SPFL. The club have always seemed a bit wary of the Clyde support (only time I’ve seen segregation etc.) so they might have something planned for the 13th.