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  1. So thats us signed a right back, aggressive centre mid and a striker. Good to see that McCall is making signings to target our weak areas and not just making random signings.
  2. Im not seeing your point. You are slagging us for being below Arbroath. A team you have just failed to beat. League One forum for your pish please.
  3. No. You are paying more than most Championship teams to deservedly sit a full division below Arbroath and Alloa. Just you focus on beating Forfar next week sweetheart.
  4. Thats the spirit. While we are at it, we know most people are secretly racist so people should stop pretending to be offended and let people make their monkey chants. Fucking idiot.
  5. With the exception of being in the right place at the right time to score goals (hopefully).
  6. He has the advantage of not being Kenny "point and shout" Miller so thats a start
  7. Get them two in plus a new right back and a winger and we would be well set IMO. Time to get some more of the dross punted now.
  8. They'll be liquidated again within the 2.5 years so we shouldn't have anything to worry about.
  9. What? Its hardly unusual for a club to insert a buy back clause or first option clause when selling young players with potential. However I do realise the idea of receiving any sort of transfer fee might be an alien concept to an Ayr fan.
  10. Excellent to get Rudden confirmed. Not a big fan of McCall brown nosing Rangers* though. Can only hope it is with a view to getting more players off them, hopefully Nathan Patterson on loan.
  11. If the Scottish media get a nomination for this it would surely be Joey Barton. Most pundits choice for POTY, only to be unceremoniously punted by January.
  12. Storey/Sammon - I remember being away for work and seeing the news they had both signed. Think we expected one of the two to sign and i would have been happy with either so was delighted to get both. The top 6 surely beckoned again with a strike force of Doolan, Sammon and Storey. Que relegation and Storey spending two years looking like he had never seen a football before. Adam Barton - remember reading an article about him while he was still at Preston (I think) about how he didnt really like football. Thought he'd get found out by the pace of the game up here. But ended up playing a big part in us getting top 6. Reverted to type in his second season but still better than expected.
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