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  1. Malcoln Canmore's tower, the abbey and palace above the Glen and the Lynn burn I think.
  2. First point, I guess you could say that if you make the assumption that every single Labour (and I guess Lib Dem and Tory and Family Party et al) voter would vote No in an Independence referendum. Given that there has been loads of polls releases suggesting everything from 5% to 20% of Labour voters would either be Yes voters or are undecided, then I don't think you can make that case. On the other point, I don't think anyone is suggesting that every Scot is outward looking and that there is no element of racism, anglophobia or xenophobia in Scotland. On the whole though, these incidents tended to be isolated and the likes of UKIP, the BNP and other overtly or otherwise racist parties have never done anything like as well north of the border as they have down South.
  3. 10 to finish the week. Guessed the music one but thought I knew the rest so will be interested to know which one WRK thought didn't have a correct answer.
  4. I reckon it'll either be Ian Murray, James McPake or Kevin Thompson. Outside bet on Jim McIntyre. Won't be Campbell, Petrie, McGhee, Wright or Adam if we are looking at the "favourites". Knowing the BoD, it'll be Dorrans as player-manager mind you...
  5. Love how the fourth official is known as the Fourth Man. Sounds like a John le Carre sequel.
  6. Thought this was an interesting wee article. I love all these bizarre laws. https://wisden.com/stories/your-game/club-cricket/viral-club-cricket-clip-sparks-debate-over-niche-misapprehension-law?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1652704888
  7. I mean City are winning on Sunday so why go all guns blazing and risk an injury ahead of the CL Final. Surprised nobody mentioned Grealish's comments after Sunday, saying that he's never won a title and doing it in front of their fans will be amazing etc. Not "the chance to win one in front of our fans". Whereas Pep was saying all the right stuff about a hard game and needing the fans to come out etc. City by 2 or 3 anyway.
  8. To be fair, that might be what we fight WW4 with.
  9. I agree we weren't unlucky all season but there were one or two things that clearly didn't go our way. Hamilton getting a penalty and going on to win that game which was then rescinded on appeal for one - had we hung on for a point in that game you never know how things would have panned out.
  10. I know P&B is quite full of hyperbole but still I think it needs saying - we aren't going to see a massive drop off in season ticket sales or attendances just due to Hughes. There are several people here and on dotnet who will say they aren't coming back but from the people I speak to who don't do social media, the manager and the squad will have almost zero impact on whether they get a season ticket or not. We had about 2,300 season tickets sold last year; we aren't going to see over half of them not renew just because of Hughes or because we were relegated. The squeeze on the cost of living will be a much bigger factor and even then it might cost us a couple of hundred, but nowhere near a thousand losses. When you add up the die hards who'd buy a ticket if Putin was announced as our new manager, folk who think Hughes should get time to try and turn it around, those who think we were "unlucky", those who take kids along, the young team who are starting to get into it, and the fans like me who don't like Hughes or his style of play but will get a season ticket regardless, there are more than enough tickets being sold that it's not going to go off a cliff.
  11. The presenter really seemed to hate what he was saying. The looks she was giving him would curdle milk.
  12. Isn't 5th going to be enough for the Champions League anyway with the new format? Thought England and the Netherlands were getting an extra spot each?
  13. Nah, surely a few Championship clubs (and maybe even ourselves) will be raiding Airdrie now and Murray himself might end up at Stark's Park or somewhere of that ilk.
  14. Raging that I keep missing this. Only just discovered a wee while back that we get Eurosport on our Sky package and this weekend was meant for watching the Giro live but having a bairn has totally ruined my sports watching capabilities. Will record the highlights and watch tomorrow morning before he's up though. Sounds epic.
  15. Problem is who is out there? Stewart Petrie and Jack Ross are about the only names out there who will excite the fans and neither of them are coming, so who does that leave? Say we appointed a Kevin Thompson, Jim McIntyre, James McPake or Alan Stubbs (trying to think of people who are maybe available and would potentially come here, not for anyone I want). Would they bring an uplift in ticket sales? Can't see it. We'll have our usual 1800-2500 season ticket holders as usual, the vast majority at the moment will keep buying them regardless. It'll be the cost of living that stalls sales more than the manager IMO. If we keep Hughes (and I think we will), there will be a few that decide to not bother and there will be a lot of unhappy fans but the board have painted themselves into a corner here. I don't envy them.
  16. You'd imagine he'd score a few in League One. And with him being very much a confidence player that could be the difference between a good attempt at getting back up or a Falkirkesque shitshow.
  17. Won it playing in yellow v Everton but lost the Carabao final v Liverpool when wearing blue apparently
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