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  1. If anything happened to Gordon and it was a choice between Marshall, Kelly and Clark, I'd 100% rather Marshall in goals If legacy pick you mean a legacy of being a very reliable goalkeeper for us in the past year, then you are correct.
  2. We play a back 5 and have done for more than 2 years now.
  3. There is more chance of me waking up tomorrow morning next to Scarlett Johansson than us switching to 4 at the back for the Ukraine game. We have kept to the general 5-3-2/3-4-3 formation for about two years now, even when Robertson or Tierney havent been playing or when we've played inferior teams. We havent even changed it when we have been chasing games. We are not going to change formation now. McKenna or Cooper will play in place of Tierney.
  4. When has Souttar ever played on the left of a three? Not the time to play players in positions they have never played before. It'll be McKenna or Cooper that play in that position. Since McKenna has been playing left of a three all season, I'd be tempted to go with him, despite Cooper probably being the better player and being brilliant v Denmark.
  5. And we rarely play well with the two of them together. Both Adams and Dykes play better as a lone front man in a battle against the centre backs with someone like Christie floating off them and McGinn charging from deep. The way he played against Denmark, Adams has to start this game. Dykes has been in and out the QPR team the last few months so I'd start him on the bench and at least we know we have a very capable Plan B.
  6. If we intent to do 3-5-2 next season, I wouldnt be totally against Elliot signing. But would hope for a better option if we are genuinely aiming for promotion next year.
  7. Is that the Craig Storie that used to play with Aberdeen?
  8. Being shocked at how quickly Rangers fans can walk away when things arent going their way?
  9. Penalties are not a fucking lottery ffs!!! It takes skill, technique, composure and focus. If i take a penalty against Neuer he'll save it. Because skill matters. Fucking nonsense.
  10. My cousin's pal told him his uncle knocked Tyson Fury out with one punch back in the day but signed an NDA so couldny tell anyone. Someone said it, so it must be true.
  11. The only ridiculous claim is that the team that were bottom when the league ended didnt deserve to be relegated.
  12. Or Craig simply couldn't br arsed with the tedium of going back to the points of a court case just to satisfy your weird obsession from two years ago. Move the f**k on man. You'll be happier for it.
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