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  1. City vs Peterhead

    You’d be as well drinking in Stockbridge and then heading up to the game from there, 20/25 min walk or quick taxi. The Bailie is a reasonable shout as is The Antiquary.
  2. Seems odd that for what is one of the biggest games of the season there’s no match thread (I know neither us nor Peterhead have much presence on here) but that aside it’s a biggie tomorrow. We’ve been crap for weeks, maybe months, now and Peterhead are very obviously the best team in this division but............ that loss to Berwick midweek just allows a flicker of hope that they’re going to chuck it in classic McInally style. Going to go for a 1-1 draw, a crowd of around 500 and a wind speed of ‘windy as f**k’
  3. A View From The Terrace.

    Really enjoying the show so far (full disclosure Dunc McKay is one of my mates), it’s almost jarring to see the lower leagues covered by people that actually have the first clue what happens in them. I listen to the podcast regularly and they’ve done really well not to just regurgitate the same, or a very similar, format for the telly. Pretty much inevitable that not every segment will land I guess but for me (apart from Craig eating the burger which gave me the boak) it’s been high quality ‘content’. Great to see things like this getting picked up and fair play to the lads for grafting for it all these years.
  4. Edinburgh City

    I’ve generally defended/supported Josh Walker during his time at the club but he looks absolutely done for now. I feel for him as his injuries have ruined his career but we’re a poorer side when he’s in the team. He could barely move after about 70 minutes today, either him or the manager need to say enough is enough.
  5. EC v QP

    Biggest positive from today for me has to be that the sun was in my eyes for most of the game so I missed quite a lot of what was happening on the park. From what I did see, we were rubbish, Josh Walker looks done at this and any level, Queens were unlucky to lose, their lad that got sent off is an idiot, Henderson probably should have been sent off, Watson at least tried and of course, lol @ Clyde. Having said all that we’re finishing the day in a helluva lot stronger position than we started so that’ll do me.
  6. EC v QP

    Looking forward to an afternoon of laughing at the absolute shambles that is Clyde FC. The game itself very much secondary today.
  7. Edinburgh City

    Has the City v Cowdenbeath thread been deleted? Either way I thought we played pretty well although if Antell hadn’t saved the pen it might have been a different story. Cowden pen looked soft to me, their red card was brilliant fun and I assume deserved(?). From the crowd and player reaction it seems like Thomson was lucky to stay on the park (I was genuinely looking the other way). Delighted at least one one Peterhead and Clyde dropped points yesterday. Tight as f**k at the top.
  8. Edinburgh City

    Horrible game played on a horrible pitch, like a throwback to the 1980s but somehow much fucking grimmer. Hope Ross County win the final 18-0.
  9. Edinburgh City

    Christ, no wonder rugby is their number 1 sport if this is what passes for football.
  10. Edinburgh City v Rovers

    Delighted to be wrong! Game on, we’d better not make an arse of this now.
  11. Edinburgh City v Rovers

    Actually a lovely morning in Edinburgh and all things considered relatively mild. If there’s snow on the pitch though it’ll be a no go. My money’s on a full suite of postponements in L2
  12. Edinburgh City v Rovers

    Can confirm on Wednesday night the 3G pitches at Sighthill were like playing on icy concrete. So much so that my metronomic passing game was almost (but not actually) disrupted. I assume the surface at Ainslie is a bit more resilient but if the game is on I can’t see it being conducive to great football.
  13. Edinburgh City

    Hope we try passing the ball to people on the same side as us next week. Not really sure what’s brought on the absolute Brexit Football we’ve seen the last 2 home games but it’s about as successful as the PM’s deal (bit of mild satire for you there). Apart from handsome Rab and I guess Shepherd we were utter guff. Thomson looked like his first season where he would occasionally take time out from giving the ball away to foul someone and it’s the first time Andy Black hasn’t had pass marks. All that said we’re still well ahead of where I expected us to be and I really enjoyed my macaroni pie so it’s not all bad.
  14. Aye that was pish. Slightly more energy than against Stirling the other week but arguably less quality. Not sure if we're bottling it or are just regressing to the mean. Either way it's not much fun. Danny Galbraith and I are going to fall out before the end of the season.
  15. I don’t have much to contribute here other than I think I’ll have a macaroni pie instead of my usual scotch.