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  1. Falkirk fans boycotting or just don’t want to witness Connor Sammon play for them?
  2. Only livi to release pictures of our new kit with our captain with a stauner
  3. I don’t know where I got this from but was it true that martindale had an account on hear and would reply posing as a fan or am I dreaming this?
  4. I hate that kit i am regretting not buying last seasons one 😥
  5. Its Livi we do weird stuff regarding transfers excited to see if Jack kicks on from last season with Partick have a mate who support them and he said he was very impressed with him
  6. Would be great if livi would stop doing livi things for a while
  7. Don’t know I just get the feeling they will piss me off
  8. Looked like a steady keeper probably do well at league 1 level
  9. I think I have something wrong with me because I can’t get Starbeat out my head and I keep singing it I may need to seek medical help my friends and family are worried
  10. It’s livi so probably Neil Mcann or some shite like that
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