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  1. Yip but as it wasn’t common knowledge at the time I replied no to all fishing expeditions 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Can play anywhere and give you an 8/10. Big loss for Broxburn. surprised he has gone to Bo’ness as when the rumours started I expected it to be to a higher league than the Lowland League. Will definitely be a great signing for the club. Best of luck to him and Zander with you next season.
  3. Time has told and the answer is yes!!!
  4. 🆕 | We are delighted to announce that Andrew grant has agreed to join the club on a permanent basis for the upcoming season. Grant had a successful spell last term while on loan from @TheShireFC . 🙌 Not really a “new signing” but a very welcome addition 🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹
  5. https://www.broxburnathletic.co.uk/david-greenhill-becomes-summer-addition-number-four/ Looks like Broxburn really mean business when the season starts.
  6. The manager obviously follows me on here 😂😂😂 http://broxburnathletic.co.uk/nicol-joins-the-brox looks another good signing 👏👏👏
  7. Just heard a rumour Broxburn Athletic may not field a team. Can’t see anything on the website or Twitter
  8. Hope so - I think we will be stronger defensively if we can avoid the same horrific injuries that we sustained last year. midfield is still a little light (lost out 2 holding midfielders) and we look to have replaced up front (but still a bit of an unknown). Will be an interesting season I think.
  9. Jordan Hopkinson arrives at The Albyn from East of Scotland B league champions Tynecastle. Hopkinson scored 12 goals last season in the title-winning campaign. He previously played for Civil Service Strollers in the Lowland league finishing top goalscorer with 15 goals.
  10. I do believe a lot of the bigger sides do want an All-Ireland league due to perceived financial rewards in terms of sponsorship and TV deals then possibly regional lower leagues.
  11. Dave not sure if the player is going to BU - maybe only time will tell.
  12. Not sure I think we may lose another player who would be a great blow to us. Under Max Broxburn were a very good side but very inconsistent. Since Brian took over they have been very good and consistent. If the new manager can keep that consistency we will be okay and much the same as last year. Zander was great in the cup but only scored 8 league goals (I know that doesn’t tell the whole story) but he misses about 8-10 games a season on holidays, stags etc. JG was Mr consistency not flashy not making the headlines but quietly sniffing out danger and getting the team going when in trouble or having to dig in. Our two starting centrebacks and right back missed most of the season as did a winger. We should have gone up this season (can only rue not beating Bo’ness twice and HOB when we had the better chances in all three games) but if we recruit a proven goal scorer and a good defensive midfielder we will not be far away. Think yourselves, HOB, Tranent and Penicuik will all think the same with Musselburgh, Dundonald and Lithgae all fancying their chances. Looking forward to it. It was a real shame it ended the way it did last season as there was going to be drama at the top and bottom.
  13. This confirms Broxburn’s John Grant has gone to Spartans. Arguably a bigger loss to the club than Zander
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