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  1. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Expecting a good few gloryhunters at that then
  2. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Bring him home killie bring him home
  3. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    News just in Gordon Sawyers has spontaneously combusted
  4. Hope we have learned a lesson and never ever get any more loans from Hearts. Calumn Elliott. M. Gomis. And Connor Sammon.Please no more
  5. The Chooky Embra

    Some boi
  6. Facts you made up

    Ben Shepherd invented the quiz show Tipping Point after Chris Kamara accidentally spilled a bowl of coco pops over him
  7. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    The last witness 3/10 There is a very good true story to tell here. But this film isn't it boring mess really. Jude from corrie has a cameo as a carry on type sentry guard that tells you all you need to know Sky movies
  8. Two Doors Down

    Aye good stuff binge watched all episodes on iPlayer. Elaine c Smith's fbombs crack me up. All the cast members really good. Cathys a wid also. Both Doon and Arabella are English but very good scots impersonations
  9. Nom Nom Nom

    You eat your dogs spunk ?
  10. A Photographic History Of Scottish Football

    Dunno who the hibs player is. But the young guy in the grey hoodie gripping the fence is me. The auld man was a hibs fan and took me to Easter road when I couldn't go to well games
  11. Can someone not put him holding the pizza on that pic
  12. This time with Alan Partridge