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  1. 8 for Wednesday's tough IMO quiz, getting the triathlon and music ones in the middle wrong, then star sign pish and music wrong again on Thursday for another 8.
  2. Proper good looking kit there from Morton. Take it that it's an in-house job? I wonder how they'll do squad name/number. Red maybe, or will they need a white square?
  3. These people usually post these on their iPhone.
  4. Hasn't he been the "Fox News Crime Contributor" or something for a good few years now? I'm sure it was on the "What they did next" bit at the end of the People vs. OJ Simpson.
  5. Your mileage may vary of course but I'm surprised so many of you like that home kit. The blue shorts don't really work, the jersey looks more like a cycling top and the tapered V thing pointing to the groin... it wouldn't work for me anyway but when the top is tucked into the shorts it will just be a bit naff looking. Our kits are a bit meh, I'll admit but I can't remember a proper old school classic Raith kit that I thought looked really smart for a good few years now. Maybe the Puma one when Kitty's sponsored you? Or the O'Connell's one before or after that one? At least it's not as bad as the Falkirk one that looks like the material you'd make a metal fire escape from.
  6. Sky Documentary channel started today and one of the headline programmes is "McMillions" about the American McDonald's Monopoly fraud. Six parts, watched the first three tonight. Very good, with the usual assortment of bonkers American law enforcement officers, gangsters, people to sympathise with and some plain weirdos. Recommended.
  7. Another 10 for me. Thought that was a lot easier than yesterday. It helps that I've been to the place that people seem to be getting wrong, but the rest seemed quite straightforward.
  8. Recognised a few to be fair. Barnes, Murray, Pinsent, Dom from Watchdog, Gethin whatsisface that used to do e4 back in the day, the blind Scottish guy who set up the travel business and was on Pilgrimage to Istanbul. The rest I'm not so sure about although I did spot "Bagga Nails" or whatever (s)he is called but only because they seem to have been on every bloody thing recently including Celebrity Pointless a week or so back.
  9. As I was doing today's quiz, I thought I was going to get 4 or 5. Guesses galore, and a couple of them blind. But...
  10. I think many just see the reporting as a bit odd. Rangers, Dundee Utd and Kilmarnock released players and nothing was said. We released players and the headline number was large (17 players) but it was essentially 3 first team regulars (Ashcroft, Paton, Devine), 3 more who have been in and out of the team (Scully, Beadling, Thomson), 3 who were put out on loan (Morrison, Smith, Ryan) and 8 youngsters. There wasn't the same outcry when Queen of the South released everyone bar three contracted players. Dundee are getting plaudits for keeping on players on furlough who were out of contract but it is three players, not 17. When you are topping up the extra 20% on the salary that isn't covered, it adds up. The players weren't made redundant (which some companies are doing even with the GJRS) and while it is sad when anyone loses their job, and these are unique circumstances, it is the lot of a footballer. We have released similar numbers of players in the past few seasons and sadly it's the way of lower league football now that many players only want or accept 1 year deals. Will it harm our chances of bringing in new players when the dust settles? I don't know. Players have been very complimentary about the fact that we cover the cost of things like player insurance and private healthcare which not every club does, and on-loan players have said that they enjoyed their time at the club and would like to make their moves permanent. So who knows?
  11. I'm not sire how. Is he the only parent with an autistic child? No. I'm sure there will be millions of such parents out there, I'm sure many of them will be struggling, I'm sure many of them wanted to do something like go out for a day or take them to grandparents or whatever. I'm sure many of them were ill (or is it "thought they might get ill" I forget which excuse they used most recently) and were tearing their hair out thinking about what to do. I'm sure there will be many single parents, people who don't have the luxury of family members who live nearby, or staff who live locally or who don't live in a city where deliveries of food and other essentials are easy to come across. How many of those made the sacrifice of staying at home no matter how shitty they felt, and how many thought "f**k it" and did their own thing?
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