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  1. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Not on the app, though? Unless there's some hidden option somewhere.
  2. Italian Football Thread

    It's really easy getting to the San Siro from the city centre - you can get the metro M5 (purple line) straight to the stadium, you can get a tram (no. 16) straight to the stadium or if you think that will be too busy or too hectic you can get a different metro line then walk around a mile or so past the racecourse or down the main road. The area round the stadium isn't exactly very pretty but there's nothing too sketchy round there as far as I remember. There are a few bars etc. round there that I wouldn't necessarily go into but I'd just have a few beers in the centre of town then head out in the hour or so before kick off. There will probably be armed police with assault rifles in the vicinity of the stadium but they aren't going to be interested in you unless you look like you're intent on causing bother.
  3. Guess the ground

    The photos end up getting posted with the name underneath on the app by the way...
  4. Calling Cards of Morons

    Last time we played Celtic at Hampden there were guys outside selling "Dunfirmline" scarves. Can't imagine them ever selling any of those. Maybe the half and half ones to illiterate Sellick [sic] fans.
  5. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Saw that on Facebook earlier. Some of the comments from the Brexit supporters was quite nauseating, especially if these people are in a silent majority down south. Asking why they were out to get him, why they wouldn't ask about the election, saying that all politicians have ties to dodgy folk (which is a fair enough comment, although most of them don't portray themselves as men/women of the people), going on about pro Remain bias in the media (especially the BBC[sic]) etc. I think I liked the BBC Cymru guy better as he kept it to "policy" rather than verging on what people might call "personal".
  6. 9 for Wedneaday (got the poet wrong, and lucked out with the King) then another 9 for Thursday (no good at Greek mythology).
  7. Things that annoy or delight you on the telly right now

    Apparently his fee was "six figures", which is surprising - I thought it would be over a million easy. I guess he only had to pitch up for one day's filming but still.
  8. European Election - 23rd May 2019

    Think that might be the first time I've seen written in black and white that Labour supports a public vote if they can't stop May's deal or no deal? Although it does stop short of saying Remain would be on the ballot. Typical Tory one where it's all about IndyRef and Sturgeon. Nothing about what good they'll do for Scotland (stop laughing at the back). Only one I've had is the Brexit Party one, which went straight into the recycling pile.
  9. Procycling thread

    Nice! That would make for a decent race actually - nice scenery and interesting start/end points. I hadn't seen that before I suggested my parcours btw. Another couple of stages with an uphill finish thrown in somewhere (Glenshee, Caringorm funicular?) would make for quite a good test for the pro teams I reckon.
  10. Caley v United/United v Caley

    Looked to me watching on the telly that the United player ducked, that the Inverness player almost managed to pull out and that any contact made was minimal. I can see why a red was given but was it reckless, out of control, dangerous or with force? Not for me, Clive. Bizarre that Neilson keeps playing McMullan as a centre forward when he's better wide or behind the main striker. United looked a lot better when Clark came on. Think it'll be a tight match in the final, whoever makes it - I'm not ruling out Inverness nicking it maybe after extra time.
  11. Procycling thread

    Always thought a tour of Scotland just before the Giro or Tour would be a good event - doing the climbs up to our ski resorts etc aren't going to be as tough as those in the Romandie or whatever but it would be good to get some climbing in the legs and there would be some good opportunities for scenic sprint finishes along the Royal Mile, down to the Glen Gates in Dunfermline, outside the V&A in Dundee, etc.
  12. The Barclays 2019-20

    Was that chat ever funny? The number of posters who repeat that "gag" is unreal.
  13. Monday - 8, Tellytubby and Respect wrong; Tuesday 9 - No. 1 song wrong.
  14. Toilet Graffitti (the best of)

    When I was at university (late 90s, early 2000s) there was a toilet with some bizarre graffiti near one of the cafes. The two that I can still remember are "The English are an inherently arrogant nation. They tend to offend." which read like someone's introduction to a thesis on English colonialism or something. The others, right next to this one was a back and forth between (presumably) some Muslim and Christian Serbs about how fantastic/evil Arkan was.