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  1. It'll be interesting to see who the club add to the HoF. Will it come from the same list we had or were their choices left off that? Danny Griffin and Paul Sheerin being options tells you that locality and ability to attend were important factors; there were no foreign players up for selection. The omission of Robert Campbell from the first batch of inductees after Geoff Brown was a mistake and one that sadly doesn't look likely to be rectified this time round. The story of Johnny Cameron, as highlighted on Twitter, also deserves a far wider audience. Jim Weir was probably handing out nomination forms at Bannatyne's. Good news about Wotherspoon, continuity when doing well is important. Thought he might have fancied a go in the United States or Canada.
  2. Rangers vs St Johnstone 16th Feb

    Much more like it from Saints today but to produce it off the back of a pretty shit few weeks shows the character of this squad. Whenever you doubt them, they show you up for it. The point was the least we deserved and there's no doubt the two best saves were from Foderingham, who could only watch on as Alston hit the underside of the bar. Nine or ten really strong individual performances as well. Full backs more like what you'd expect from them, Shaughnessy a real leader and actually the better of the centre backs. Craig got on the ball and used it well, Davidson through himself into battle and what a shift from Kane up front. The comments about a lack quality at times are fair but when he plays like that, he causes defenders problems. Kennedy and Wotherspoon supported him well and did their duties back the way. Was impressed by Bell's kicking and other than one fumble, he was solid but hardly tested. Big point that hopefully allows the team to move on from the last few weeks.
  3. Rangers vs St Johnstone 16th Feb

    Watching the Celtic game last night was sobering. I've sat twice at Parkhead in the past few weeks and watched them relentlessly press and bully us all over the park, giving them a platform to boss the game. They have passed the ball really well, even when we did, rarely, manage to put them under pressure and the midfielders were always moving into intelligent areas. Brown didn't lose a challenge across the three games. Then you get last night. They stood off Valencia, couldn't complete simple passes and had players who seemed scared of the ball. I expect their fans are feeling this morning like a lot of our supporters do after a trip through there. What a shame.
  4. Rangers vs St Johnstone 16th Feb

    I thought we did a decent job in the Perth game of forcing them through the middle, so much so they resorted to throwing Lafferty on and taking a more direct approach. The goals obviously still came from the more dangerous wide areas though, which highlights the threat from there. I'd go 4-4-1-1 and as tempting as it is after the way he played against them at Perth, I'd have Kennedy in the ten role rather than leading the line. Tony Watt needs to have a big game though, he's been very disappointing against the top sides. Clark Foster - Kerr - Shaughnessy - Tanser Alston - Davidson - Goss - Craig Kennedy Watt Subs: Bell, Gordon, Keown, Callachan, Wotherspoon, Swanson, Kane. 
  5. Definitely plus one for Foster needing competition. He was poor at the start of last season but picked up after Comrie got a run in the team. There are instances where just getting an opposed run can benefit a younger player (e.g. Tanser) but an old pro like Foster needs competition, and not from a winner.
  6. Rangers vs St Johnstone 16th Feb

    It comes back to what I said though, it's not the ambition that's the issue. They clearly don't set out to not create chances. With the players we have (that I've heard folk claim is our best squad in ages), how do we line up against a side like Celtic and find the balance? He doesn't want eleven men behind the ball but the midfielders aren't doing well enough in possession to avoid it. It doesn't matter if you play 4-4-2, 3-5-2 or whatever if that is happening. I agree the last 25 minutes of the first half on Sunday weren't bad but every time we play them, Rodgers identifies where we've done well and where we might be weak and tweaks things; maybe TW was trying to be one step ahead? I'd have kept it the same though I admit. We've played as we largely always end up playing against Celtic in the last three games but the frustration/negativity/disappointment (whatever you want to call it) has been magnified by it being three games in eleven days, and compounded by the fact we have the next hardest fixture on the calendar following it. Usually we'd just dismiss a match against Celtic and that shouldn't change just because there has been three of them. The squad issue highlighted is there but (forgetting scorelines) how many properly disappointing results have we had this season? At home to Motherwell in horrendous conditions where we gave ourselves a mountain to climb but actually played not too badly after 17 mins, and away at Accies. I think Goss was added to help in games like the Celtic one and it's been unfortunate they've come so quickly after him arriving. But do you go wholesale on a squad that has had maybe two poor results in the hope you get something from Celtic?
  7. Rangers vs St Johnstone 16th Feb

    The only way to play against better teams is to make it hard for them, otherwise you are just playing into their hands. You don't go toe-to-toe in any sport with an opponent that is better than you, the aim has to be to make it as hard as possible for them, frustrate them, then take a chance if it comes along. Not defending well and not making good use of the ball isn't being negative, it's not doing your job properly and playing poorly. The latter part of that is the big problem for Saints against the better teams. The manager went to Celtic Park a fortnight ago and didn't pick Swanson and O'Halloran so we could defend from the front, it was to try and hurt them but if you can't get the ball to them, they can't do that. If anyone can come up with a plan (in regards to facing Celtic anyway) of how we do that without going too much the other way - see the first ten minutes of the second half on Sunday - then I'm sure TW would be delighted to know. But the simple fact is his midfielders need to do better on the ball, if they have that in them. Rangers were by all accounts very good in the Old Firm game but I don't expect them to play with that intensity (i.e. one to match Celtic) against Saints, so this shouldn't be as daunting a task, although it remains a tough one being at Ibrox.
  8. Sportscene Watch 18/19

    Someone like @The Master has maybe already addressed this, so apologies if so, but what is the plan for Sportscene when BBC Two Scotland goes off air forever this Sunday evening? What will happen to the 6:00pm show going forward?
  9. Rangers vs St Johnstone 16th Feb

    Morelos won Rangers the game in Perth. I've seen them a few times without him and they look a much poorer team for his absence. Lafferty has always caused us problems though, if Gerrard gives him the nod. Been very impressed by Ryan Kent as well, thought he was Rangers' best player against us last time at Ibrox. Not sure Rangers will press a team like Saints quite as hard as Celtic do, so hopefully more opportunity for us to try and play some football. Need the defence to get back to the level they were at before Tynecastle as well though.
  10. Two Doors Down

    This is a brilliant programme, proper laugh out loud moments. All of the cast play their part in it too.
  11. Oliver Burke

    You can see why people are so excited by the potential of Burke as matching that speed with the physique he has is a frightening prospect. He was good yesterday but had been quiet in the first two games between the teams. Any semi-decent player is going to look decent in that Celtic team at the moment but Thursday will be a much bigger test for him, if Rodgers doesn't opt for Edouard.
  12. Despite the opposition in two of his games, Goss is under pressure now and the decision to withdraw him at HT was interesting. It comes back to the same thing as mentioned before, we have the central midfielders to do the job against the poorer teams, it was against the top teams where we struggled for possession and didn't use the ball well. It was games like today where we needed Goss to make his mark and he was hooked after 45 minutes. If it wasn't Gordon, not sure who was meant to be on the bench today but pulled out for Alston? I enjoyed our performances at Celtic Park last season but Celtic had 31 shots, 66% possession and 12 corners in the 1-1 game, then we committed 23 fouls in the 0-0 game. At the end of the day, the results in these games are more down to Celtic than anything else. I have no idea know what our strongest team is, that's a concern admittedly.
  13. Some fair points as always but was Goss not the type of player we were all saying we needed? Craig was the one that was filling that deep role (and doing it well) so was always potentially the one to drop out. The manager has definitely created a dilemma for himself in midfield now though. On Radio Scotland, they apparently said Alston was a late addition to the bench, so assume Gordon was meant to be in there and pulled out. It probably made sense to give Keown some minutes and expect he'll play against Rangers tomorrow as well. As I mentioned before, the manager says he's going to try and find some consistency of selection again now, although obviously the first problem could be picking the team to give a run to. Would he rather not have the options he does though? It's a new challenge for him no doubt.
  14. Had to look at WAP. When @RandomGuy. is the voice of reason, you know the game is done. I think @Kyle touched on a valid criticism and that's whether we have the midfielders to carry out the, in my opinion, only game plan that has a chance of yielding success against Celtic, keeping a good shape but using the ball well. But do you build a squad around games against Celtic? What we have has been doing the job up until a few weeks ago. Of course I want to compete with them but you have to look at what is suited for the league as a whole.
  15. Imagine winning with that performance and you are more concerned about the type of poppy someone wore months ago.