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  1. Reagan Hendry PotY by an absolute mile imo. He has to be in with a good shout of the overall championship player of the year award too. Goal of the season a real tough choice. We really have scored some beautys this season. I opted for Mathews against Morton superb run and finish and that through ball from Hendry was world class.
  2. What's the problem with this? Why would he care? The boy got a sore face big fucking deal.
  3. You can't get relegated from the Premier league into the seaside leagues pal.
  4. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/6864156/sfa-investigation-raith-davidson-discriminatory-inverness/' Disgrace. Get him sacked.
  5. Genuinely have no idea wtf you are on about regarding Mcdonald. He made a terrific save and I've seen him do nothing wrong at all (I did miss first 10mins)
  6. You sure your watching the right game?
  7. Surely to f**k Ugwu won't be back out for 2nd half. He is fucking murder.
  8. No need to start throwing about insults. I have now read your post and can see no reasonable explanation for McPake being ranked above Crawford or Kerr other than you admitting to being biased. If you cant look at things objectively and are going to get upset so easily maybe you shouldn't start threads with your shitey lists in the first place you complete fucking oddball
  9. Of course I didn't. Whose going to read all that garbage? especially when you have ranked the managers in such a moronically biased order.
  10. McPake 7th 😂. Has to be the worst manager in Scotland.
  11. Can't believe what I'm reading here. Brentford too good for Hendry? People have way too high an opinion of the English Championship. I'm pretty sure if the likes of Jordan fucking Thompson can play every week at championship level Reagan would have no problems at all making the grade down there.
  12. Hoping Halliday and the two central defenders that played today will be OK anyway.
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