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  1. Thomson made a good save from a header earlier tbf
  2. The difference between us and Alloa/Arbroath is that they have players that give everything for the team and have a game plan. We have a captain who shites himself anytime someone comes near him. We are well and truly up shits creek.
  3. Ever look at a footballer and think "if I had your fitness levels I could be as good as you?". Thats how I feel about every outfield player in this Thistle team. Shite to a man.
  4. Comfortably the best defender on the park so far
  5. Calm down. You dont even have the most panicky defence in this game.
  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again, unless he pops up with a goal, Shea Gordon is just a man down. He'll be playing part time football within a couple of years.
  7. Fair enough. Maybe my eternal dislike of Billy Dodds has me hearing things!
  8. How quickly does Martin Canning talk fs? Having more luck understanding the Gaelic than Canning's ramblings.
  9. Did Billy Dodds just say United showed backing to the manager by keeping Shankland in the summer when they could have sold him? Hope I heard wrong but if not, for one of the main BBC Scotland pundits to not know he was signed in the summer, and for one of the main BBC Scotland commentators not to correct him is mental.
  10. Looking back, it was actually the game Aberdeen secured 2nd, consigning the 55 hunters to 3rd place, which is even more of a riddy. IIRC, the result in the Aberdeen game that day meant that Rangers* couldnt mathmatically catch them in 2nd.
  11. "Just remember, its really only 4IAR cause the 5 before dinny count cause eh Gers wurnae there cause of some SNP, Catholic, SFA, CIA conspiracy" or some other such dribbling mess.
  12. Mind that time you lot had a pitch invasion when you scored a last minute winner at Firhill in the game that confirmed Celtic as champions? Seemed a wee bit OTT.
  13. Nonsense. 10/10. Tears and snotters. B. E. A. Utiful.
  14. Hahahahahahaha A Halliday or Morelos meltdown next please
  15. One. And only then so that the Sevco morons can sing something about him being "one of their own".
  16. You can hear the anguish in Alex Rae's voice. Pleasant.
  17. It absolutely baffles me that Alex Rae gets paid to speak. The c**t is about as articulate as a chainsaw.
  18. I actually disagree. Thought McKinnon was decent. Think we lost a bit by taking him away from the middle of the park. Graham was decent.
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