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  1. Keena number 17 so deffo a number 9 still to come in
  2. Nesbitt loves a ball through to Williamsonteams looking slick
  3. Very juddery...ball moving 2 cm at a time
  4. My account not recognized on Falkirk tv...anyone else getting the same?
  5. Gotta be a signing or two today surely...a big name out of the blue One of you must know something...spit it out
  6. i didnt mind hall...our defence was notable worse when he was missing for the last 3 or 4 games
  7. I seem to remember you coming away with some wild shouts last year...are you at it again?
  8. Could be worse, we could have just appointed Billy Fucking Dodds as manager....Inverness to plummet
  9. Be amazed if that happens tbh...sounds like a vicious rumour off the back of an Instagram post
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