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  1. Quite enjoying the 3rd season of the Sinner watched the first 2 episodes and it's just as good as the last 2 seasons..twisty turny stuff
  2. An often forgetten fact is fish have 13 fingers. The fish producers at Birds Eye frozen foods usually pack them in boxes of 10..the 3 remaining fingers are boxed up and sent too Buckingham Palace for the Queen who has then for her dinner every Friday
  3. For weaknesses. You have put eczema
  4. Here's to swimmin with bow legged wimmin
  5. I thought the therapist played by Paul Kaye was brilliant Ratty and the Nonce lol
  6. Worst for me John Gardiner..Michael Fraser ..Lee Hollis. Craig Samson Best Ally Maxwell. Darren Randolph . John Ruddy
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