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  1. 9th in championship and 7th in league 1 is close? absolute pish. Actually still think yous had a decent squad of players this season who with a half decent manager could have been pushing for playoffs at other end of the table. To call it the worst Pars team in history is laughable when you had such a poor team only 7 years ago. Don't think any of yous even believe it of course only say it so you can give it "yous cannae even beat the worst pars team in history" it's pathetic really.
  2. Worst Dunfermline team in history? Haha sure. Wasn't to long ago you got pumped in the playoffs by Cowdenbeath before before finishing 7th in league 1 the following season. Don't talk shite.
  3. Really shitey atmosphere it's like a regular season league 2 game. At least the away fans are trying I suppose
  4. Only place I've read that McGlynn left because of the budget for next season is on here. Yesterday's article with him in the Sun he said "we were made an offer. For me, it wasn't the right offer" He has went to Falkirk for a better wage simple as that.
  5. A quality goalkeeper. Aye right enough you'll have forgotten what one of them is given the state of the keepers you've had at East End over the years.
  6. Will sure be funny seeing these massive clubs getting pumped a wee Fife village team next year
  7. Don't see how? If a CEO isn't involved with FOOTBALL matters at a FOOTBALL club I'm completely baffled, maybe that's just me but I don't think so.
  8. Because of the danger that it leads to folk getting slagged off when we really don't know their background as you said yourself. Writing on twitter that our small time football club's CEO has nothing to do with football contracts isn't going to get a positive response is it?
  9. Then maybe this Laura shouldnt be firing off tweets like that in the first place.
  10. Also McPake's price has went from 8/1 to 4/1 since those odds were last posted here. Please no.
  11. Kenny Miller 12/1, Barry Ferguson 16/1 you wouldn't put it past them. f**k sake that list gives me the fear.
  12. Agree with this though think a lot of the 'knicker wetting' is due to the talk of McPake taking over rather than McGlynn leaving. If McGlynn turns down a new contract to leave for Falkirk then f**k him and good riddance with a bit of luck he'll take his rapist striker with him.
  13. McPake ffs. What an absolute shambles. McGlynn built a team as good as McPake's Dundee side on a fraction of their budget so to let McGlynn go to bring him in makes zero sense. Absolute buffoons running our club. Can't see me attending many matches next season if that clown gets the job.
  14. He's got better the more he's played imo. Definitely a far better option at left back than Dick
  15. If only pops scored his two chances, we got that pen, Stanton never passed and Varians goal stood eh?
  16. Killie been nowhere near Arbroath's goal since it went 0-1. Would love to see Arbroath to score another couple of goals and Lafferty to see red.
  17. Connelly PotY for me and also best goal (QoS one)
  18. Well that was the most pathetic performance I've ever seen us put in, in a derby. We've maybe lost by bigger scorelines but Dunfermline have never had an easier 90 minutes than that against us. Can't even remember a one shot at goal or a single time where we even caused the dunfermline defence the slightest bit of trouble. The team is soft as shit and has no fight in them. The managers team selection was bizarre and after hearing his post match comments I think he has completely lost the plot. I'll not be bothering with anymore of that pish this season.
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