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  1. Changing formation to something that will get the best out of the squad available. Dropping Ross Graham (it's awful singling out one player, especially a young one but he's conceding goals or goalscoring opportunities at least once or twice a game). Playing players in their favoured positions. Admitting he was wrong to try and implement a system on the team when they weren't suited to it and/or that it's more important to have a solid base and win football matches than try to build some sort of "philosophy". But I can't see any of that, or a home win, on the horizon for Saturday.
  2. I kinda get what he's saying in that we moved the ball about reasonably well for decent chunks of the game and that there were massive individual errors for all three goals but it's not exactly the sort of thing he should be saying. Even if he'd said "I wasn't pleased with the overall performance or the result on Saturday but there were certain elements that showed signs of improvement" or "the players were doing well in some aspects of what I'm asking them to do but we need to make sure the team does everything I ask of them and not just little bits here and there" you could see some sort of sense to it but the actual quote is very Brentish.
  3. Watson doesn't seem to do as well as the senior partner trying to talk others through the game as he did as an equal partner with Murray and I'm also sure he doesn't like being in a three as he does in a two. Gaspitus has hardly played - I think only the Arbroath debacle and the aborted fixture at Raith? - and doesn't seem to fit the "ball playing" defender Grant seems to want (although Graham is neither and plays every week...). Leon Jones played ahead of him on Saturday despite looking very raw and I'd imagine Breen will be ahead of him too if he ever gets fit.
  4. That's tremendous insight to be fair. Who knew that not keeping possession led to teams losing control of the game. I can see a few teams and coaches looking at that and trying to move to a more possession based style. Surprised nobody has thought of it before.
  5. Is it an actual walk out as in walk out the ground and go home? I assumed it was more a walk out to the concourse for a bit then head back sort of thing. It's a very tough ask getting someone at the ground after that short a time, even if they agree in principle. The time spent getting there, the bizarre feeling of excitement of being at the game, the slight possibility you might miss something etc.
  6. Only going to this because I have a season ticket tbh. Getting to the stage though where taking the wee man to soft play is getting more and more appealing as a way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
  7. Conceded 3 against a team promoted from League 1, a part time team and the team joint bottom. Conceded 2 against one of the bookies favourites for relegation. We still haven't played the two relegated clubs from last season's Premiership, Raith or Inverness. That speaks volumes.
  8. Didn't see that but the fans were certainly loud at calling for the managers head and weren't happy with the individual performances of a few players. Although Dorrans was hardly the worst culprit.
  9. Quite a strange game. We had a good opening then Ayr scored with their first attack. Comrie well up the pitch as he wants the wing backs to be (and that's not Comrie's best position IMO) then beaten for pace and the centre halves totally all over the place as they had a tap in. After that, I thought we did OK for a spell and had a few decent moves especially up our left but the final ball by Edwards was usually woeful. Then a long diagonal to the left wing let Ayr in and I stood and watched two of our defenders - Edwards and Graham - stand and admire the cross while the Ayr boy actually continued to run and so had a free header. Our goal was the strangest of the lot, another good bit of play saw Dow have a shot that was saved but Todarov was on hand to get to the rebound first. From the Railway end it looked like the keeper had pulled off a fantastic double save but by the looks of it the shot went in off the post? Nobody really celebrated until Todarov began running to the half way line. We still have a chance of getting something out of this because I think we've probably created more chances but we'll need to score at least 2 because there's no way we're keeping a clean sheet in the second half. Changing the shape so we can get Kennedy or Thomas on and running at their defence would help but I can't see Grant deviating from his 3-5-2.
  10. We've actually played reasonably well for a lot of the half today. Doesn't excuse the manager picking a formation that doesn't suit the squad we've got and picking guys who aren't up to it.
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