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  1. You are aware that your arms move when you run, arent you? McTominay was running and trying to fend Son off. A move that happens hundreds of times a match. Are all of those fouls as well? Huge leap from elbowing someone and what happened there. I dont know why you are comparing the two.
  2. Do you honestly think that should have been a foul to Spurs? Because I cant comprehend any fan thinking that something like that is, or should be, a foul. Imagine you were playing fives and stopped and demanded a freekick for that. Youd get slaughtered. At the risk of going all yer da...its a contact sport, contact happens. Its pathetic.
  3. It's absolute nonsense. Son only got hit in the face because he was trying to pull McTominay back! I dont think VAR is necessarily the issue, but its continually highlighting how poor refereeing standards are and how much poorer the law makers have made the game. Every single game has some nonsense decision it seems. The moment it gets brought in up here will be a dark day.
  4. Just had a look at the remaining pre split fixtures. We play twice before Cove and Falkirk play again. Win both games and we are right in the mix. I've got a sneaky feeling that if we win our next two games we will go on to win the league 🤞.
  5. The guy is getting an increasing amount of air time it seems. Cant be long before some poor b*****d club ends up appointing him.
  6. The most Tin Pit thing, and what will always be the most Tin Pot thing, is the continued drive by certain elements of Scottish football to get arse cheek B teams in our professional league set up.
  7. I know I joked about it the other day....but just fucking Clydebank us now.
  8. Rate him as a manager and would do well with us IMO He has turned an under performing Championship team into an under performing midtable League One team. All at relatively great expense. Fucking have him and take Archie and Scally as well. Please.
  9. Apparently its cold tonight. And it isnt the best pitch. I forget these facts quickly so its nice of the commentary/half time team to remind us every 5 mins. Also, why the obsession with Connor Shields? McFadden already said he had only seen him once before (v a shite QP team I assume). Its just lazy as f**k so they dont have to know about or talk about the rest of the QotS team.
  10. Haha i thought the exact same. Not that they need to consistently apologise of course. If its for wee kids all it does is highlight it so they'll be listening out for it now! You'd hear much, much worse of you wete at any football game.
  11. Based on nothing other than an inherent distrust of our executives and management team, but I do wonder if they are secretly glad of the impact covid has had on the football this season. Relegated to League One? - all a conspiracy and a result of a ridiculous vote. Nothing to do with being bottom of a very shite league. Poor results in League One? - only because the authorities and government delayed and then halted the season for no reason. Nothing to do with a management team seemingly incapable of producing a fit, coherent, organised side against part time players. Not developing the training ground as promised? - used this money to keep the club afloat amid the decision to demote us unfairly and not having fans in the ground. Nothing to do with it being seemingly kiboshed way before this after not having enough money and deciding to try build it on a contaminated bog. Fan ownership incoming? - with the global health crisis and the impacts on football, now isnt the time to hand over power and put trust in amateurs. Nothing to do with the power hungry, tory bint in charge who weaseled her way back in after being rightfully booted out the first time. If what is being said about the lack of scouting department is true, it might explain why our signings have either been ex-players McCall players he already knows well, experiences pros on the decline or loans from the Prem. We are a shambles top to bottom. Might be less Airdriefication and more being the next Clydebank under these cretins. Get them all to f**k.
  12. Guys in the Celtic-Falkirk game giving it "Falkirk are such a big club they deserve to be higher up the divisions". Fucking infuriating. Falkirk, and Thistle for that matter, are exactly where they deserve to be based on being consistently shite at the sport they play. Fanbase, stadium size, history, etc. have nothing to do with it
  13. Christ, imagine Steven Pressley and Packie Bonner NOT being the worst half time analyst duo for this game.
  14. Another fantastic episode from the boys. Great series overall too. The introduction of more guests has been a good change. I especially like the way the 4 guys slightly change their tone and are a bit more respectful towards the guests. There is almost a feeling of "this is class, how did this happen" about the way they seem in these interviews. Which is exactly how every fan feels meeting football stars. Well done to all involved.
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