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  1. Last two times this guy has tweeted something similar, we have signed someone
  2. I have a tingley feeling we will sign a couple of players today
  3. Good to see so many calling out the poor views in previous posts. Rennie has been hiding in the dugout most of the half, think he scared of the half time reaction
  4. Speaker system too loud in South stand... Can't have a conversation pre game
  5. Ehhh Clyde continued to attack when there player was down, why should we put it out when they lose the ball
  6. Everytime a Falkirk player goes down..."didn't look that bad there Paddy" Everytime a Clyde get a freekick..." Obvious foul there, shocking tackle Paddy"
  7. Stream lost, think they have wised up to it
  8. Another nonsense interview. He clearly watched a complete different game to me. From where I was sitting we were overrun and slow in midfield. 2nd to every ball and couldn't put more than 3 passes together
  9. As long as it's 6-4 to us that's fine with me
  10. I am not worried...still reckon we will get 4th at least...all this knicker wetting in between gets us no where. Everyone just calm down and see where we are in 5 games time.
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