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  1. Magnificent names archive

  2. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Refer to their car as "the motor"
  3. Capital Punishment

  4. The Cricket Thread

    Root goes for 83
  5. Quick Question Thread

    Yes. The flat fare applies to all stops except for the airport so you will be fine
  6. BBC signing in

    But she has moved to ITV.
  7. Favourite MILF Thread

    And two tremendous puppies
  8. What films have you seen more than a dozen times?

    Great thread and glad to see I'm not the only Love Actually fan! anyway my list: godfather trilogy Star Wars (whole saga) ferris bueller's day off the commitments goodfellas the departed usual suspects bill n ted indiana jones trilogy Back to the Future great escape four weddings and a funeral trainspotting bourne trilogy gregory's girl
  9. Scone Appreciation Thread

    House of Bruar does a good scone with jam and clotted cream. Makes all the tweed and corduroy almost bearable.
  10. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    I would imagine that they feel some obligation to fans of Rangers opponents
  11. Blast From The Past!

    Are you thinking of Frisps?
  12. Favourite MILF Thread

    Dr Melfi?
  13. Favourite MILF Thread

    Emma Willis
  14. The second worst accent in Scotland?

    I also have to endure this notably when discussing "Scoddish Power" Also - what accent does Jim Kerr use?far cry from regular Toryglen