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  1. On that video, I went straight to 45 mins and it was as I remembered it, Simao clean through and Hugh Dallas blows for half-time. Need to see it to believe it. Guess the biggest shock is he didn't just randomly red card John O'Neil for nothing again.
  2. Spot on. They put a lot back into the community too through their trusts etc... so should be highly valued by local councils. Hasn't always felt like that with P&K Council but this is a step in the right direction.
  3. Fair play to the council. Must be money to spend after they didn't need to book Betty Boop to switch on the Xmas lights. Seriously, that is really good.
  4. I'm quite happy to take on the tag of favourites. Don't think it matters at all to Saints. If Livingston, ahead of us in the table, want to adopt the tag of underdogs, then it shows a weak mentality.
  5. I think it's an interesting week for the managers. If Dave Martindale knows his team then the past few results don't matter and everything has arguably been geared towards Sunday. I doubt anyone has forced their way in given the last three results. If he's less sure and was hoping players stepped up then he has more of a dilemma and certainly has a bigger squad, and therefore more ponderables, than his opposite number. Callum Davidson's decision is whether it is one of two options. He's probably gone from having nine definite starters to just eight with the way Booth has stepped in for Tanser but after that it'll come down to what formation he wants to play, although I'm not saying that won't be influenced simply by who he wants to pick. The first decision is Conway or Melamed, ergo 3-5-2 or 5-2-3. The other choice probably comes off the back of that. I'm not sure Liam Craig will play in a midfield two, for example. Whether Murray Davidson is fit is then the added component. In the two he gives you the presence but Bryson uses the ball better. If it is the three, then Liam Craig could do no more with his weekend performance. I think it was much more predictable in 2014 and no manager wants to get it wrong on final day. A worry for me is that CD hasn't really influenced games from the bench this season if required, so really hope he makes the right starting calls. No regrets come full-time please.
  6. If I was a goalkeeper, I wouldn't chuck three goals in to keep my former side up, would I?
  7. Finishing in the bottom six would be worth it to relegate Tommy Wright.
  8. Killie were weakened when we played them a few weeks ago and you felt at the time that you have to take advantage of these situations. We did, although rather unconventionally after going two goals down. Same applies today, the league being the way it is, you need to make the most of opportunities when injuries strike an opponent. Other than maybe young Johnston af full back, Motherwell have a team of first team players out but not facing Campbell, Gallagher, O'Donnell etc... is gift you need to take. In saying that, they have arguably their starting front three available and from their point of view, a win is massive psychologically and they'll be using that as motivation. For our players, a few of them have this last chance to put themselves in contention for a starting place next week.
  9. He definitely wasn't naked when he invaded the pitch.
  10. It's times like these that having the smallest budget in the league and only being able to afford 35 players really hurts some clubs.
  11. I can't afford any of the merch TBH. But on the positive, my gyrocopter arrives next week...
  12. What do those maps show us about our own performance? @RandomGuy. For me, that's mapping data for the sake of mapping it.
  13. This is glorious. Rangers/Celtic to Sunderland to Mansfield and now Halifax. I wonder if it'll dawn on Tanser before it's too late. He's got Kilmarnock written all over him.
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