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  1. Not sure if I'll be able to watch this as on a wee holiday at the moment but if I do get a wee couple of hours in the afternoon I'll be looking for a quiet coffee shop with WiFi or something and tuning in. It was strange watching the Falkirk game live and not being at EEP, but it being on actual telly (well Premier) meant it wasn't a unique experience having missed a few televised games in the last. A Saturday 3pm league game though, and streamed on Pars TV? It'll be new. I've heard a few people say that commentary teams have been quite impartial on other clubs streams since there is only one team allowed into the ground, but I think the Pars TV guys have always been pretty fair anyway, so hopefully the system copes and we get good numbers of away fans as well as non season ticket holders signing up.
  2. Hearts looking decent tonight. Some good players and a very strong squad on paper. Dundee, unsurprisingly to this correspondent, look pish.
  3. In this version, you can get away with some crazy formations. I had great success with a 2-1-3-1-3 formation! 2 centre backs, 1 defensive mid, 3 across the centre (no wingers), 1 attacking midfielder running forwards and 3 central strikers. The DM and AM positions are overpowered in the game and the computer defences can't cope with 3 central strikers. Scored a wheen of goals.
  4. I'll debate that. Lottie is going to get kept in for eye candy but was awful this week (and hasn't been great all since it started) including being last in Technical, having a rubbish brownie and having a good looking but dry cake. At least Sura showed in previous weeks she had some ability. And going by Lottie's expression when they announced it, she thought she was a goner too.
  5. 9 for Tuesday - changed my mind on the poet from the right one to the wrong one FFS. 9 for Wednesday - never watched that US show but thought I'd guessed right. Nope. 8 for Thursday - Greeks as usual and guessed the wrong Saint (big team not found) 9 for Friday - ticked off by the ticker. 6 for the Shite Comedy Quiz ™, although I reckon I should have scored 7 as it asks who I associate with a certain programme in Q2 and I associate an incorrect answer (who was in the show as far as I know). 20 for Joe, aided by some guesswork in the trees round.
  6. 9 for me. Not sure about the cathedral one - I know there is one with a similar name in the correct answer so I guessed that city but I'm not sure if its 100% accurate?
  7. Didn't it tie in with the commentary moving to live rather than dubbed and the two camera format rather than having one camera at some games? I think that was one excuse, saying that they couldn't spread the available resources across all the games (Rangers home games were filmed by Rangers TV with multiple cameras anyway so they already had the footage or something)?
  8. 8 for me. Guessed both dates - one right and one wrong - and have never heard of that firm (or is it two firms?)
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