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  1. Is this replay going to be on tomorrow? I understand it has been somewhat damp in FW - not exactly unusual I understand.
  2. Indeed minimum wage means £40-50 isn’t on but there are some (not just at QP) amateurs who only get expenses and they have to be based on real figures to be legal. These are most likely to be fringe/reserve players.
  3. Fotheringham left Rovers last month as he was moving down south for work.
  4. A spirited and gutsy performance by Rovers. 2-0 and denied what looked like a penalty only to Lose a goal seconds later. Then we Lost an equaliser which seemed to be preventable. The lads stuck in and their heads didn’t go down and we bagged the winner. An excellent start to the season and hopefully we can stick a spanner in the wheels of Cove next Saturday.
  5. I believe it was a tad later, 1978 I believe.
  6. Summed it up well and my prediction at 2.59 was 4-0. Having seen Berwick lose 3-0 at home to Rovers a fortnight ago I really didn’t give them a chance and was proved correct. Have to say their pie shop set their prices at Hampden levels which isn’t cheap. Can certainly see Cove in the promotion play-offs next year.
  7. Will they be able to bring in their barrows of cash to buy one? P.S. I'm suggesting they're already bleeding expensive at Hampden!
  8. Cove & Spartans played in the Bedfred this season so a relegated side would no doubt feature for 1 year at least.
  9. Fort William were deducted 9 points this season by the Highland League for fielding an ineligible player in 3 games, all of which they lost! They're still to break even as they're currently -7
  10. Is this game going to beat the weather? Fingers crossed the artificial surface can cope with the cold - and any snow?
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