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  1. They kept doing that last night too. Swing SNP to Con, 6.5%. Except the SNP share was up, the Conservative vote was increased by Labour and Lib Dem tactical voting.
  2. Mike Russell using the Zoom call "blur background" feature was a bit odd. Surely you know well before today that you're going to be doing some live pieces from home? Tidy up a bit and stick some books on a shelf FFS! Willie Rennie in his victory speech was going on about how the results were a clear indication that Scotland doesn't want another referendum and that we need to listen to that. Despite him being about one of the first winners, despite the SNP at that point having all the seats bar I think 2, despite the fact that there will be a pro Indy majority in Parliament, etc. In a wee world of their own.
  3. Jesus! A "conservative" figure of 500 at each game? A mainstream broadcast partner? Where are these guys living?
  4. Wednesday - 9. Never played marbles as a kid. Thursday - 9. Guessed Shakespeare right for a change but the year wrong. Vaccine - AstraZenica, first dose, no side effects as of yet but only had it 45 mins ago.
  5. Especially when the main trailer for the season was a shot from the next episode showing Kate and Jo surrounded by the Police and Ted telling Kate to surrender but she'd have the full protection of the law.
  6. Got my blue letter today with an appointment on the 11th. Was a bit of a pain work-wise so tried to rearrange and managed to get one for tomorrow morning! Nice wee surprise.
  7. Good Luck to the Rovers against Dundee. We aren't winning at the San Starko. Best chance we have is shitfesting a 0-0 and trying to sneak through on kicks from the penalty mark.
  8. Don't think it was as bad as it was made out to be and there are still so many questions to answer that I think there must be a series 7 on the way. One interesting bit that I haven't seen mentioned before came during the interview with Buckles. It might help that due to having a very loud 10 month old baby in the house we watch with the subtitles on, but when Buckles was talking about how the OCG was organised after Tommy Hunter was killed and going through a list of names, he got to Hilton and Cottan then the subtitles had "and..." as if he was going to say another name or pair of names but Hastings cut him off, said "You?" then smiled. Seemed a bit weird. I'm not in the "Hastings is H" camp but why didn't he wait for the next name? Then at the end, when Buckles was getting sent down, he looked a bit despondent when he was led into the cell, but as the prison officer closed the door he smiled, and that was the last sign of him before the little slot closed. It might be relief that he's in a secure unit and won't get killed, but it didn't look that way to me. Seemed to be a knowing smile, like everything was going to turn out OK in the end. Wouldn't be a huge shock to me if Thurlwell/Nesbitt turned up as the real Fourth Man in the next - final - series, with a newly pensioned off Hastings having to call in favours and possibly break the law (which he obviously famously goes on about following it to the letter, fella; the letter) to finally get his man.
  9. Tough one today, stumbled to a 7 with plenty guesses in between. Chess and both book questions my undoing today.
  10. Just like the old cup days you do have a choice but presumably would give the equivalent percentage to the other team. The Pars are allowing season ticket holders access to the stream for our play off game v the Rovers for nowt for example.
  11. Dunno, I think some of the comments that Pete and Sophie, The Sidiqi family and Jenny and Lee make can be quite funny. Saves me having to watch shite TV when I can just see the exciting bits on Gogglebox tbf.
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