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  1. Okay, here goes. No idea what Paul Goodwin's motivation is. Don't know the guy. I do recognise some of the other people in TfE and I recognise them as longtime Thistle fans By getting behind TfE, I believe Colin Weir is doing exactly what you suggest - a genuine, alternative offer to buy the club from the current board/shareholders, then set up a fan ownership structure to hand over to. No idea whether a bid is the same as a proposal, but I'm fairly sure TfE are genuine in that they want to see Thistle fan owned. I don't think they're telling lies to further some nefarious project. I don't think Thistle is too wee or too stupid for fan ownership. It works perfectly well at other clubs smaller than Thistle. It's not being proposed that the fan/owners would be the main source of income for the club, in the same way we don't expect current shareholders to finance the running of Thistle. The big difference for me in what is proposed is that Partick Thistle fans would have a say in what happens at Firhill in the future. Unlike at the moment when we're completely at the mercy of shareholders who are considering selling the club to a group of venture capitalists
  2. Not does it mean that we dismiss this approach out of hand. Fan ownership is not an 'unworkable shambles' elsewhere. Why would it be so at Firhill?
  3. And has this stupid idea actually happened? Maybe if the fans owned a club they could stop nonsense like this. Or maybe if a bunch of venture capitalists decided they'd make more money by selling the ground and moving to Scotstoun we'd be okay with that? Well, we'd have to be because we'd certainly get no say in it.
  4. We don't need an international consortium of venture capitalists to achieve that. It could be argued we already have that with the current board - it's just the enjoyable football bit that's at issue. What happens when the SFA knock back this proposal for joint ownership? How sustainable is the status quo?
  5. By any reasonable standards, the information put out by TfE HAS been substantial. They've set out what fan ownership is, they've outlined how they hope it can be implemented at Thistle and they've published responses to questions asked of them by Thistle fans. In none of that information have I seen anything that resembles 'sly digs and petty insults'. This is in contrast to the consortium who have not just published nothing of substance, they have in fact published... nothing. I get why people might want to take a punt on a billionaire foreign investment group in the hope that Thistle go shooting up into the Premiership and Europe with some cup wins along the way. If I thought that would be the outcome of New City Finance buying us, I'd sign up for that in a heartbeat. But all the evidence suggests that if we go down that route we're unlikely to be much better off in a sporting sense and very likely to be saddled with debt. Fan ownership works at other clubs. It could work at Thistle. We shouldn't be rejecting it out of hand.
  6. Except in this example, based on the complete lack of information from TfE it precisely does rest on one individual, Colin Weir, as without his substantial and generous initial contribution there won't even be a fan ownership option? Sorry? Complete lack of information from TfE? There's a considerable amount of information put out by TfE. You can question the validity of their statements, but not that they haven't communicated their intentions.
  7. Absolutely agree. What I'm not seeing are any reasonable arguments to dismiss it out of hand as some seem to have done. There seems to be no acknowledgement that this is a model in place at Hearts, St. Mirren, Motherwell, Dunfermline and others. It's being rejected, as far as I can see, because of narrow concerns about the recent history at Thistle - Low and Caldwell and Colin Weir walking away. There's an opportunity here to set up Thistle as a fans owned community club. That's surely positive in itself. What's more concerning is that rejecting that approach seems to be inevitably leading to the club being owned by a consortium of venture capitalists who's main focus will be making money out of Thistle.
  8. Concerns over Goodwin are just playing the man, not the ball. Fan ownership doesn't depend on one individual. What lack of transparency? TfE have published copious details of their plans, including detailed responses to fans questions. And I don't buy that we can't decide what's best for the future of the club because the fans aren't in agreement. When are we ever?! I'm glad you've got faith in David Beattie. I hope that doesn't result in the club being sold to venture capitalists. And if there's any arrogance on display on this thread, it's from those who dismiss fan ownership without giving it any reasonable consideration.
  9. You clearly have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. You talk about concerns, but none of them expressed on here make any sense. Weir bringing Low back in as chairman? What are you talking about? And if you're going to tell someone not to be patronising, don't start off by telling them to calm down.
  10. And what's your point, caller? How's that in any way relevant? No one's going to stop you doing that if the club is fan owned. You don't want to pay more into the club, fair enough. Others will.
  11. Yeah, for Christ sake let's not support a plan to provide fan ownership of the club similar to Hearts, St. Mirren, Motherwell, Dunfermline, all the top German clubs, the Argentinian leagues and loads of other clubs around the world. How stupid would that be? Let's support selling the club to a group of venture capitalists who's track record of piling debt onto the club's they've previously owned while investing next to nothing in them is a matter of public record. It's only 'tinpot' if there's a complete lack of imagination and common sense on the part of Thistle fans.
  12. Did it from my phone, no problem at all. I think the issue for some folk is that you have to put in your season ticket seat number for the system to add the game to your season ticket. It can be a bit of a pain doing this, but once you've put it in, it's pretty straightforward.
  13. Fox, Sneddon, Williamson, Saunders, O'Ware, McGinty, Penrice, Robson, Bannigan, Palmer, Harkins, Slater, Wilson, Gordon, Cardle, Da Vita, Austin, Millar, Mansell, Jones - assuming Wilson doesn't go out on loan, we're probably looking at just two more in. Right-sided defender and either an attacking midfielder or striker looks like the most likely additions. No idea who it would be, though. Loan deals might be the most likely. Jack Henry from Celtic (for the laughs) and some undiscovered diamond from the English lower leagues who'll score 20+... please?
  14. Good going forward. Defensively suspect. Looks like he's lacking in confidence. Would hope to see him improve on what he's shown so far. Potential seems to be there, but time will tell.
  15. "Partick Thistle have held talks with Michael Tidser about joining the club. The midfielder signed a pre-contract with Falkirk but had an option to void if they got relegated, which they did. Understand he met with Gary Caldwell on Wednesday." From journalist Euan Booth Robertson on Twitter this afternoon.
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