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  1. What a rip roaring c**t he has made of himself there. Not surprising in the slightest though. Why that dinosaur was even asked to give his opinion on it is truely baffling. "Wit aboot the opinion of aww they gid catholics?"
  2. Love this from the club. Hopefully not just a PR stunt and in fact a genuine attempt to be more inclusive to the LGBT community. Plus anything that creates a seethe among the knuckle dragging homophobic bigots both within our own support and the wider Scottish footbal community gets a thumbs up from me.
  3. f**k sake boys take the day off, eh? It's game day. Fancy stop having a pissing contest about how shite or unshite you think the strikers who aren't even in the squad are? New thread for this pish.
  4. If karamoko dembele considers himself to be Scottish, he is Scottish and should play for us. If karamoko dembele considers himself to be English, he is English and should play for England. If karamoko dembele considers himself to be Ivorian, he is Ivorian and should play for the Ivory Coast. His life. His career. His choice. Given his potential, lets just hope he chooses us. End of story.
  5. Marshall SOD Souttar McKenna Robertson Forrest McGinn McTominay McGregor Fraser Burke
  6. And yet there you are...on the pitch...celebrating. Enjoy your night. But kindly f**k off from posting on here ya walloper.
  7. Auch sit doon. Football is about winning games. Something we're not particularly good at. If bringing in players through some feint eligibility makes us a better team, the more the merrier. Dont know about you, but when I watch Scotland I dont care if the players are from Govan, Inverness or Outer Mongolia as long as they give their all and help us win games. This "not Scottish enough" patter is absolute throwback to the Rangers "must be a good proddy" guff.
  8. Squad for me assuming everyone is fit baring Tierney. Goalkeepers Scott Bain Liam Kelly Craig MacGillivray Defenders Stephen O'Donnell Liam Palmer Andy Robertson (c) Greg Taylor John Souttar Scott McKenna David Bates Midfielders Ryan Fraser James Forrest Scott McTominay Callum McGregor Stuart Armstrong John Fleck David Turnbull John McGinn Ryan Christie Forwards Steven Fletcher Oliver McBurnie Johnny Russell Jack Harper
  9. To what performances are you referring? He was probably our MOTM in the home game against Albania! He's not the best player in the world but he's hardly been "awful" for us. He's the best natural right back we have right now.
  10. As others have said, his best days may be behind him but surely he was worth keeping as a squad player? Given our lowly position, i'd be pretty amazed if we managed to bring in 2 or 3 better strikers this summer. Regardless, the lack of class shown to him by the club is a disgrace. I hope Caldwell goes on to prove himself right and he brings in a few quality players that get us at the right end of the table. But until then, he has just made yet another rod for his own back with the way this has been handled. He already comes across as a w****r, things like certainly dont help that perception. Boyd can f**k off though. We've already got our full quota of unfit lazy b*****ds who cant/wont run assuming Harkins stays. Both him and Miller are just old firm fanboys. Dont want either of them at Firhill.
  11. As others have said, changing the entire league structure to facilitate adding in colt teams from the arse cheeks would be an absolute farce. I dont even get the supposed benefits for a start. A fair amount of pro players playing throught Scotland or abroad have played at the arse cheeks until they are released at 18 or 19. Those players then go to other clubs and make a decent career for themselves. All that would happen with colt teams is that players would hang around the arse cheeks for longer and reduce their chances of a decent career. Never mind reducing the quality of other teams as a consequence. Get the idea so far to f*ck.
  12. Dirty tricks? Like scoring more goals than your opposition? Those type of dirty tricks? Interesting come back from a supporter of a club who released an offical club statement questioning the integrity of Willie Collum.
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