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  1. Usually have one of these at tournaments. Start posting your Wids of the Euros here
  2. Watched first 3 episodes of THEM. Bit slow so far but will stick with it
  3. Much better performance. Robert's much better than long so hope he keeps his place in team. Crawford was MOTM for me. Thought Maguire had a good game also
  4. Cusack played the following season think he scored against Katowice. Nearer the end I think he dropped back into central defence. That's where he ended up playing for Swansea. Yes lot of sympathy for Softy also
  5. Big Nick doing the damage. Felt bit sorry he didnt make the Final
  6. At least we will have shiney new seats too sit in to watch the championship
  7. I Blame it entirely on us wearing white shorts. Not that our squad is utter dug meat
  8. Thought Watt never stopped running and was my man of the match for us
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