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  1. Given that Hearts fans are so keen on telling everyone who'll listen that they have the fourth or fifth best squad in the country and we beat them easily enough, surely this will be a straightforward home win?
  2. I kinda agree, although its clearly just small talk to put the contestants at ease and maybe generate a bit of banter. Except in classic example of the genre, of course...
  3. Done the cup quiz. Looking like I'll be one of the lower seeds and will have to pull off a Giant Killing to progress.
  4. No clue, but its absolute lunacy some of the stuff we've been asked to do. Like not having prelims in the hall, but having them in class. Despite the halls obviously being a lot bigger and being able to spread kids out more, use multiple entrances and exits etc. Due to that, and other reasons presumably, we've also been told Prelims can be done in normal class time which of course means splitting the paper up since we don't have 2 and a half to 3 hour long periods (not forgetting pupils who get extra time for things like dyslexia, having English as a second language and so on).
  5. There are no social distancing measures in the corridors in my school. Yes there is a one way system (which some pupils ignore, then moan when you send them back the right way) and yes there are markers on the stairs, but the pupils are no more and a few centimetres apart rather than 2 metres. There's also the issue of groups hanging about outside at break and lunchtime on bigger groups (many from different areas of town or outlying villages who don't necessarily mix when out of school), pupils queuing up outside classrooms or in the dinner hall/outside local shops etc. as well as the few numpties you'll always get who refuse to wear marks, wash hands, use sanitiser and keep a distance who you can avoid when out of school but might not be able to when you're in school. I'm not one to advocate for closing the schools down or anything like that, but to say that schools are a safer environment and that the figures (which somehow manage to determine that a pupil caught Covid-19 from a social gathering rather than being in the same building as them 6 or so hours a day) support this is just wishful thinking at best and utter pish at worse.
  6. I suppose with neither team in Europe there will be some free midweek dates - the challenge for the Premier League will be if this sort of thing happens to a team who have midweek commitments.
  7. Might actually buy a stream for this. Or maybe head up onto the roof of Balwearie High and watch some of the park live.
  8. Except most Pars fans knew at the time the squad was nowhere near good enough of course. And that it is entirely possible for a player to improve, especially if the player was young and thrown in against a player that was and probably still is a lot better than players currently playing in the top flight. And it's fucking St Johnstone we're talking about, not Bayern Munich. The same fans who keeping being peeved that their "superstars" are constantly overlooked for the national team on account of them being shite.
  9. Past the Grangemouth sign and with an entrance on Falkirk Road. But it's not even close to being in Grangemouth, no sirree.
  10. To be fair, there's an R in it. My English classmate at uni was Carl but he pronounced it Kal. We just called him Carlos instead.
  11. Seni finals in the League Cup don't generally get played at Hampden these days, and if fans aren't allowed there would be no need for them to be played there this season either.
  12. We do but when we played Falkirk and Premier showed the game, they didn't let us sell streams on a PPV basis sadly.
  13. I'm sure there will be state department protocols for that sort of thing. UK and Israel amongst the first to get a call; France, Germany, Japan and Canada amongst the second lot etc. Probably something about the Department of Defence being on the Russia and China calls. Given Biden's background, presumably Ireland and the Vatican were high on the list.
  14. 8 for me. Got the mountain wrong despite giving been there several times and I'm never sure why one single move should get a name in chess anyway.
  15. 8 for Monday - another of the "Classics" wrong and no clue about punk. 7 for Tuesday- Kings (obviously), the author's name and the war wrong today - thought that was a toughie.
  16. Good result and performance last night which is very pleasing. If we can get something from Raith and Dundee then I'll start to think we might even have an outside chance of challenging for the title rather than just aiming for the play offs. In terms of last night's match, one big difference was in the performance of both sides "big name" players. For Dunfermline, Whittaker was excellent in an unassuming way, just mopping things up and keeping Naismith quiet for the most past. McManus never stopped running and managed to get us up the park a few times and win some free kicks. Thomas scored one and assisted another. For Hearts, Gordon had one good save and could do nothing about the first goal but gave away a needless corner and should have done better for the winner. Naismith looked short on confidence and obviously has no pace any more. Boyce fell over a lot and missed a sitter. Another was the full backs. For us, we'd have been expecting Comrie and Martin to play this game at the start of the season but instead we had Mayo - a centre back on loan from Rangers - and Edwards - who started off reasonably well last season but didn't get a look in once he had a poor game and Lewis Martin made the position his own. For both of them to play well is a huge plus. Mayo should have scored and did well down his side (although Hearts seemed very narrow do he didn't have much to do until they went to a back three) and Edwards was solid barring one mistake which he then immediately made up for with a fantastic recovery challenge. For Hearts, Smith is someone who I was expecting a lot from but didn't offer a huge amount and Frear was pretty poor. Halliday didn't do much when they changed shape either. To not get any width when you have someone like Boyce up front seems wasteful from Neilson. Finally, our central midfield pairing of McInroy and Turner were superb. They covered every blade of grass, got stuck in when required but also showed some great feet to get out of tricky situations or win free kicks to relieve the pressure. They'll both be disappointed not to score - McInroy's shot wide was the wrong option as Billy Dodds mentioned in commentary but Turner's chance was just awful - but they can be happy with their showing. I wasn't sure about Turner often last season because he often tried the fancy thing rather than the sensible and easier option and he looked a bit lightweight but he has came on leaps and bounds. With Iain Turner on the bench there is some competition there and although our squad is quite light we can change shape fairly easily with the personnel we have. Reasons to be optimistic for the DA. Hearts will still probably win the league as other teams will take points off each other more often than Hearts drop points but it doesn't make last night any less enjoyable.
  17. Our set piece delivery - our main weapon this season - has been shite. It's likely to be one of the few ways we can get at Hearts but we've blown the few chances to get a good ball into the box.
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