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  1. Whisper it quietly....I'm starting to quite like the look of our squad 🤫
  2. Can only assume these "rainbow issues" you are on about are the rainbow colours on our away strips last season? Or Thistle's positive engagement with the LGBT+ community? Considering neither cost the club money and are examples of probably the only positive PR from the club in the last few years, I'm not sure what your blubbering about. As for your suggestion that football doesnt have a problem with homosexuality...seriously? Away you go.
  3. Or the red cross to continue through the Thistle badge. Mind boggling someone thought that was a good enough* idea to spend their actual money on it. Minter. *good in any way
  4. Takes a lot to be more embarrassing off the park than we have been on the park the past 3 seasons. Mission accomplished if that genuinely ends up at Firhill.
  5. Anyone know if redundancies are just being made in the youth coaching set up or have some admin/support staff been let go as well?
  6. Kouider-Aissa. Talk to me. How you reckon he'll do in League One?
  7. Don't know much about Lyons to be honest other than me playing him in that position on Football Manager! Just hoping we play an actual footballer in that position rather than Shea Gordon. Agree on the centre back thing. Brining Breen in from Rangers* gives us 4 CBs with Niang, Foster and Penrice able to play there if necessary at this level. Bit OTT if we are going with a back 4.
  8. Wright McKenna Brownlie O'Ware Foster Penrice Bannigan Docherty Lyons Graham Rudden Subs: Sneddon, Williamson, Breen, Cardle, Gordon, Niang, Murray Absolutely hate 5 at the back but can see is going with it this season to get Graham and Rudden starting together.
  9. Depends on whether this recent splurge is a Gretna-esque race to the top or whether they are building up long term.
  10. Correct. I have all the power. The Gerry and Jacqui Happy Clap Society it is.
  11. A 6 for Christie and you are spot on imo
  12. I really like him as a player. Good as breaking up play (fouling when needed) and playing the ball forward at all opportunities. Scored the occasional goal. But he isnt a centre back.
  13. We won't see McTominay at centre half again. That has to be a positive People said that after the Israel game...
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