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  1. Becoming more goalie howler than wonder strike with every passing punditry appearance.
  2. This team are better with crosses so Steve Clarke > Jesus IMO
  3. Certainly the best on this island. Beautiful.
  4. Yaaaas. Scotland up. England and Wales down. Play off guaranteed. Pot 2 for next set of qualifiers. Happy fucking Tuesday
  5. Totally agree. I think people expect him to be dribbling past players and bingoing it into the top corner every time he has the ball and then blame him when he doesnt. Yes, he has that ability and can maybe show a bit more of it and make better decisions, but his work rate is unreal and he is such an important part of how we play. McGregor has improved immensely in the last 2 years or so, a consequence of adapting extremely well to his deeper midfield position, but lets not pretend he wasnt bang average to shite in most of our games before that. Especially considering how good a footballer he has been since breaking through at Celtic.
  6. Opposite for me, Id play Tierney ahead of Robertson oi we stay with this formation. Robertson needs space to run into whereas Tierney is better at carrying the ball. I genuinely think Robertson is lost without someone on front of him to create space.
  7. Sorry, not having the Christie slander. The guy works his bollocks off every game and covered for Tierney at left back whenever he got caught higher up the pitch. Aye, his decision making isnt great at times and he should be more of a threat, but he creates a lot of openings for himself and others by being the trigger for the press. We are a better team with him in it IMO
  8. The timing of this divisive, fake mourning pish couldnt be worse IMO. I think we are at an important point in Clarke's tenure. From the highs of qualification and the excellent performance v Denmark we have seemingly taken a backwards step in recent games, papped out of the World Cup and pumped by a bang average Ireland side. I dont think it is unfair to say that the majority of fans, myself included, arent really arsed about the rest of this Nations League campaign and are only going because we've already bought the ticket. The apathy that was present before Clarke has suddenly crept back in and this whole sideshow before tonight's game will only divide the fans and feed that apathy. Clarke needs a response tonight and to get the fans believing again but the atmosphere is going to be railroaded by whatever ends up happening during the "applause". An issue that could be easily avoided if the SFA had just been fucking normal.
  9. Do you not think he/his team are already doing that? We will be aware of pretty much everyone with eligibility and any sort of notion to play for us. Even if someone's granny was born here, if they feel 100% English (or other nationality) then it is unlikely we'll get too many players switching over that havent already done so.
  10. Changed my mind, "If you hate the fucking English clap your hands" has a nice ring to it
  11. Confuse the f**k out of everyone waiting to be raging by this by singing Doe-A-Deer
  12. I'm hoping for a rousing rendition of Flower of Scotland. But I expect a really cringy mix of clapping, booing, chanting and general awkwardness. A totally tone deaf decision which is especially crass given we are playing fucking Ukraine.
  13. It baffles me that a guy who has spent 20+ years playing football most days is so uncomfortable whenever he has the ball at his feet. Even when he is just humping it up the pitch.
  14. Im a bit young to really remember them, but where does Gordon rank compared to Jim Leighton or Andy Goram? Fucking ridiculous saves nearly every week.
  15. Genuinely can't think of a more damning indication that your team might be on the wrong side of things when that c*nt starts praising you.
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