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  1. There was a guy on dotnet (I know, I know) saying that two 19/20 year olds who had been playing in England were up on trial. Sounds like that might be the two. Even if they aren't better than what we have at the moment, we need players who can plug gaps when the injuries and suspensions kick in so they might be worth a punt, even on a short term basis til the end of January.
  2. It's all very well saying "the time for Peace Talks was in February" but at the time Putin had already broken several of the promises he'd already made in the Minsk Agreement. Russia had build up a massive force on Ukraine's borders (and not just on the borders of the Donbass). Russia had decided to recognise the two breakaway Republics without any arbitration or negotiations with Ukraine (and of course during that bizarre council of ministers meeting that was televised, one of the ministers let the cat out the bag, not that it was well hidden, when he said he supported absorbing them into the Russian Federation). Russia then, rather than supporting these breakaway "Republics" attacked Kyiv and overthrow the government. At which point during all this does anyone think would have been a sensible time to hold peace talks, given that one side in particular was not interested in peace in any way shape or form that didn't involve a land grab and regime change to a puppet government at the very least, and the complete annihilation and absorption of Ukraine (and Transnistria) into Russia at the most?
  3. Interesting that Kelty have taken points off The Pars and Falkirk already this season and haven't done so well against the so called poorer teams. Potter certainly had them well organised and up for the Fife Derby, so I wonder if playing another big hitter and I'm front of a decent crowd will help Kelty this time round?
  4. Just to play devil's advocate for those looking for a negative, it hasn't been great for non UEFA nations. I know UEFA don't care about that by the way. Argentina have only played Italy in the Finalissima, Brazil haven't played anyone from Europe, etc. It makes it tough to prepare for World Cups when you can't really play nations from other federations. And if the COMBEBOL nations join in next time it just passes that problem down to Asian and African nations etc. But that's not for us to worry about, so aye - Thank You, UEFA Nations League(TM)!
  5. Ah, no this was just at the actual transfer deadline I think. Suggested that they had agreed a deal with a club for a player who then decided he wasn't wanting to leave and preferred to stay and fight for his place. Could of course be that it was the same player and we've then asked if he'd come on loan and potentially head back once he's had a few games but he still wants to stay and fight for his place.
  6. Thought I did send a PM to @SlipperyP but I wouldn't have won anyway so no harm, no foul. 10 for Wednesday, swithered on the city but went the right way for once.
  7. Maybe the one McPake alluded to when he said there was one potential signing in particular that would have been seen as a fantastic bit of business.
  8. Think TV revenue will see Donathan proved right.
  9. Already relegated, essentially a friendly and the last game before the World Cup. Southgate decided he really needs to see what Harry Kane can do and not to see if Ivan Toney can offer anything. Such a bizarre way of doing things. Think England might get a reprive if the South Americans come in though. Expanded League A with 6 from South America and groups of 5 or 6.
  10. Love it how we can't compare things due to some hand-wavy "legal definition" reason but recruiting (asking) and mobilising (forcing) can equally be hand-waved away as being the same thing. Gotta love P&B logic. Almost as much as you've got to love Russian logic. Half the region bombed out? Loads of people killed, missing or displaced? No bother, let's say turnout is higher than most free and fair elections. That will convince people it's legit.
  11. Balwearie is listed because the architect is some guru and that was one of his first buildings, it's got some hyperbolic curved panels and looks like a boat. Exactly. The designs look impressive, although I'm not sure where it is meant to join up to the stand and where the cantilevers are meant to go. Also will be odd but not insurmountable having hospitality at the away end. Hope it comes to fruition but we were meant to have a hotel (never happened), offices and museum (never happened) and a 2 level gym that could be used as extra hospitality or a TV studio (scaled back to 1 level after groundwork revealed poor sub soil or something) so don't get your hopes up too much.
  12. Yeah, 10 here too. Fairly confident on all of them barring the year but by missing out a couple of potential options they've helped me out there.
  13. It seems not but happy to be corrected Signed for Dunfermline on 4th Feb 2021 and played for Lithuania in March and April that year according to Transfermarkt [https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/vytas-gaspuitis/nationalmannschaft/spieler/269893] He then left to join a Lithuanian team in January 2022.
  14. I'd have to double check but didn't Vytas Gaspuitis play for Lithuania last season or the season before?
  15. A super sexy ten to end the week. Nearly went wrong on the cartoon before I realised that the catchphrase wasn't talking about that particular person.
  16. Could be good for Tony Watt too, based on what he did for Nisbet.
  17. Guessed the composer wrong but the author right, so a 9. Take it the question about the landmark isn't talking about the theatre in Fife!
  18. How many do we have, where do they play and who would they replace? Fenton - LB, and Edwards has been playing well. Currently out on loan. Rennie and Beagley - midfielders, haven't really been seen since preseason Young - centre back, only 16, behind Breen, Bene, Fisher and probably Hamilton and Comrie in the pecking order Tod - midfielder, only 16 but seems to be ahead of Rennie in the queue, has made the bench in the league despite playing Friday nights and played in the League Cup Sutherland - forward, only 16, fifth choice at best but has been on the bench. Haven't been ahead in games to give him a run out. So we don't actually have that many in the squad, we haven't been ahead and comfortable in games to bring them on and many of them have at least been on the bench and so have been involved in the squad (even though in many cases they'd played less than 24 hours previously). If I was the manager, I'd have probably used Tod more and brought him on for Chalmers or Todd when they've been struggling but we're top of the league and unbeaten having had many very tight games go right to the death so I'm not going to write off our youth section altogether. Beating a strong Livi team in the Reserve Cup is surely a better indicator?
  19. Todd has played a lot, Allan was getting games before his injury, McCann is a regular... and the under 19s play Friday nights which isn't ideal but Tod got game time in the League Cup, didn't he?
  20. To be fair, I'd always expect a commentator to say which strip one side is wearing, particularly for a mainstream channel where you might have casual viewers joining in and even more so in these times of needless uses of away/third/commemorative strips. He's shite otherwise. Surely ITV must have realised a lot of folk would have liked the Drury/McCoist dream team but maybe Drury was elsewhere doing the world feed for another game.
  21. Indeed. Hope so. They were funny and most of the impressions were actually like who they were meant to be. And Frank Macavenie was actually relevant.
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