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  1. Another one of Grant's baffling decisions. Bring in a winger (or number 10) on loan, hand him a starting XI squad number (I know that's not really a thing but to me it indicates that he was seen as someone who was going to be playing quite an important part) then set up the side in a way that means we don't play with wingers or a number 10. Genius.
  2. Need to get betting firm sponsorships banned. I don't have as big an ideological issue with gambling sponsorship as some folk, it's just that by and large the logos they use are rubbish and massive.
  3. Could have been worse, it could have been like when Stuart Pearce took off an outfield player, brought on Nicky Weaver to play in goals and moved David James up front. With an outfield kit with "James 1" on the back, so it was clearly planned in advance. And with Jon Macken, an actual centre forward who at the time was their record signing sitting on the bench. Madness. Actually, I wonder if Peter Grant ever worked with "Psycho"?
  4. I get the idea but if they want it to be like an Ajax top it needs a bigger central red section. Like this one. And I've also always thought the classic River Plate away kit (which I used to own a version of) would make a cracking Saints top (or an excellent Pars away top)
  5. They mention 11 Premiership B Teams - who doesn't have one and why? Don't mind the away top but will have to see what it gets paired with to get a full picture. Nice to see the Old Inn and getting more heritage stuff on the go though.
  6. Not many changes, which is obviously a sign we don't have (m)any trialists at the moment. I suppose it'll allow McPake to get a system in place they'll be familiar with but a few folk thought that about he who shall not be named last year.
  7. Aye its weird the Bellerin situation. Arsenal are a bit odd all round though. Bringing in Sabala (?) and loaning him out where he's been getting good reviews while playing the likes of Rob Holding at centre back is bizarre in the extreme. Even Pedro Mari was an odd signing.
  8. To be fair, a few folk thought that about the 1996 Olympics and wondered why anyone would bother competing against Athens for the centennial games.
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