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  1. I think Drey Wright (and Matty Kennedy) would have done really well at Saints this season.They are richer men but are they happier men?
  2. Strengthen at times of strength. There is too much of a drop off when Brown plays. In our system, the wing backs need to be able to create. One of the big differences post-Xmas was a player with end product (Rooney) replacing one without (McNamara). Brown is a zero G+A if ever I saw one. I understand the argument that will be made about consistency though and focusing on other areas. But we would need to sign a centre back if Brown is going to be cover at wing back.
  3. Do you think for every set of fans, they use Berwick as the low benchmark? It's always Berwick in the eighties. Poor Berwick.
  4. Glad the early past of the week isn't going to be spent squabbling about ballots and tickets in truth. Hopefully we can get full all clear on virus and as near to a week of proper training as possible. Don't think not getting in stadium will effect players. Thoughts on the team, if everyone other than Tanser is available? You'd stake the mortgage on Clark, the back three, Rooney, Booth, McCann and Wotherspoon. You'd stake something less important, maybe your gran, on Kane. So two spots up for grabs, another central midfielder then either an attacking midfielder or striker. Davidson surely won't start given his lack of games so either Craig or Bryson. I don't think Conway will be in the thinking and not sure O'Halloran will either. So either Middleton and Wotherspoon either side of Kane, or Kane partnered by May or Melamed. What are folk thinking?
  5. Not sure we ever managed to address the goals issue, especially at home (and that will definitely need rectified for next season) but defensively, we started getting the clean sheets to back up performances and it shows you how far you can go if you have enough quality at one end of the park. Original post made on 12 December and since the end of that month, we've kept a clean sheet in 50% of our matches. We've played 19 games against non-OF opposition and only conceded 9 goals. What a platform that gives you. But if the lack of goals needs addressed moving forward, I think we need to ensure we are better covered defensively next season as well. We have been very fortunate that each of the back three has been able to play over 40 games. I think I'd prefer another CB to a another RWB that allows Rooney to move in. You'd still have that cover from Rooney anyway but it takes a lot away from the team. We'd obviously still need a RWB as well but hopefully the budget will stretch to an extra player. As a coach, Davidson has earned his stripes this year, so looking forward to seeing what a properly prepared summer brings in terms of recruitment.
  6. Feel we are much more equipped for European football under this manager but the age old problem of having a squad and one that is fit could raise its head. If we win next week and are guaranteed the games until December, hopefully it'll help retain players and does it give us a later start? We'll be well drilled under Callum Davidson and even in the few years since we last played in Europe, the ability to scout the opposition should have increased. Personally feel today was massive as it removes a bit of pressure. League Cup and Europe is a great a season. I think Hibernian have the pressure more on them next Saturday.
  7. Hopefully the three players returning are fully fit and in that case, the team is alright. Obviously McCann and Gordon would be playing but to only be a couple of outfield players down on what you might have expected after the last couple of weeks is a relief. Very nervous about this one I must admit.
  8. The positive for Saints is both sides had midweek games that required attention. If Livingston had been able to focus on this game (effectively their cup final) for a full week, it would have been a huge advantage, with Saints caught up in testing and disruption. As it is, both clubs have had a couple of days training and whilst Livi will have a fresher squad, Saints are well drilled and most players know the shape inside out. Wednesday was probably the poorest result of the season but it was the weakest team we'd fielded and the minds need to focus on the fact only Celtic, Rangers and Aberdeen have beaten us since Xmas. If we can find the sort of performance we've produced so often this year, then it'll at least force Livingston to hopefully dig out the sort of performance they've not found for a few months.
  9. Can see this being 600 fans at Pittodrie or something yet. What a crock of shite.
  10. Radford


    Have seen all three and it's a brilliant series. Next one moves on to the middle of the decade and Steve Davis then the third one takes us up to the Hendry era but focuses on Jimmy White.
  11. Could honestly see the next 10 days far enough. Folk panicking about the virus and writing us off and the inevitable unedifying scenes if the club only have 900 tickets to allocate. The saving grace is I've never even seen this banter page, which sounds as if it's like crack to some of you; you want to stop looking but you just can't. This should be the most exciting time of the season, instead it has turned into the most troubling. Where is @Kyle to distract us all with a contract list or something.
  12. At least last night provided an opportunity to assess a few other things in the squad: Not sure James Brown is what we need moving forward. Doesn't have the grace of McNamara or the dynamism of Rooney. For a team that is so well drilled, thought he was slow pushing up with the press a lot of the time as well. Having to shift Kerr in one lost his attacking threat but at least he still offers his defensive qualities. With Rooney in the back three against a team like Celtic, his defensive vulnerabilities are exposed. Edouard (as very good as he is) peeled off on good few occasions, including obviously his goal. If we could find one, another centre back would help the squad. We lacked a bit of legs in midfield without McCann. Gilmour was maybe encouraged to offer that a bit more at half time as he made a good break forward early in second half (but wasn't picked out) but whilst both he and Bryson were good on the ball, I'd have like to see a bit more movement. Still, Gilmour showed a bit of promise. Ijn his very fleeting appearance, Ferguson did suggest he'd maybe offer legs though. Think we need to move on from Craig Conway and try to improve in that area. He's come in for a season and done a job but that should be it. There is no dressing up that not training is not ideal but this is a team that knows their roles so well and the situation could be a lot worse if we were a side that chopped and changed things a lot more. Livingston will sense they have a real chance now and will be buoyed though.
  13. Thought we did fine all things considered but you are relying on a referee not making such a monumental error when you visit Parkhead. Heads weren't right from the restart and that made it a huge task. To then miss the two big chances on top of that is something else you don't get away with through there. Players were running on empty in closing stages. Just hope the news to come from the club isn't too bad.
  14. I suspect the clubs would probably be quite relieved now if this all fell through. 900 tickets but you have sponsors to keep happy, players to keep happy and fans to keep happy. Sounds a nightmare to me.
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