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  1. Thought we were much much better on Friday night. Looked like the team had a bit of balance to it, Innes Murray's aggression in centre mid was a real boost and coincided with a hugely improved performance from Danny Jardine. Still not enough goal threat in the team (admittedly Robertson and Shanley were out) but much more like it. Still not sure how I feel about Fridays but it is nice having a 'free' weekend with 3 points in the bag. I do wonder if it'll be a significant advantage for us over the course of the season? Probably hard to tell but interesting nonetheless
  2. Would take a scrappy 1-0 and that's probably what I expect, just not sure which way. Feel like a broken record on this but I just don't know where our goals are going to come from.
  3. At the risk of being accused of hyperbole, Friday against Elgin really is a must win. Won't take too many more defeats (especially defeats to 0) before we're right in the shit. Should say I was out for pints and food near Meadowbank (Bellfield Brewery then Gautams) on Friday and it gave me a proper buzz for when games are back there. The stadium itself looks amazing from the outside - I share everyone's concerns about what the experience will be like until we build the second stand
  4. Pretty poor for Kelty not to have a stream available for this. When you're richer than God you should be able to stump up for a bit of video equipment and a 4g connection. Obviously on the plus side it means I don't actually need to watch on Saturday. Can't see anything other than a comfortable Kelty win. I probably like Naysmith more than most of our fans but he's not exactly cutting an inspiring figure at the moment. Maybe he's just realised how pish we are
  5. You can see the pitch from the other side (Marionville Road) through the trees and aye exactly the same spot, the pitch has been in place for ages actually
  6. Not surprised he's away but he was looking for a full time role so the only way we could accommodate that was move him upstairs. Clearly not the right fit for him. As I've said previously, the recruitment has been crap but I don't buy it all being on Naysmith. If he was the sole voice on transfers then that's a ludicrous situation that the club should not have allowed so they would have to take some stick! If he's not the sole voice then blame needs to be spread around.
  7. In fairness, it's quite nice to wake up on a Saturday morning with 3 points already secured. Can just kind of get on with your weekend with a wee skip in your step. Think that's as good a goalkeeping performance as I've seen from a City keeper. Absolutely flawless
  8. 315 was the official number I think. Looked a few more but plenty of freebies in there. We missed 2 one on ones but they missed plenty as well. Mildly encouraging I'd say
  9. Fair play to Stenhousemuir, did everything they possibly could to give us our first 3 points of the season. Actually enjoyed the second half, good mix of chances, rammies and laugh out loud refereeing. If it wasn't for the American lad in goal we would have lost by a couple I reckon. Cheers for the loan Davey Martindale
  10. On the balance of things I'm less excited about going to the game than I would have been if it was on a Saturday at 3. Not overly convinced by what Stenny have done in the summer but that's based on very little so could be proved spectacularly wrong. With no obvious club 42 this time around and with our squad as poor as it is we could really do with winning games like this. I don't think we will. Excited to have a macaroni pie for my tea though
  11. Hugely intrigued by how early we'll concede the first goal on Friday, minute 3? Minute 1? Before the game? Maybe we've already conceded and it's only Tuesday. As others have said, big game, Friday night football is an interesting concept and Ainslie Park is brutal. Really hoping Bronsky is fit enough to play, could do with someone vaguely interested in defending being the starting line up.
  12. If people at the club did disagree with the moves Naysmith was making them there has to be a system of checks and balances in place to make sure that doesn't happen. That's on the club not Naysmith. We could all see the risk with the squad being overhauled so if City officials disagreed with what he was doing then they should have intervened. If they bought into it then they're as culpable as him. Sporting Director is above manger in any organisational chart I've ever seen!
  13. I have to say I don't buy the idea that Naysmith bears complete responsibility for the absolute mess the squad is in. McDonaugh is still at the club and is meant to be Sporting Director, if he's not providing guidance with transfers then not sure what he's doing there. Bigger concern re. Naysmith for me is that his in game changes (including half time) are totally ineffective
  14. That was very very bad. Recruitment is by far the most important part of management (especially at part time level) and we've made a total arse of it. Not one player in the XI who actually likes defending - Bronsky the only one in the squad really. A squad with a combined total of about 6 career goals struggling to score - 1 deflected strike in 6 games I think? - what a shock that is....... I was open minded about cutting loose some of our experienced players this summer but with the assumption we had improvements in mind. We clearly didn't.
  15. Ah what a difference being at a game. Jeez I've missed that. Thought we played pretty well overall, second half (admittedly Accies tired) we were tremendous. Pretty clear we'll play more football this year and we might even have a threat out wide! The world really has changed beyond all recognition. Tapping is just class, loved how vocal he was as well. Hilton, Reekie, Ferguson and MacFarlane also really impressive amongst the new lot. I love Ouzy and thought he was really good again last night against a very tough defence. Obvi concern is Jardine playing RB for most of the game! We need bodies in in a few positions.
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