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  1. After a honking start to the season we’ve been much better over the last few weeks. Wasn’t blown away by QP last week but still reckon everyone else is playing for the playoffs. Good form to continue with a 3-2 win.
  2. Aye no Artificial Intelligence controlling our camera so any ropey moments are down to flaws in human intelligence. *touch wood* streams have been bang on after a few issues during the early games.
  3. Thought we were tremendous first half, really well organised and moved the ball well. Draw probably fair overall. Wasn’t blown away by QP but that’s a team built to win this league and they will. Not sure how yer man, number 28, got man of the match by the way......
  4. Not much point trying to say anything clever about that game, the wind made it a nonsense. At least 1 hysterical miss from Elgin early on so pretty happy to take the 3 points and never speak of this again
  5. Meant to say, the stream last week was perfect, didn't miss a beat. Just the football that was pish.
  6. Just glad Shane Sutherland is on one of his brief Elgin hiatus's to be honest. Would expect us to be better than last week and something other than crosses into seemingly immobile strikers would be lovely.
  7. Glad we're not allowed in, I'd have missed my bus home by staying back to give Blair Henderson pelters.
  8. Okay now pishing it down and blowing a gale. Forecast is better for kick off though
  9. Despite everything I'm actually quite excited about this. Might even get a macaroni pie in for the occasion. Much more options in attack for City this season, probably with games like this in mind. City 3 - 1 Cowden
  10. Have I missed something? Grey and drizzly in the capital
  11. Would be absolute class if Cove chucked it from here. Never had any particularly strong feelings on Paul Hartley until this season but I’ve found it remarkably easy to develop a real dislike for him. Do agree with some of the above that Brechin are better than the teams that have finished bottom previously but would probably expect them to lose out to the Lowland League champions (Kelty or Bonnyrigg)
  12. Played some reasonable stuff and their keeper made some incredible saves, the one in the 2nd half was the best I’ve seen this season. None of that really matters, we lack any sort of cutting edge and there’s no chance we real in Cove.
  13. I didn’t mind him and thought he was pretty good athletically but others thought he was complete pish. Got a bad injury at Stenny away that finished his time with us from what I can remember
  14. I’ve not seen us play well in ages. I expect that to continue tomorrow. 1-1 draw with at least one first team player picking up a medium term injury.
  15. It was shite but more worryingly it was shite in the same way as it was against Queens Park the week before. Need a big performance at Stenny on Saturday.
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