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  1. I am in Spain, do Airdrie offer it to overseas folks?
  2. Given the fact that the guy has been on trial for a week and they have jumped at the chance to sign him up, bodes well...the 2018 lot were not even seen by the manager before signing
  3. If the anonymous businessman who wanted to pay for Leigh Griffiths wages for this year wants to stump up some cash for Scott Allan, I would be ok with that
  4. "Word on the street, kids are back in town"
  5. I wonder if its anything to do with Partick...given they quoted them
  6. Last two times this guy has tweeted something similar, we have signed someone
  7. I have a tingley feeling we will sign a couple of players today
  8. Good to see so many calling out the poor views in previous posts. Rennie has been hiding in the dugout most of the half, think he scared of the half time reaction
  9. Speaker system too loud in South stand... Can't have a conversation pre game
  10. Ehhh Clyde continued to attack when there player was down, why should we put it out when they lose the ball
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