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  1. Hi Airdrieman. I'll keep you a printed version of the Edinburgh City fanzine. Just say hi to us when you see us at the match today with Mr Blobby. I've got problems with my printer so copies going to be very scare.

    Cheers for showing an interest.


    PS. Here's the final pages (8 and 9) of the City Fanzine that I haven't published on P & B yet. Waiting for the right moment.

    Edinburgh City Fanzine Final Issue Pages 8 and 9.png

    1. airdrieman


      Hi George, 


      Thank you very much. I appreciate that. 

      See you at the game. 


      Kind Regards

      Sean (airdrieman)

  2. Revised Edinburgh City Fanzine. Back and Front Cover. Celebrating Joe Mbu (possibly) getting 100 appearances on the pitch for Edinburgh City
  3. It was refreshing to read Mickey Lawson's (for it is he) thoughts on Edinburgh City in his blogs. He'll be getting a tap on the shoulder soon https://mickeylawson.wordpress.com/2017/03/25/when-a-highlights-a-real-highlight/
  4. Thanks for your input TTB (in the nick of time... again). You do realise of course that I still have Page 9 to complete and am already in the process of looking for an image and subtitle to go with the page heading, "The Long Arm of Jah".
  5. That's an old Fanzine Issue from August 2016
  6. Will you be walking off with the standside corner flag as a memento?
  7. I did draft a spoof, Year Two -. Edinburgh City Fanzine for Ainslie Park next season back in January. The working title was "Absent Without Leave - Incorporating Go Tell The Spartans" as opposed to the abomination abbreviation AWOL The AWOL graffiti on the wall is supposed to be on the whitewashed wall outside Meadowbank outside the players and officials entrance. I did take a photograph of the actual wall outside Meadowbank and tried it in the new fanzine design but somehow the one in the picture you see here below, which was taken off the internet and doctored, was just a tad better than the real thing so I went with that. Sadly I won't be joining Edinburgh City on their journey to the promised land - returning to their spiritual home in Pilton after being kicked out of City Park by Edinburgh City Council all those years ago in the 50s (Ainslie Park is just a stone's throw from the ground where City Park used to be, I believe). We're off on our new 'secret shoppers' project next season going under cover at Edinburgh Capitals for a match day fan experience.
  8. Joe Mbu steps out on to the park at Meadowbank on Saturday and it will be his 100th game for Edinburgh City. Joe notched up 99 appearances for City in the match against Annan last Saturday. So.... not trying to pick the team or anything like that but wouldn't it be fitting, with Dougie Gair giving up next season and going to Dubai, letting Joe (The fans' Edinburgh City Player of the Year) have the captain's band and lead out the team at Meadowbank for the final time in a couple of days time. Joe's newly released song has just gone straight in at number one in the Edinburgh City Top 100 songs at Meadowbank. "He's big, he's strong, he's got a hundred going on, Joe Mbu, Joe Mbu". Repeat 20 times after that. (Adds up to Joe's number - 21. Anyone know why 21 by the way?)
  9. While I'm busy working on Pages 8 and 9 of the City Fanzine Review, Ladbrokes did their own Edinburgh City Review of the Year. They had Cowdenbeath's ground down as Station Park before I tweeted them their misteke. .Not the kind of typing error you'd find in The Blue Brazilian I'll have you know "One B in Stobie, There's only one B in Stobie, One B in Stobie, There's only one B in Stobie" Great shot they have of Meadowbank Stadium though. Shame the council have to pull it down really. Maybe we could have another 'Save Meadowbank Campaign' when City move out. It worked in 2007. I'm sure Leith Athletic would jump at the chance to take up the baton. We could even get Colin McPherson to photograph a march when he gets back from being On Her Majesty's Service in Malawi. Ladbrokes have also got the wrong badge for Edinburgh City on their header page too. http://news.ladbrokes.com/spfl/scottish-league-two/5-key-games-which-helped-secure-edinburgh-citys-survival.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_content=sports&utm_campaign=news_football_They can finally breathe a sigh of relief. We look back at games that were key to_BB
  10. Edinburgh City Fanzine Final Issue. Page 10 and 11
  11. Free Blobby biscuits (while stocks last) with the City Fanzine this week since it's the last ever game of football to be played at Meadowbank's Commonwealth Stadium.
  12. Edinburgh City Fanzine Final Issue. The Centrefold.
  13. Edinburgh City Fanzine Final Issue. Page 4 and 5
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