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  1. For me, you can see us trying to work things differently in the attacking third. You aren't always going to find the answers overnight but when you have a shape and structure as good as ours, you don't throw it all away. I'm still confident it'll come and we'll have a good season. In the wide areas, the decisions are getting better but the execution needs to improve a bit. I don't have the numbers to support this (and that's where they are relevant IMO if you have the time and inclination to try and support an argument) but I don't think we are just throwing balls in the box so often now; with our players, there isn't much point in just putting crosses in if the opposition backline is set as we don't have enough of a threat. You put the ball in early if there is a player out of position (e.g. May's goal against St Mirren) but I think we are now trying to work it more if that isn't the case. Right idea but the passing sometimes needs to be a bit better. It's funny how folk see things differently as there are clearly fans not happy with what they are seeing. I think this is the most structured I've seen a Saints team in a long time. Did you never know that the game plan was under TW? I'm going to say it, I'm quite glad we've changed manager.
  2. Content with a point as we didn't do enough to win the game. If we'd lost it, it would have been crushing. As a team, we are doing fine and there is plenty to he happy about but individuals need to step up in the final third. There were more men in the box today, for example, but the crossing or final pass consistently wasn't good enough. As a coach, Callum Davidson is showing up well, his team understand his system and execute it well and it works but we need to see more quality from the front three. You wouldn't overly criticise their performances today but I think the three starters have the ability there to produce better in the key moments and, as a manager, he has to coax that out of them. Should be a good cup tie next weekend.
  3. Just wait until @RandomGuy. arrives with his left-footed forward passes of 20 yards per 90 mins.
  4. Can you please confirm to these doubters that Maksym is training with the team. @Kyle
  5. What is the going rate for an international midfielder that is still only 20? I'll start you off at £3 million plus extras.
  6. Outside of major championships, these last couple of NI games probably the first full international matches I've watched in a long time. I thought they looked a decent side too. Must be hard for Baraclough following O'Neill and wonder if TW and Stephen Robinson will find they've actually dodged a bullet. Robinson will likely get another shot at it, TW maybe not. McCann produced everything you'd imagine he would.
  7. He'll be a dream for the manager because he'll carry out any instructions or role given to him. Maybe come March, he'll be playing at the same level as his peers and that'll give him a real opportunity to do as you say and nail down a place. Baraclough having the opposite of the Midas touch with his subs these last couple of games!
  8. I'd be disappointed if he isn't in the next few squads after the way he's showed up and don't disagree that if he got the chance, he'd kick on but I think more realistically, just taking opportunities like tonight is what he has to aspire to. If Davis hangs around then you add in Corry Evans, McNair, Saville and even Jordan Thompson, then there is tough competition there. Kennedy doing pretty well too.
  9. You draw the 8 seeds (4 Euro, 4 group winners) first and they go into relevant spot. For example... Livingston vs _____ _____ vs Aberdeen _____ vs Motherwell Dunfermline vs _____ _____ vs Rangers Hearts vs _____ Hibs vs _____ _____ vs Celtic You then draw the 8 unseeded teams and they go into first relevant spot. So if Ross County were drawn first, they face Aberdeen. If Alloa were drawn next, they'd face Dunfermline (having already played Livingston) . If you get down to being left with Dundee, Arbroath and St Johnstone, then Dundee would automatically face Hearts as they would be due an away tie and can't draw Hibs again. Equally, Arbroath get Hibs and St Johnstone get Celtic. Not straightforward but equally, not impossible to work. Or just give the 4 best winners and Euro sides the home games. That is a better option that the ridiculous situation where you can beat a team to win a group then get drawn away to them. Going forward, I wonder if they'll look at playing the group stages over these international breaks and just involving the Euro sides? Could start the league season earlier as a result and remove the crazy winter schedule with all the midweek games after the break. I'm sure @craigkillie will tell me there a simple reason some of that isn't possible.
  10. It's a conundrum what you do with the Euro teams. Having had the advantage of automatically getting into the second round (and accepting the seeding system isn't likely to change), I'd agree with the above that they play away, allowing the 8 group winners to have home ties. This scenario where Hibs could have ended up away to Dundee (as happened with Dundee clubs previously) is ridiculous and surely isn't an insurmountable problem.
  11. I thought he tired as the game wore on but was really good. Knew his role, won his tackles, made his passes. As Stephen Craigan said in commentary, they gained a player last night. A 20-year-old playing full international football, there must be clubs looking at him come January or next summer.
  12. Yeah, in terms of going deep into the competition, our chances are enhanced if we give outrselves the best shot at beating United. But it's a long season with a small squad. Avoiding the Old Firm absolutely key and we've done that. We'll think we could have had an easier tie but so will Motherwell.
  13. Unfortunately so. The idea of using him there against weaker teams is sound but the player of old isn't in evidence these days. There was a time that the ball was stuck to his foot when he moved at pace with it, now it just seems constantly stuck under his foot. He's never been the best crosser but you knew what you'd get from him, he'd get by the full back, get to the touchline inside the box and then cut it back. It's been a long time since he did that effectively though. Sad to see what he's become.
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