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  1. The season will be void. We will start again in August. Hendry and any other decent player we have will f**k off in the summer rather than stay another year in league 1. Falkirk will be better next year for sure meaning we will have another minimum two years of league 1 football to look forward to. Fucking brilliant
  2. It is a bonkers opinion though. Either the season gets finished or it will be void.
  3. At least your not rattled by it. Ratttled by what? Other people wetting themselves over absolutely nothing yet again instead of enjoying what has been a fantastic seson so far. Sure pal Hope you have a wild Saturday night.
  4. The racist bs last week was bad enough but sectarianism today?😂🤣 f**k me that takes the biscuit. Some of you must never leave the house apart from your trips to the football
  5. Enjoyed todays game, the team fought hard for the win and that could be a huge 3 points come the end of the season. Thought Mathews in particular had a superb game today. Good to see Thomson back with a really steady performance too. Typical you come on here after another fine win and all there is more c***s moaning about our own suppoerters (who have backed the team superbly yet again) than there are praising the result. We must have some of the most sensitive fans in football. get a fucking grip.
  6. You seem to know an awful lot about what happens behind the scenes at Partick?? Typical Falkirk fan 😂 😂
  7. Not sure if you are referring to Brad Spencer or Reagan Hendry. You should have said "the best two midfielders in the league". No "apparently" about it either
  8. 7 wins in 17 league one games now for the mighty Falkirk 🤣😂
  9. Bus numbers 3 or 4 take you to Grangemouth every 15 mins from outside Asda.
  10. Pleased to see return to 3 at the back. Good to see Thomson on the bench too
  11. Dont worry we all knew you meant Davo when you said 'walking red card'
  12. Is Lewis Allan not due back yet? We definitely miss him being in the side.
  13. "Absolute must win"? It's early November. Get a grip. It is an absolute must win game. We are winless in our last 4 and failure to win again could see us 4th and barely clinging onto a playoff place.
  14. Any manager that doesn't look like he hangs around school playgrounds will do me Oooft still taking Saturday 's capitulation well i see. Nice username too, very apt
  15. Aye ok pal because it's all just a wind up and none of you are actually sitting there all excited at the prospect of Jack Ross being the next Falkirk manager. 🤣 Crackpots
  16. Jose mourinho been out the game for a while. Maybe you's can give him a gig as Jack Ross's assistant?
  17. 😂 😄 Well done. That's the best one yet.
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