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  1. Line of Duty.

    And that can't be Jackie Laverty still in Terry's freezer!
  2. Line of Duty.

    Just, wow! An episode so good it was exhilarating and what an outstanding piece of acting this has been by Stephen Graham. I have no clue now if it's Ted. You spend four episodes (and two years since the last series) thinking it can't possibly be but so much is stacking up against him, I just don't see where else they take this.
  3. St.johnstone v Dundee

    If anything shows you how scunnered Dundee fans must be with their team and club it is their support today. A team that was battling and fighting the cause, even in their points situation, and they'd have double that number easily. Other than a brief rally at kick-off, nothing heard out of them either. Kennedy was great to watch again and stood out. Appreciate the comments about the energy Callachan brings but his touch at times is still a substantial barrier for me. We need the right player in there beside him or Davidson. The centre backs were fine but a couple of times got crossed over, which I never like to see, when Gordon let a runner in behind him and Shaughnessy did well to cover. Will be interesting to see who Wright goes with next week.
  4. St.johnstone v Dundee

    Dundee showed something in final 5 mins but Saints on top before that. Causing real problems down left with four or five decent chances created by Kennedy. A few decent if unspectacular saves from Dieng to deal with them.
  5. St.johnstone v Dundee

    I don't see how a manager can expect to command respect and maintain harmony if he drops his captain for one bad performance. Nobody played well at Hamilton that night, we were punch-drunk off the back of the first two Celtic games and with another on the horizon. I'm glad we don't have a manager that acts impulsively like that. Tommy Wright is loyal and it serves us well. It'll also work in Liam Gordon's favour now if he does well.
  6. Be nice to find out who our next target was.
  7. St.johnstone v Dundee

    It's done and he's going so not worth having a big debate over but I'm not sure when he was expected to drop Shaughnessy? I called for it myself but in reality it was probably the Livingston game where it came to a head. Gordon could have played the past four games but not many more than that. He'll get his chance now and hopefully he takes it.
  8. St.johnstone v Dundee

    Opportunity for a group of players that have disappointed since the break to show they aren't going to add downing tools to the other criticisms that have been directed towards them in recent months. Imagine the manager will go for the same team that won the last meeting but for Gordon replacing the suspended Kerr. He's a big loss to the team.
  9. Bsc Glasgow

    Although Saints haven't announced it yet (and knowing them, might not even bother), Struthers, Ballantyne and O'Reilly have all been offered new contracts. Loan system has clearly worked for them and hopefully BSC, given their league finish. With no reserve side in Perth next season, a fair assumption that more young players could be headed for the Lowland League on loan.
  10. I think it's two decent signings. I won't hijack their thread saying too much more than that but I am disappointed, yeah.
  11. Great to hear the stories from 1989, with some brilliant contributions above. Had heard that before about folk suspecting there were more fans at the replay despite the crowd being announced as less.
  12. Line of Duty.

    I'd need to watch it back but pretty sure that when Ted closed his laptop down it was balanced half off the table it was sitting on. I reckon he's getting his screen repaired, rather than disposing of it.
  13. 30 years ago today that Alex Totten took his part-time side to Celtic Park and held Graeme Souness’ Rangers to a 0-0 draw in the semi-final of the Scottish Cup. Believe there were in excess of 10,000 Saints fans there? Anyone any memories of the day? In the video clip you can see fans on the trackside at one point when there was a small crush in the Rangers end. There were of course no perimeter fences at Celtic Park thankfully.