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  1. Seen people berating Robbie Thomson on other threads, what a load of shite. He’s been brilliant since he’s came back in with a couple of world class saves, especially one to win us the game today.
  2. Also, not sure who it was but surely that challenge in the first half on Hendry should have been a red? Looked an absolute howler from where we were and if he never jumped it was a broken leg yet the guy got away with a yellow
  3. I really hope this is a joke. One airdrie guy, the chubby little one, tried to charge the raith young guys all by himself and must have ran a good 80/90 yards all by himself only to get stopped by an older boy before he got there and got hit a few times. Nothing more than that. Not 30 on 2, 1 guy running and got hit by 1 other boy. Stop spouting shit
  4. Cheers for that, we’ve got a bus heading through so was looking for a place to head pre/post match! Do you know if they’re fine with kids too? Cheers
  5. Callaghan would never work out for us at this time when the money could be spent elsewhere. Great player at this level and honestly think if he’d have stayed a few years back we would have went up, but he’s not getting in the the team just now. Mattethews is the only player he’d get in ahead of imho and it’s just not worth it. If we still had a player like Nisbet we’d be running away with the league as the rest of the squad is sound. Even the cover apart from in the fullback position is good. Baird hasn’t scored the goals like everyone thought he would but I would be in no rush to get rid of him, he and ando were massive in the win yesterday. Keeping gullan in January could also be massive in our season. Anyone know how long he’s tied to us for? For me a striker in January is key and another winger. Hopefully come may 2nd we’ll all be celebrating in Falkirk
  6. After 10min of thinking a still don’t get the reference
  7. Long shot but anyone got a spare ticket for either end? Cheers in advance[emoji106]
  8. Long shot but anyone got a spare ticket for the rovers end? Cheers in advance[emoji106]
  9. I might be miles off the fucking mark but this thread is for the top of the table team? Aka Raith, and east Fife are second? So I’m struggling to see that how many games lost is relevant when raith sit top and east Fife second?
  10. Gregory Tade slagging the pars in broken English has to be up there with any interview ever done at this level of Scottish football
  11. Sorry neebs but think you’re in the wrong place this week? The name above the door states Raith Rovers, ciao
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