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  1. That just shows a lack of awareness of how VAR works. They dont send the ref over unless they are absolutely convinced he has made an error. Its not a case of "hmmm, its maybe a bit naughty, best go have a conflab". The VAR obviously didnt think it was a red and neither did the referee on the pitch. Might have something to do with it being nowhere near enough for a red card.
  2. Alex McLeish did two things that are now paying off massively. Convincing Scott McTominay he's Scottish and make Robertson captain. We have so many guys who are or were club captains in our squad (Porteous, Hanley, McGregor, Cooper, Gordon, McGinn, Jack, Kelly) and guys like Tierney and McTominay who have those leadership qualities as well. Big potential for clashing egos but putting the captaincy on the guy who would go on to win the champions league was a master stroke to keep any egos at bay.
  3. To a fucking man tonight. Every single one of them was outstanding in their own way. He wont get the plaudits tonight, but I fucking love Ryan Christie in a Scotland jersey. Wasteful at times, yes but christ the guy runs himself into the ground every single time. For all we were excellent, that Spain team are complete pish. Get it up them.
  4. Odegaard is better than anything we have in that role. Canny decide if Georgia are giving me the fear or Norway are giving me more hope here.
  5. I see your women's coach is a complete cowardly angry mess of a guy. Should be receiving his jotters and a chap at the door by the police for that. Scumbag.
  6. I'm not Jack's biggest fan but I thought he was good in the first half. Shouldn't be getting a game ahead of McTominay, Ferguson or Gilmour though.
  7. Unless playes collapse in a heap or drag their standing foot along the ground and risking injury, at some stage in every slide tackle both feet are off the ground. It is why youre stupid freeze frame is irrelevant
  8. Youre having your best season in a decade and still below us in the league. This isnt a rivalry despite how desperate you guys are to create one. Morton are, and continue to be, an irrelevance. Fucking weesht.
  9. Using a freeze frame doesnt take the context of the tackle into account. Its an illogical way to review incidents. Players go completely off the ground in near enough every slide tackle in human history. It wasnt anywhere near a lunge. If thats a yellow not a single person argues for a red
  10. It was a trip tackle that wasnt high, wasnt overly aggressive, studs werent up and wasnt denying a goal scoring opportunity. Im not really sure under what category you and the ref think thats a red
  11. Ref has been desperate to get his cards out all game. Soft bookings for both teams before that. The worst type of ref who thinks he needs to stamp his authority without understanding wtf is going on. Punt him to ref the B teams after this
  12. Lots of reasons why Everton going down would be really, really funny. Pickford being one of their main players in one of their worst ever teams would be the biggest reason of all. A complete fraud who believes his own hype
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