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  1. It was shite but more worryingly it was shite in the same way as it was against Queens Park the week before. Need a big performance at Stenny on Saturday.
  2. I wonder if our midfielders are fined if they make a run beyond the striker.
  3. Excitement far from palpable for this one judging by the activity on this forum
  4. Getting somewhere close to excited for this now. Hopefully Hamilton treat us with the disdain we surely deserve and we use that to our advantage to sneak an ill-deserved win. My first trip to whatever this place is called now, any tips on a pre-match pub? Small bus load of us heading through
  5. Cannae quite get over how poor we were yesterday. Other than set pieces I genuinely don't think we practice attacking at all.
  6. As others have said yer man Galt absolutely strolled it today and that pass for the 2nd goal was outrageous. We, on the other hand were pathetic across the board. Big questions about our mentality if we put in a performance like that when we've got a chance to go top and put some pressure on the Teuchter Rangers. Couple of players in that dream that drive me daft. Honestly was close to losing the run of myself when Stewart just randomly lofted the ball over the bar. If goals from set pieces didn't count we'd be fucked!
  7. It used to be a regular thing, every week actually, where we offered discounted entry for Hibs/Hearts season ticket holders but it’s now only occasionally and I presume is to align with the international breaks. I’m a bit torn as we do need to attract more people through the gates and if a few of these Hibs and Hearts fans end up coming 3 or 4 times a season on the back of this then that’s a start. But aye, it’s not great having City fans that don’t have a season ticket or away fans of whoever we’re playing paying 20% more. For me the discounted offer should be for Edinburgh residents on these weekends. And I would like to see an initiative across the whole league where season ticket holders of the opposition (so Queens on Saturday) get discounted entry. Hoping it’s slightly cheaper to visit your lot next season, including the pies and cups of tea.
  8. Cheers, that seems to make sense to me. You’ve basically got the league wrapped up and the lad clearly has a shot at making it at United so seems like a good time to give him some first team minutes without *too* much pressure. Can confirm that the rest of League 2 is buzzing that Glass is away!
  9. Do you think youse will send Glass back on loan to Cove? He’s far too good for L2 but as he played for you yesterday I assume that means he can’t play for anyone else this season (can only play for 2 teams a season?) so you can’t loan him out to a L1 team.
  10. I know the game finished a fair few hours ago but still half expecting a Shane Sutherland goal to flash up on my live score app. Absolutely loves a goal against us that chubby wee shite.
  11. Good win today and the most I’ve enjoyed a home game in ages. Marc Laird has to go down as one of City’s best ever players and was outstanding again today. Thompson’s delivery is as good as anyone’s in the lower leagues and now that L Hendo has learned how to attack the ball it’s an incredible weapon. I have to say I was hoping for a few more through the gate but a decent day out for those that took a chance and hopefully some of them will be back.
  12. Aye Henderson was brutal yesterday, poorest I’ve ever seen him. McAdams isn’t great with his feet by any stretch but he made a few decent saves.
  13. Both teams looked to have legitimate goals disallowed, also thought we should have had a penalty for a foul on Shepherd in the 2nd half. We were very poor after a bright start and Elgin had by far the better of the game. Some dreadful individual performances with only McAdams, Balatoni, Cane and Harris (at a push) getting pass marks from those who started the game. Reserving most of the blame for the manager though, thought he got it totally wrong. The back 3 didn’t work and never looked like doing so, Sinclair is too soft and too careless with the ball to play centre mid, Kieran Stewart looked miles off the standard required (I get he’s been injured and was probably out of position) and our panicky hoofing of the ball up to Shepherd at every opportunity was incredibly frustrating. If we’re going to punt the ball into the sky we may as well have some physical presence to punt it toward. A lot of that is down to team selection. Final mention to the referee who must have thought he was getting paid by the whistle, the amount of times he blew that thing for no discernible reason whatsoever.
  14. Missing this as I’m at a mate’s wedding (not even an open bar). We’ve been good the last few weeks and fancy another win, 2-0 City Harris and housewives favourite Rab Mac.
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