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  1. Yeah, quite a strange one and doesn't really fit in with their profile. Is Kenny Elissande still there?
  2. Not sure why they decided not to bother - probably the furore over the Women's World Cup meant they didn't want to have multiple re-takes? They also of course don't want the referee to look at the monitor and instruct the linesman to put his flag up for close offside despite the opposite being true in the other European league and Champions League. As for the second part of the question, I'm not sure they would unless the throw directly led to the goal being scored. If there were other passes etc. in the meantime then I think they'd ignore it. It only seems to be the final act before the goal that gets checked.
  3. Had a look back and it was Krul saving a Man Utd penalty a few weeks ago. Looked to be quite a bit off his line if I remember right.
  4. Off his line but only just. It's quite rare you get them called, especially at this level. There was a penalty saved in the English Premier League this season I'm sure where the keeper was further off his line than that and it wasn't retaken, and VAR didn't intervene because they have said that they won't be using it for that down south.
  5. Yep, looked to me that his arms were stretched out almost perpendicular to his body and while it took a bit of a bad bounce I can see why it was given (and indeed I was shouting for it, albeit half-heartedly as we always seem to be on the other end of those ones). Will have to see the replay to see how far the keeper was off his line but it looks like the linesman saw it and he was the closest to the action.
  6. Looked a harsh penalty although the new rules, etc. yada yada yada, outstretched arms, unnatural position... To then have the keeper save it (albeit it wasn't a good penalty) only for it to be re-taken - presumably since the keeper was off his line? - just rubs salt into the wound. For us though, it's hilarious. And deserved on the balance of play. Hopefully we can kick on from here and get another before half time and don't give the ref an opportunity to even things up.
  7. Sky used to have "no commentary" as an option but it went the way of Player Cam, FanZone, Sky Sports 3D, et al.
  8. Tory candidate in Hastings and Rye. Amber Rudd's former seat which she won with a majority of only a few hundred. Lib Dems have a chance here but sadly this probably won't put too many people off voting Tory in this area.
  9. Its almost like Ljungberg doesn't want the job. Aubameyang punted out wide, Xhaka back in the team, Willock playing as a 10 when Özil is on the park, etc. Baffling decisions although not as baffling as signing Pepe for 70 odd million when a centre half and a midfield shield were what were required in the summer. This was a great chance to get back into the top 4 with Man Utd and Spurs struggling, and even last night they could have went 6th with a win, but they were awful again. Their recent results have seen them draw to Norwich and Southampton and now lose to Brighton, and they have Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City to come soon I think? They need an experienced manager in pronto as the squad isn't awful just a bit imbalanced and with too many passengers.
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