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  1. So he was first choice for the team that won the league? Thanks for clarifying.
  2. You know we all have those opinions that we keep in our heads and dont tell anyone? This should have been one of them. Apart from the wild accusation that women pundits are "so called experts" despite being equally qualified to give their opinion as any man as most of them are either experienced journalists or have played whichever sport to a world class level, its a demonstrably false statistic. If your enjoyment of a product is significantly reduced just because a woman appears on it, that says a lot more about you than any of the women or broadcasters.
  3. Even the Facebook happy clappers are saying its a load of shite. If TBC have even a shred of awareness or care on what fans think, they'll be in no doubt fans arent happy about the way this is being handled. I doubt they give a flying f**k though.
  4. Was training with Dunfermline and some Ayr fans were convinced he would re-sign with them. Surprised he hasnt signed for someone yet. He is probably a good mid table Championship player, but no more than that.
  5. Can i just confirm something? And apologies in advance if this is daft. Three Black Cats, of which Jacqui Low is a director, has a controlling stake in the club, of which Jacqui Low is chairman, with a mandate to tranfer ownership of the club to the fans. TBC have now decided on their prefered fan led group to pass ownership to, but are refusing to tell fans who that is. But they will tell us that The Jags Foundation, which appears to be the only party actually engaging with the fans during the fan ownership process, hasnt been successful. And its now highly likely TBC have decided to give it to a currently unknown "fan" group of which Jacqui Low and some cronies are part of. Have i got that right? Because if I have, its time to up the Get Jacqui To f**k campaign. She cant be allowed to get away with this.
  6. I'm fully on board with this, both as a supporter of the Gaelic language, but also to see our profile rose within the Gaelic speaking community of Glasgow. Im fully on board as well, but mainly because it seems to have pissed off the right kind of people. Hope this has somehow ruined their day.
  7. Well done United. Fantastic goal to cap a great performance. Go smash these Dutch c***s in the return leg.
  8. I know mate, the sheer cheek of football fans expecting the national broadcaster to show a showcase european game for one of its clubs in an even remotely competent and professional way.
  9. I'm maybe being thick, but was this game not announced for TV just a few days ago? Maybe the amateur looking set up is that they havent had time to put things together properly? Doesnt explain the amateur Youtube looking scoreboard though. Also every chance the BBC have just given the game a budget of about 37p and a box of out of date freddos.
  10. The sort of shite dreamed up by someone who has never actually been to a game of football as a fan. Why do folk feel the need for half time "entertainment"? Almost always excruciating. Tunes on, read out the scores from other games and let us watch the subs blooter the ball 20 yards over the bar or go get a munch.
  11. Almost makes you want them to qualify, doesnt it?
  12. Got to admire the staunchness of this Rangers team in refusing to do anything that threatens the Union
  13. Rodgers to Lennon or Craig Gordon and Fraser Foster to Barkas and Bain will never be topped IMO.
  14. Whats the deal with Morelos? Does he just not be arsed with pre-season or something?
  15. Sad Alex Rae is by far my favourite Alex Rae. Sounds so despondent whenever 2.0 concede. Very pleasing.
  16. Harsh on Davidson that IMO. Yellow card and get on with the game. Hibs players greetin to the ref got him sent off.
  17. I see we've linked up with First buses to offer free bus travel for season ticket holders on match days. Fantastic initiative. Hope its rolled out to anyone with a ticket (home or away fans) in the near future.
  18. Got to be careful with McGeady though, if he found out he wasnt included he might do another sit down with the BBC about how the only reason people dont like him is because he is Catholic. Or whatever other pish he has been brainwashed into believing.
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