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  1. There is also a context to it as well. The conga line and the ongoing celebrations were for an historical victory in an important match. If the Celtic players had behaved in a similar way if they had, say, qualified for the last 16 of the Champions League or something, I doubt many people would have had an issue with them celebrating like that.
  2. It's the same at Scotland games as well. When the opposition team is getting announced, some fans typically boo the players they know and have heard of, especially once who play in England. As you say, it is mental people believe it is anything sinister.
  3. Astounding? Yes. Surprising? No. It is their modus operandi. Celtic, and Rangers for that matter, constantly feel the need to portray an image of superiority. A big part of that is an outright refusal to admit to any wrongdoing as it might be classed as a sign of weakness by their would be detractors. The whole "more than a club" thing is built on the "us versus the world" mentality. Its about making sure their fans feel special in a way that no other club could. They are never wrong, only victimised. They are never defeated, only cheated. It's all one giant conspiracy, but the Celtic family will rise above it... now buy your season tickets, replica strips and every other bit of merchandise we spit out. The worrying thing is that a lot of Celtic fans, certainly the cult element of the support, will lap this up because it is what they want to hear. They want to hear that Celtic are being victimised and that everyone is against them. It is genuinely how a lot of fans have been brought up.
  4. I've lived in Glasgow surrounded by the Celtic-Rangers, Irish-British, Catholic-Protestant pish all my life and gun to my head I couldnt tell you what an 18th century caricature of an Irishman looks like. Might it just be that it it exactly what Lennon is? A fucking idiot who happens to be Irish. Colour me shocked that the media portray him negatively the day after he hosts an angry, embarrassing press conference, bans certain press outlets and falsely accuses the media of bullying him and his team.
  5. I think the club probably had to respond to some degree. Lennon's comments, although evidently false, could potentially damage St J's reputation and bring further scrutiny on the club from media, SFA, government, etc.
  6. Any adult that starts or ends a sentence with "hail, hail" needs fucking neutered.
  7. In Lennons' defence, if my employer agreed for me to take me and my whole team on an all expenses paid trip to warm, sunny Dubai in January I would absolutely push for it as well*. Its not as if this isnt Lennon's last management gig at a club who can afford such luxuries. The answer from Lawwell, however, should have been a swift naw. Also got to admire the guy to some degree. He said he asked for this in November, when Celtic were on their horrendous run of form. Imagine getting pumped 4-1 at home to Sparta Prague and having the brass neck to ask for a lads holiday off the back of it. *wouldnt be thick enough to do it when the country is about to go in to lockdown...obviously
  8. I want to know why Celtic felt the need to take 60 (SIXTY!) folk half way around the world with them on what they keep telling people was nothing more than a weeks football training.
  9. Celtic fans engaging in whataboutery...say it isnt so?
  10. Didnt apologies for breaching guidelines and said that self isolation wasnt a public health thing and was just political. Laughing and joking aside, surely given how the government have their eye on football surely he's getting near the SFA threshold of bringing the game into disrepute with this outburst?
  11. Auch, dont ruin it now. Surely if he was going to be punted or walk, surely it will have been done by now?
  12. Also, Lennon thinks it is remarkable that only two of his players tested positive for covid. That suggests he is surprised it isnt higher. If true, begs the question why the Celtic manager knowingly put his team in harms way by going to Dubai. Not as if this thing has killed over 2 million people in the last year or anything. What a c**t of a human.
  13. Oooooooft. Thats a proper heids gone. What an absolute riddy of a press conference. Strap yourselves in and savour it ladies and gentlemen, Lennon's last few weeks and months in scottish football management are going to be highly entertaining.
  14. If it means we get to listen to McCoist rather than some twat like Martin Keown or Danny Murphy I would class it as absolutely essential.
  15. Aye, dont get the hype at all. If it doesnt happen for him in the first 15-20 mins he just disappears all game. Would be staggered if any EPL team are serious about bidding decent money for him. He also has one of the most punchable faces in Scottish football.
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