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  1. Was about say same thing, been watching the well for over 40 years and the football this team plays is eyebleedingly bad. Get him emptied now
  2. Yeah I thought Kelly's positioning for the first was dire he basically showed jota were too put it
  3. We have qualified for play offs Israel won't win their next 2 games...but we are still pish
  4. O'Donnell was dreadful again. Maybe the cpt armband curse. Which saw Peter Hartley and Dec Gallagher have dodgy season after being made Captain. Best for us was Slattery and Carroll. Was impressed by saints new guy Muller
  5. Watched first 3 episodes of THEM. Bit slow so far but will stick with it
  6. Much better performance. Robert's much better than long so hope he keeps his place in team. Crawford was MOTM for me. Thought Maguire had a good game also
  7. Cusack played the following season think he scored against Katowice. Nearer the end I think he dropped back into central defence. That's where he ended up playing for Swansea. Yes lot of sympathy for Softy also
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