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  1. The only reason to take Hendry back in January would be to upset Tommy Wright.
  2. Also remember the chant from Fir Park that has always stuck with me, to the tune of Oh Ah Cantona... "Who needs Cantona, when we've got Billy Dodds..." Not sure if that was the first airing of it but it was certainly the last!
  3. It was the penultimate game in 1994 where Rangers fucked about with their team and Killie beat them. Given all we've achieved, I'd rank playing a weakened team against Celtic in a close title race as high on the things I want to see! Remember that final day at Fir Park, John Inglis scoring what was possibly one of only two goals for us (the other in a win at a Tannadice) and the false rumours that kept filtering through about scorelines elsewhere. The second last weekend at Rugby Park in 1999 a much happier occasion. Don't think it was our best performance ever from memory and a really scrappy goal but suspect it was a huge psychological blow to Killie given they could have wrapped it up that day and still had to travel to Ibrox.
  4. Killie had Hibs on the last day but Ally Mitchell scored in the last minute the week before for them to win at Ibrox, which was obviously a killer for us. We'd been a point behind going into penultimate weekend, thinking a win over Motherwell would put us in box seat if Killie dropped points against Hibs on final day. We came from behind twice to do that but then Mitchell scored. Funny for it to be so close between two teams for that Euro spot in consecutive seasons. Of course, Killie were back at Ibrox on final day a year later and again had a one point advantage. The only drew that time round and we obviously beat Dundee. As good a finish to the season as that was for us, we did benefit from Killie only picking up 3 points from their final 5 games. One of the great days at McDiarmid that May afternoon.
  5. The 1998 win (Callum Davidson's last game) was our first home win over them since 1970 (we won at Ibrox a few months later as part of a league double against them). Other than the first season at McDiarmid - where we got two draws - we'd never really laid a glove on them, so that was a huge afternoon. @RandomGuy. will no doubt tell me if I'm mistaken but I'm sure Leigh Jenkinson tormented their right back (Porrini?) when he came on for Davidson and Preston dropped to left back. We've subsequently beaten them at home another three times, the two mentioned above plus the 3-1 win in April 1999, which is probably my favourite of the victories. Ironically, we've won at Ibrox as many times over the same period of time. Celtic hated playing at McDiarmid in that first decade and we won more games (6) between the sides than they did. They lost on their very first visit and three times in a row between 1997 and 1999. Only beaten them twice at home since then though disappointingly. Been fortunate enough to be at all three wins at Celtic Park since 1998. Two midweek evening matches with probably double-figure supports and a win out of nowhere at the start of 2011/12. Ironically, again, I've missed two of the rare draws we've had there, not including last season obviously.
  6. I have the same problem. At the Rangers game, I tried switching to 3G from 4G and could use FlashScore at least. Might be worth a try.
  7. I thought I had a list of all-time top division scorers (certainly post-WWII) but can't find it. Liam Craig places well in all-time (all comps) scorers though: 140: John Brogan 116: Ian Rodger 114: Henry Hall 105: Paddy Buckley 85: Andy McCall 82: George O'Boyle 79: Roddy Grant 70: Joe Carr, Harry Ferguson, Gordon Whitelaw 67: Jimmy Munro 61: Liam Craig
  8. Middleton was vital for us in the closing weeks of last season, he made huge contributions in some of our most important games but that's all they were, contributions. Remember that the ones against County and St Mirren both came from the bench. I think a game like yesterday needed the two natural strikers, which makes it all the more strange we've just gone and left ourselves with only two in the squad. His pace will have its part to play but I think he'll be in-and-out of the team all season. It's a squad game though.
  9. I think you have to do the basics that the manager wants to get in his team. We saw it last season with Melamed. Getting up to speed doesn't necessarily refer to fitness but learning what is required of a forward in this team. Must be hard for foreign guys that maybe aren't used to being expected to press so much. Personally I'd try to encourage Vertainen along (if what suggested above is the case) by involving him more but then CD is the manager and I'm sharing anecdotes about the parents of players at Celtic Park.
  10. Good result clearly and a good performance up to the point that the job was done. Thought having two natural strikers made a big difference (and both played pretty well) and the first goal comes from a centre back stepping out, which has been missing this season. Other positives too, the end product from O'Halloran and Crawford's attacking drove before he was subbed. Ambrose continues to impress. Expected a lot more from Dundee.
  11. I think at the planning stage, it was thought this would make it easier to find your seat. The early tickets would have your block colour on them as well. It doesn't bother me as much as it bothers others.
  12. I actually have a Martin Keown anecdote from Celtic Park. @Zamora Fan Was queuing to get in his wife had her handbag searched. They found a bottle of water and told her she couldn't take it in. Imagine the most confused/incredulous look you can and that was Martin's face. He took a huge swig then dumped it in a bin.
  13. I saw Clive Smith's dad offering Saints fans out for a fight in the concourse at Celtic Park. Fact for the day.
  14. Depending on the odds, could definitely be worth a flutter. If he doesn't play with McCart, Gordon and Brown out and Kerr now away, then when will he?
  15. This is a fine move.for Gilmour as playing games is vital. I thought quite often on Sunday he was in the wrong place to pick up second balls etc... That's match sharpness in part. Soon be no bodies sitting in the stand on matchday. Just the way the chairman likes it.
  16. To talk about a different striker, I thought not much stuck for Kane at Pittodrie or Dens but on Sunday, his defending from the front had to be admired... Then I saw the stats in the article Eric Nicolson did about Ali Crawford (which I thought was a bit too effusive) and is he a big part of why we've lacked any real killer threat in the three games? I would start Vertainen on Saturday. If he doesn't play well then fine, you have two weeks to work with him on the training ground but at least you have a starting point.
  17. Neither of these lads were, rightly or wrongly, going to feature much in the coming months. It'll spell the end for Hendry. Hopefully he won't turn out to be our Shankland or Nisbet but it hasn't worked for him under Davidson. So massively disappointing after those last few months under Tommy Wright. Disappointed that Ballantyne hasn't been given a chance and question how much more he'll develop at Montrose but at least he'll be getting games. Gilmour, Northcott and Sinclair the other three you'd maybe like to see go out, although in the case of the middle named, suspect he was fortunate to have a year left on his deal in the summer.
  18. I don't disagree about the passing but think the signs are there that it'll come good when he gets sharper. It's not even a competition if it's him or Wotherspoon but we haven't had a replacement in the squad for a while, so just as part of the overall picture, it's a good option to have. Basically, I think there is some merit/redeeming value in his place in the squad, as opposed to some of the midfielders we've had over the last few years. Ambrose has slotted in very nicely and think he actually suits the role in the middle of the back three where he can kind of see the whole game. It'll be interesting to see what he offers when he's moved right on Gordon's return.
  19. In complete agreement with what @PauloPerth has said. I think we need to be wary of not falling into the trap of being happy that we always look solid and treating that as enough. Another 2014/15 would be a bit of a disaster, successful enough but low on entertainment; that's not going to retain new supporters. The final third is very poor at the moment and the xG figures for recent games will back that up, we aren't creating nearly enough. Linking isnt good enough, creativity isn't good enough, touch isn't good enough and delivery into the box most certainly isn't. As I said though, without the centre backs stepping out, we pretty much just end up with either a wing back having to cross the ball (to who?) or one of the wider/faster attackers having to do something one-on-one. Getting Wotherspoon further up the park will at least alleviate that though and that'll come with getting other important players back as well.
  20. He isn't really a typical Saints midfielder in that he's very passive. I do think his passing ability means he can add something to the squad but it could be as cover/competition for Wotherspoon, rather than both of them playing. I appreciate that is being forced upon us at the moment. MacPherson will certainly be more aggressive and hopefully he can prove decent on the ball. Worth mentioning that O'Halloran was good again today. He's still up and down but he's definitely having more of the good days this season. Long may that continue. Saints have paid €30,000 for Eetu Vertainen, the manager needs to get him more involved. Stevie May continues to frustrate me and having Glenn Middleton battling with big centre backs is going to make life tough for him.
  21. We'll be stronger when Gordon returns and I think MacPherson will come in for Crawford but we haven't got the right balance up front yet. We didn't score tonnes of goals last season but did create chances, that has kind of dried up this term. The centre backs not stepping out at all is making us easier to play against too.
  22. You don't like Wotherspoon in the two but would play Crawford there? Not for me. Look at the way McGhee ran off him for his big chance on Wednesday and that was as part of a three. Crawford isn't suited to playing that deep in our system. You can't just play the 5-2-3 if we don't have the players available, even if it's been successful previously. Gilmour is the obvious choice to go in there if you are determined to play the midfield two. Big gamble but then I suppose he has to get his chance at some stage.
  23. When we had different players. If you are playing Wotherspoon in your front three, who are the midfield two?
  24. I fear those powers above that control late goals at Easter Road got their wires crossed last weekend with Tanser setting up Shaughnessy for St Mirren. Surely, I mean surely, St Johnstone can't score another late goal in Leith this Sunday? Will Jack Ross come up with something different or will he hope the superior quality of the Hibernian players finally shines through? Saints won't vary much from the tried and tested and why should they? Only 2 defeats in 22 away games. Hard to see Murray Davidson being available if he couldn't even make the bench on Wednesday and James Brown obviously came off in that one as well. Would be interesting to know if Muller was unavailable for that, or the manager just wanted to get Dendoncker involved in the squad. I can't see Rooney starting at centre back, so would expect Muller to come back in if Brown isn't available. Not sure we have the legs in midfield, without those that are absent, to play the two, so maybe the same shape as the Dundee game, even though the manager's preference might have been the 5-2-3. Biggest dilemma is up top, where things aren't really clicking, although Kane and Middleton did link up a few more times at Dens than they managed at Pittodrie. Pressure off after the last couple of results, so maybe time to unleash Vertainen? Hopefully see Jason Kerr in the away end for this, supporting his team.
  25. That's the first ban sorted for O'Boyle's when it opens in the old Nissan garage. No mulled wine for you, pal.
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