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  1. Says the man expecting £2million in compensation 😂
  2. Our chairman said he was in favour of league reconstruction in one interview. That does not mean he then has to then vote in favour of any temporary 1 year reconstruction that is set up solely to save Hearts. If we went 14-10-10-10 for a single year then reverted back to current format, how many teams would be relegated from the championship next year? And people expect our chairman to vote for this after years of battling to get out of the third tier? 😂 GTF.
  3. Loving all the toys out the pram boycott talk. After years of playing in league 1 do you honestly think the Rovers rely on money from away fans to survive? Just wait till the morons realise they are playing in a league they might actually have a chance of winning. If they are playing away in Kirkcaldy on the title run no danger are they going to boycott. It might be their last ever chance to see their huge massive club compete for a league title before they go back to being also rans and old firm whipping boys Hope the chairman is planning on replacing the empty seats in away end and charging them £50 a ticket so we can recover the legal costs.
  4. That tackle from big Marv against Stirling haha. Has to be the most brutal ever. Any footage of it?
  5. That looks really awful. Cheap shite. I've seen better kits on Sunday league teams.
  6. Aye we were just drawn out a hat to be champions. Top all season because of our performance on the pitch. Best get that username updated Enjoy Methil Git fucking doon
  7. Noticed we brought on a player called Andy Galloway. I must have been at nearly every game that season and Can't remember him at all.
  8. Sorry but calling Goodwillie a Premiership striker is laughable. If he was anywhere near that level he would be away abroad somewhere playing for a decent wage and a quiet time rather than playing for a part time league 1 side for peanuts and getting called a rapist by opposing every week. Most of the teams we will be up against next year have better strikers than Goodwillie imo.
  9. I get that Steven Anderson came in and steadied the defence when we were really struggling but he was slow as death and struggled big time against Goodwillie when we played Clyde away. After such a long lay off and being another year older i don't think he will be good enough for the Championship next season. Munro was terrible, can't believe any Rovers fan would want to see him back.
  10. Do you honestly think Forfar voted no so they can have two home ties against The Mighty Falkirk again next season? Fucking hell that is seriously delusional even by Falkirk standards. Think you would maybe be better off taking a wee break from posting on here mate.
  11. Walker v Dundee deserves a mention for best goal
  12. 😂😂 What a state to get yourself in
  13. The season will be void. We will start again in August. Hendry and any other decent player we have will f**k off in the summer rather than stay another year in league 1. Falkirk will be better next year for sure meaning we will have another minimum two years of league 1 football to look forward to. Fucking brilliant
  14. It is a bonkers opinion though. Either the season gets finished or it will be void.
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