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  1. What point are you trying to make here? Marcus Rashford cant be disadvantaged because he happens to be rich? What has his wage got to do with it, is it the one and only way to measure someone's worth or success in life? The guy has openly talked about the poverty he faced as a child, something black families are multiple times more likely to face. He was disadvantaged as a child and found a way to break through it. Doesnt mean he wasnt disadvantaged. As for his skin colour, just look at the type of abuse he received when he missed that penalty. Guys like Harry Kane dont get that kind of abuse, so there is an obvious advantage to being white when it comes to the type of abuse you receive. Are we to ignore that because he makes £X amount per week?
  2. Hows he getting on now we're a bit further on? Still showing promise?
  3. Other than the obvious, I struggle to see how this is gossip. Its nothing of the sort. Its a mans opinion.
  4. Tells its own story that you could be talking about several different instances. Assume it was the randomly just stopping when he had his defender beat? Or the time he claimed he was strangled? The guy is utter gash.
  5. Glik would kick f**k out of every England player on his own. And I'm here for it.
  6. f**k sake, I though we were over the SOD debate. Is he a world beater? No. Is he particularly great? No. Was he the best option we had available last night and did he perform his role to the best of his ability and put in a good performance? Yes. The guy has good and bad games. As does Robertson. As does McGinn. In fact, he has probably had just as many very good and very bad games as our captain over the past couple years. Hes frustrating at times but hes fine.
  7. Grealish has got to be the most overrated player in world football at the moment. All he ever seems to do is slow the play down, take 5 touches too many and either fall over or play the pass/shot/cross he should have done 5 touches ago. Also looks like an absolute bellend that would rightfully get butchered in amateur football.
  8. Most the people I've seen have just been calling him a useless c**t, tbh
  9. Ive judged you as c**t. Fairly sure Im right.
  10. Yes, i reacted to several poor performances in a row. Yes, i reacted to what I believe was a decline in our teams set up, shape and overall performances over a period of several months. If you want to happy clap, fine, you do you. If you want to use one good performance as a GIRFUY, cool man, enjoy your night.
  11. So we are not meant to "critically evaluate" the man with the most senior position in Scottish football? The criticism was and is valid. Tonight was a step in the right direction. Pretty much everyone has said that. So away and shove yer numbers up yer arse.
  12. I swear man, I now want him sacked just to see your level of meltdown. If you care to look back a page or two, Ive said my piece and praised the tweaks Clarke made tonight. Mind and dont spend all night howling at the moon though, the neighbours need some sleep.
  13. Haha I'm really not. Only got to watch the second half but thought we were excellent, and Clarke deserves credit for that because I think his tweak to the midfield had a big part to play in that. Was fucking fuming on Saturday mind
  14. Its one good performance. Great. Buzzing. We all want the guy to do well. But the criticism is valid. Weve had several poor performances in a row beforehand. Tonight is great. More like that and no one will question him. But baring the England game weve not produced a performance like that since the Serbia game, which was nearly a year ago. One bad game doesnt make a bad manager. So one good performance doesnt remove all worries for me. As for SOD, the guy has overall been good for Scotland, leave him be.
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