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  1. Not been on here in ages...feel a total disconnect with football the now. Used to watch pretty much everything the club posted but even fallen away from doing that. Watch English football every now and again but don't have the intense feelings I get when I watch Falkirk.
  2. any signing news? we need a commanding centre half and a scrapper in the middle of the park with fight and passion
  3. I turn the volume up to hear the other guys, then have it near break my soundbar when he gets a semi
  4. Thats Sammons only move going clean through.
  5. No game plan, can't see what we are trying to do, mostly hit and hope
  6. Commentator must have had a brilliant Christmas if he gets that excited at a half chance
  7. Two shite freekicks to set us up for the next two hours
  8. Defended dreadfully ever since Corrigan said we were defending well
  9. Keena posting he will be back soon...perhaps a wee appeance off the bench Saturday Afternoon
  10. If we could get a clip of a gif of this that would be very pleasing
  11. RE The Cup game - taken from Premier Sports schedule...pretty much confirms no Falkirk TV, not sure if this is better financially or not?
  12. Think it’s fair to ask how long his contract is and if it’s only a year we should try to tie him up for longer
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