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  1. Great draw for the day out. Not an easy one though Linlithgow probably the best non league team in the country this season.
  2. Raith TV put out a video yesterday of fans panel. She appeared on that.
  3. Which one of you weirdos was this then? My money is on @Dundee-FC92
  4. Best keeper in the league by far and that will still be the case come next season. Absolutely mental to criticise him because he dropped a couple of crosses especially given our current defensive record.
  5. Aye some laugh that league. Hopefully FC Edinburgh or Montrose go on to win it.
  6. Got to wonder why we even signed McBride when he can't get a chance up front despite our other forwards being so wasteful and the manager would rather play Easton out of position on the wing rather than give him a start there. Very frustrating season so far. Murray has done a good job rebuilding the defence. We have a very strong midfield but our lack of a goalscorer is going to cost us a decent chance of promotion in a what is a terrible division this year.
  7. Don't see what the problem with Millen is. I've been at 6 games this season and think he has been fine. Delivers a decent ball and is pretty solid defensively. People had written him off before a ball was kicked due to what other teams fans had said about him on here. Aye the penalty he gave away was pretty rash but what defender hasn't given away a silly penalty at one time or another? Are we going to turn against the left back now that he has given away a stupid penalty that cost us a result? Comparing him to Ross Perry is bang out of order. Perry was miles worse, an absolute abortion of a footballer. As bad as Nando Mendy or any of the shite that played for us when Anelka was in charge.
  8. Aye just like anyone with a pair of eyes and a bit of football knowledge wrote off Fernandy Mendy and Riley-Snow as non-footballers after 90 minutes of watching them. Sick of the club giving contracts to these sorts of players.
  9. We only have him for another 7 months.How much time do we need to give him? Murray must clearly think he is up to speed as he's put him straight in the term despite the fact we won last week and scored 3. He will just be another Nando Mendy. A guy who you can't even call a footballer signed for his physical attributes rather than anything he has done with a football.
  10. Pathetic performance Morton deserved the win. Looks like Murray has signed another dud too. After all his talk of not signing players for sake of it and waiting for the right players he has signed McBride, Connell and now Fredrikson for the forward positions and all three look utterly hopeless. Can't see where the goals are going to come from especially with Gullan now injured.
  11. 9th in championship and 7th in league 1 is close? absolute pish. Actually still think yous had a decent squad of players this season who with a half decent manager could have been pushing for playoffs at other end of the table. To call it the worst Pars team in history is laughable when you had such a poor team only 7 years ago. Don't think any of yous even believe it of course only say it so you can give it "yous cannae even beat the worst pars team in history" it's pathetic really.
  12. Worst Dunfermline team in history? Haha sure. Wasn't to long ago you got pumped in the playoffs by Cowdenbeath before before finishing 7th in league 1 the following season. Don't talk shite.
  13. Really shitey atmosphere it's like a regular season league 2 game. At least the away fans are trying I suppose
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