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  1. Pedant alert - I'm sure he says "is he going to flip it? He's going to flip it you know, he's going to flip it" rather than chip it?
  2. I'm sure Raith fans used to say similar about McGlynn's teams when he was there?
  3. My Dad used to go to the games and I'd be stuck in the house with my Mum while she did housework and the likes. The highlight of the day almost was watching the old videprinter on Final Score. I'd sometimes recognise the name of someone my old man had mentioned if Dunfermline had scored a late goal - usually John Watson, Norrie McCathie or someone like that - and I used to love saying when he got home "I bet I can guess who scored today". Eventually he decided that he'd be better taking me to the games and usually I'd get a lift over the turnstiles since I was only about 5 at the time. It certainly helped that this was during the Leishman era as the Pars went from perennial Division Two strugglers to the Premier Division by winning back to back promotions, all the time featuring on things like Saint and Greavsie with Big Jim's terrible poetry. Probably very easy to get hooked in those circumstances.
  4. They'll be pointless. Nicola Sturgeon, opening remarks? This is a de facto Referendum, no iffs, no buts. Douglas Ross, your comment? No to IndyRef! Anas Sarwar? What Douglas said. Repeat for 45 mins.
  5. Posted this in the Challenge Cup thread I think but nobody reads that and it's officially an SPFL trophy so I guess it counts. Arbroath v Dunfermline being moved from the Saturday 3pm kick off time to avoid clashing with the World Cup Quarter Final. The new kick off time is Friday at 7.45. Keen readers will note that this new time now clashes with... the World Cup Quarter Final between Argentina and Netherlands.
  6. The worst of it is that it was apparently moved to avoid a clash with the World Cup QF. So it's been moved to clash with... the Argentina v Netherlands World Cup QF.
  7. Not a disaster with Airdrie equalising at Grangemouth. Need to sort out the home form though.
  8. The way the guy didn't celebrate made me think he didn't touch it at all but the replay showed he did. But then big Johnny Dunfries goes and scores anyway. Good cross in by Blind.
  9. Really need to push on and get a winner with Falkirk and Edinburgh winning.
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