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  1. Well I didn't rate him that highly when we had him on loan, a couple of good free kick goals apart, so you're all right. I like Wighton and think he's one of our better players but he's having a bit of a tough time at the moment and today wasn't one of his better games. Don't think Thomas was too good today either mind you although he got better as the game went on and the goal helped his confidence.
  2. Yeah, that was a pretty wild take. He didn't do an awful lot, didn't have many (any?) shots in the game and was clearly lacking confidence.
  3. What was your issue with their second? Looked OK from where I was sat - very unlucky in that Comrie made a decent tackle and the ball fell right to Shaw at the perfect angle to get a shot away.
  4. Nah, it's usually pretty shite. People mention it and all you get are replies of "what do you expect, they're all volunteers?" as if every other club in the division had Sunset and Vine producing their coverage.
  5. Is there anything sweeter than an injury time goal when the opposition have been time wasting for 20 minutes? Not for me, Clive.
  6. Can't blame Grant today I have to say. Picked a decent team, had them set up well and made the right change (as much as I was surprised at Pybus coming off, he looked like he had taken a knock). Kennedy should be scoring his chance at 0-0 and as a team we should be concentrating once we equalised. And for all the crowing coming from the Killie end, they don't look like a Championship winning team.
  7. Would like to see that again, hard to see from the far end if there was hands on the shoulders or the Killie boy just got underneath it. And that should have been a legit goal that time. Just can't take our chances but at least we look a bit more dangerous. Then a goal line clearance at the other end from Mark Connelly. End to end stuff now. And now Killie score, and Henrdy looked well offside there. Will have to see a replay.
  8. I know it's not a classic by any stretch but given the shite that has been served up this season that counts as a pretty good half. Two evenly matched teams (somehow), chances at both ends and some good play amongst the slack passing and occasional duff passage of play. We might actually steal a draw from this (although that would keep Grant in the job for a few more weeks)
  9. You're missing a decent enough game. Chances at both ends and a cracking save by the Killie keeper (who looks good; confident with his hands and with some nice early distribution) from an O'Hara drive. We look pretty good but clearly lack confidence, especially in the final third. I've been disappointed with Killie so far but no doubt they'll come good and still win comfortably.
  10. Aye that's a good effort. Chance to visit a ground they've not been to for a while and a guaranteed three points mind you.
  11. Cup wouldn't load again for me so had to put some coal in the laptop and scored an 8. No idea if that's useful or not!
  12. Immediate? As in they aren't going to produce any more this season? Seems a strange thing to do - why now when they could have either stopped at the start of the season or waited until the end of the season?
  13. A full house for Wednesday, bizarrely knew the monarchy one for once (maybe it's been on here recently?) but the rest were right up my street.
  14. Agreed. Didn't one North-East club persuade a foreign player to sign by saying that they'd be living an hour away from London, not mentioning that it was a one hour flight away and not just a quick run in the sponsored car?
  15. A pair of 9s - ancient battle wrong in the League and antipodean politics wrong in the Ryder Cup which loaded first time for me today after never working for the pairs formats
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