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  1. Our form looks ropey when you look at the raw numbers but the run of games was quite tough - Raith, Inverness, Dundee and Morton away are never easy places to get results and it's only really been the Morton home game that was poor results wise. OK so we were pish in that game and against Arbroath and for long spells at Stark's Park.... Sigh.
  2. The McCann shot hit the left back's leg very slightly just after it left his foot. Should have put the keeper under more pressure but our set piece delivery was pish tonight. Missed opportunity yet again. At least we aren't losing these tight games though.
  3. Morton the better team but we've forced their keeper to make a couple of decent saves. Hopefully Turner can make a difference.
  4. Looking forward to this. Might push my chair right up to another one with nowhere to put my legs for added realism.
  5. Sorry for not being in the playoff, been mental here. Anyway... Monday 9 - raging I got the film one wrong. Tuesday 6 - shite. Film, monarchs (natch), the play and the pact. Wednesday 9 - nationality of the author. Thursday 9 - what the Dickens.
  6. If such a person does exist, especially if they are in the Kingdom, then send me a DM as we haven't been let down by all manner of people who have said they'd make good the water marks etc. on our living room ceiling. Seriously, I'd be happy to get a message from someone who could do this.
  7. I take it there will be a mammoth Match of the Day tonight, after Sportscene?
  8. Where in Ayrshire are you working? Because my sister in law has had the total opposite in Kilmarnock (so East Ayrshire). The school was open to key workers only, they had to provide a letter from both employers to say they were key workers and despite both her and her man working (she for the council, he for an events company - which is taking the piss a little, but apparently they also work at the Louisa Jordan Hospital) they were told that they didn't have a place. They eventually got this message at 6pm the night before the schools were to be opening by the way.
  9. Aye, my pal played the instrument in question and I remember him getting excited about a bit of Zildjian equipment he's bought which weren't 100% in the question I reckon. Anyway, full house for me today. Never heard of the TV show but I'd heard of a couple so could eliminate some of the at least.
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