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  1. Burnistoun

    Up eh road noo
  2. We werent at races today..Turnballs long range effort the best for us. Main was a waste of a shirt today and I like him but it's time say goodbye . Let Scott lead the line remaining games. Thought Hastie was a bit greedy and made few poor choices today one near and of first half when he could have played in Gorrin but chose to go alone. Ah well hopefully get best of bottom 6
  3. Netflix

    Just finished watching and the last 2 episodes very dark. ..brilliant viewing and one that can change your mind over
  4. Netflix

    Disappearance of Madeline Binged watched the first 6 episodes of this. Best doc i seen in a long time. I was always of the thought the creepy parents done it. And having watched the first 4 episodes just increased the thinking of this. But having watched the following episodes it makes you think are the Portuguese police as corrupt..2 episodes to go and I'm now thinking is she going to turn up at the end of this .. 10/10
  5. Not got a lot of bad things to say about McDonald either always liked him. But wasn't that pleased when he got himself sent off at East End Park in the infamous Malpas (Donald Duck) game.
  6. Turnball to walk away from him in midfield you mean
  7. I thought bigi was only a loan. Can he play against us?
  8. Aberdeen v Sevco - Scottish Cup QF

    Some cracking reading on Rangers media at moment lol
  9. Hope our players will be safe on the park
  10. Michael Jackson - Massive Nonce

    Michael ^^^^
  11. Michael Jackson - Massive Nonce

    Are you in his gang ?