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  1. They have a team of multi million pound players. So the odds of us beating them aren't good but you say we are getting beat most weeks so your predictions mean bollocks really... according to you Hearts are better than us all over the park which you have said 2 or 3 times this season. You talk absolute gubbins pal so will take your predictions with a bit of salt
  2. With the well on a 3 game winning streak and the Glasgow team being emptied at hampden by Celtic. Will we be on the backlash or will justice prevail ? 2-0 too the good guys for me
  3. Una Stubbs had 9 kids to Bill Pertwee while filming Worzel Gummidge
  4. Sheffield United 2-0 and coasting bring on McBurnie result = 2-3 lol..some boi
  5. The last time I went porkheid to watch the well. Think it was Chris Suttons home debut for them they won 1-0 Stillian Petrov goal never been back since anyway 3-0 to them today
  6. Joker 4/10 Just didn't get the love for this at all
  7. Thought it was a load of pish 4/10 at best
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