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  1. Interesting to see where he'll play. Hughes mentioned coming in off the left but he's "sure" he can do the same off the right. Makes it sound like he'll be playing as a wide forward in a 4-3-3 while McCann keeps his place?
  2. 10 in the League and 5 in the Comedy. That 80s show about the "naughtiest girl in the world" sounds even worse than some of the other shows they ask about.
  3. 8 for Tuesday, didn't guess the Helsinki one and no clue on the empire. Always good to get a Standard Model question though...
  4. To me that looked like a wee joke, just like when Dorrans had that good game and he kept the ball well he said something like "Dorrans had a shocker out there, he managed to misplace a pass'. Plenty of things to say about Yogi and his bizarre thoughts but don't think that's particularly strange.
  5. They have a weekly round up programme and will have reporters at the big games, and have live commentary on some games. They also have the BBC Local Radio stations that cover their areas lower league games in some detail which we don't really have. The annoying thing is when they have a "lower league special" sportsound during the week which has ex Rangers or ex Celtic players on who then spend most of their time talking about them, or when they don't play until the Sunday but they still talk about them, or when there are only 1 or 2 games in the Premiership with a full card below and they barely even mention the games in the lower leagues let alone have reporters at then or conduct interviews etc.
  6. Possibly, but the chance should have been buried leaving it a moot point. Can't believe we got a point today but some of the chances we missed today. Sheesh.
  7. That wasn't a great penalty but it went in so I suppose its all relative. Referee just making stuff up there too with the corner award when Imverness were looking for a penalty. It was neither, btw. We have upped the pace a little but I'm still worried we can't keep a clean sheet from bare.
  8. What a terrible game. Can't say Inverness deserve to be ahead - neither team does really, it has been woeful. To be fair, they have came into things a wee bit more recently after starting off bizarrely playing really deep and looking to hit on the break. Our midfield is woeful. They are triers, I'll give them that, but the first touch, awareness, speed of thought are all missing. The referee isn't helping, being very inconsistent and blowing up for some minor things yet letting other bigger things go. Can't see us scoring here so just a case of keeping it to the one.
  9. Think the biggest issue for us (and someone like Falkirk) is the Premiership going back to 5 subs from 9 named, meaning players on the fringes who might have been sent out on loan might now be kept to fill a space on the bench.
  10. I still do the slightly* more modern version of that - using a semicolon - if I'm texting my mates the starting XI and they're not at the game. e.g. Fon Williams; Comrie, Donaldson, Connolly, Edwards; Lawless, Allan, Pybus, Dow; McCann, O'Hara. * Probably from the early 60s.
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