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  1. Some genius could buy the old meat packing plant across the road from McDiarmid and turn it into a mega pub with outside areas etc... Maybe not for a few months though...
  2. Fools and their money are easily parted, so I wouldn't need anything back. Would be happy to help the club if they need it but they'll need to ask and there would be no shame in it. And what a laugh if we'd built McDiarmid on the lesser South Inch with the bad floods we had in 1990 and 1993 before the defences were authorised. That was a main reason for leaving there in the first place. I know the caveat was ideal world. Folk talking about St Catherine's and worth remembering that at the same time McDiarmid was being built, a new market was being constructed a few hundred metres up the road. We could have had the Morrisons/Wickes site and the market could have been where McDiarmid is... But then we would all just be moaning about the traffic on a match day most likely and, as said, the advantages of McDiarmid far outweigh the negatives. If folk can't make a success of a pub that can capitalise on football footfall, it's not the club's fault.
  3. St Mirren being spared relegation would be worth it simply to see United stay down.
  4. Probably twice this season I've thought that Tommy Wright was a couple of games away from being under pressure. Firstly at the start of October when we had County, St Mirren, Accies and Hearts ahead of us and failed to win the first two. Another couple of defeats and the situation would have required assessing. Then when we had Aberdeen, Motherwell, Killie and Hearts, I wasn't expecting a big return and thought he needed to be in touch with the pack after the St Mirren, Accies and County fixtures. The game at Fir Park was the nadir. We didn't actually play too badly early doors but conceded cheap goals and looked devoid of character. I was left wondering what more this squad could offer in the battle to stay up. What Tommy Wright and essentially the same group of players have achieved since that cold, dark afternoon is remarkable. In fact that doesn't do it justice. There was always the believe that we always hold as fans that performances were better than results early in the season but that had diminished by that point. I think the players almost lost the support a week earlier before the late rally against Aberdeen but they didn't follow it up at Fir Park. It was a grim, situation. At some point this man is surely going to get the proper recognition he deserves.
  5. I think 3:00pm on the Saturday 11 April would be fine in that respect (clashing with Hampden) but it would mean fixing a date that could have to potentially changed if Rangers do get through. As said, the SPFL have for the second time not made a strong enough case to the TV companies (and in this instance the SFA) to help sort this out. The match should have been played in that midweek in December with Hibs vs Rangers on the Saturday or Sunday. They knew there were hardly any dates free. The game can't be played before the break, so unless they are going to wait until after second leg to announce a date (in hope Rangers are out/Saints have lost to Hibs and Celtic) , their options are: Move final split games for both clubs to Friday night and play on Monday 6 April. Play it Monday 13 April, giving potentially 4 days notice of post-split fixtures. Are the police, TV and SPFL capable of enough joined up thinking to pull that off? Yes, it's a difficult set of circumstances but the SPFL have shown no leadership over this.
  6. Can't quite match Sammy Stewart but another notable entry...
  7. Away win % data: Celtic: 80% Rangers: 64% Motherwell: 50% Aberdeen: 33% Hibernian: 29% St Johnstone: 23% Kilmarnock: 21% Accies, St Mirren, Hearts: 14% Livingston: 13% Ross County: 12% Livingston are no worse than 4 other teams but their likelihood of winning is bottom four standard. Home win % data: Celtic: 93% Rangers: 79% Livingston: 57% Motherwell: 47% Aberdeen: 43% Kilmarnock: 40% Ross County: 38% Hibernian: 33% St Mirren: 29% St Johnstone: 27% Accies: 20% Hearts: 14% I actually think Livingston could get the win tomorrow. Huge incentive for them and a bit of pressure on Saints. I'm not sure our chopping and changing is so effective when we come up against well oiled machines. Do think 3-5-2 is the way to go for us though, Butcher back in the middle and hopefully Hendry is available.
  8. I think all the manager could have done differently would've been to play one up front to try and get us a grip in midfield. I think they'd have overloaded us out wide if we'd gone 3-5-2. Nothing stuck with two strikers, so I doubt it would have been any better with one but the extra man in the middle could've helped with second balls and given us more of a chance to pass the ball on what was a decent pitch. I'm not sure what he expected from Swanson throwing him on last night for his first game in nearly 5 months. I appreciate he wanted to win the game at that stage but, as you'd expect, he struggled to get up to speed at all. Hopefully just a bad night at the office and not a big dent to our momentum. We've seen over the years how things can turn one way or the other with our team.
  9. Join the club! Hopefully you have more luck shifting him than we've had the best goalscorer in Ireland, if it comes to that.
  10. Our goal difference effectively means we are a point further back. We didn't have much margin for error so last night was a bit of a disaster but it's not what we do in these few weeks that will cost us a spot, it will have been the first round of fixtures. When you consider that our final two games will be away to the Old Firm, we'll need our points on the board after the fixture against Accies. Anything but a win on Saturday and we won't catch Livingston. And if we fail to win that and Hibs get something at Pittodrie, we won't catch them either. And that's before you look at Killie. The one blessing of our GD is we won't be in a situation where we go to Ibrox for the game in hand after everyone else has played 33 games and need to avoid losing by two or three goals or something. That'd be worse than needing points!
  11. What I'd say is there might be quality in the squad but if you have it drilled into them about bursting a gut all the time then they don't get a chance to show it. Bit of a reality check for us last night. We were made to look very ordinary after getting caught on a bit of a wave from recent performances. Biggest positive was Clark continuing to see his form pick up. Looked a big save at the end.
  12. Poor performance from St Johnstone. Allowed after the good run of form but hope it doesn't dent momentum too much. Impressed again by how hard St Mirren work but all energy and not an overload of quality.
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