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  1. If there was a league for bounce games, Theo Bair would have the Ballon d'Or.
  2. Also just finished The Gold. It was a tough story to tell with so many people involved and there not really being a definitive end point to the story. When you look at the notoriety of Noye and later Reader (and to an extent Palmer), you wonder just who else might have been involved with the other half of the loot...
  3. He's shat the bed routinely against Aberdeen since he first got the job. Like he's trapped in 1983. Who is all signed up for next season/not? @Kyle
  4. One up front absolutely destroys everything good in Stevie May's game. So I'm in no doubt that Davidson will go for it...
  5. Wright was a nice footballer first time round but there was never anything to show for it, akin to being married to a chef but them never cooking for you. His time at Hibs didn't bother me, and Tommy Wright had used him at wing back a few times latterly where he looked decent. He's never going to be the best defensively and Davidson regularly plays him with shackles on but despite that his return has obviously been good and should have been even better given some of the chances he's missed, but I'm never going to criticise him for that. So yes, good recruitment and good signing.
  6. If I had any belief that all this was about building something then it would be something but there are just no signs that it is the case. Shy of having the ever regressing Mitchell on the right of the back three, the team he put out at Motherwell when he returned to the back three was decent as it was largely square pegs in square holes but since then we've had to contend with injuries and suspensions and there has been absolutely zero flexibility despite not having the players available to make that system our most effective option. Brown at LWB or LCB, Hallberg too deep, McClennan as a centre forward, Carey full stop. None of those work yet he continually tries it because, to him, the system is the most important thing. We are going backwards under Callum Davidson, wherever we finish this season, and eventually that will become tangibly evident in the level we find ourselves playing at. Those defending him right now will forever be remembered as being on the wrong side of history and forums and social media preserve it for us.
  7. If you drew a Venn diagram with effort and ability, Saints would have a few players in the middle but the majority in one category or other. Unfortunately Theo Bair wouldn't even appear. I'm not saying he isn't trying but look at the way Vassell put himself about and dominated Liam Gordon, Bair just doesn't have that in his make up and nothing else he brings the table can cover for that. I'm sure he's very David Needham and all but that's absolutely no use to us.
  8. Unfortunately I can think of more than one group of supporters who would try to. It obviously wouldn't be fair for me to name St Mirren, with a few honourable exceptions, as an example...
  9. Saints fans could have revelled in getting the decision yesterday but glad that we as a support are calling it out. As with prices, we should all be united on this shambles. Too often, the fans of the benefiting club try and defend these terrible calls and all you do is let the decision makers off the hook. Nothing will change for as long as tribal loyalties take precedence.
  10. I didn't want VAR, was extremely disappointed there was no supporter consultation on it and am pissed off we are now being told that, as fans, we are going to be expected to pay more to cover the costs of it. It is totally diminishing in-stadium spectator experience and, as we saw, can't even get decisions right. The handball rule is dreadful but then you get one which under any interpretation in the modern era is a penalty and they don't award it despite having video evidence. Incredible. Folk who only take money out of our game have made a decision that makes the matchday experience poorer for those of us that pay in.
  11. The match thread should probably be reserved for the life-sucking, soul-crushing shambles that is VAR so will focus on the football here and just where do you start? A demoralising, predictable and negative starting team that had drained any enthusiasm even before getting soaked walking to the ground. But what followed for 45 minutes was worse than I suspect anyone could have envisaged. The hosts dominated absolutely every aspect of the first half and should have been out of sight by the break. Callum Davidson, of course, tried nothing to stem the tide at any point during the first 40 minutes despite his team being overwhelmed. I've seen folk mention the Livingston game but that wasn't wave-after-wave of attack, they were just more clinical in rarer forays forward whilst, for their part, Saints at least tried to attack. The Hibs game at Easter Road is probably a fairer comparison but still wasn't as bad as that yesterday. One of the worst halves of football I've ever witnessed from St Johnstone. The old cliché about it being impossible that the second half could be worse rang true and it was better, especially following the withdrawal of Bair and particularly the abominable Carey. But let's not overlook the fact that VAR has saved us from defeat. Another two-week break and another good opportunity to sack this manager. Of course, we know they won't, but it is irrefutable that they should be doing. This club will never progress with him in charge. There is simply no longer any case for the defence.
  12. Never has the Meh Derby being more meh. At least every game we get through is one match closer to Davidson leaving the club.
  13. On a different note, when you read the praise lavished on Sammy Johnston here, why did Totten not give him a chance in the Premier Division? One for the Old Boys (© @RandomGuy.). Also sure Saints tried to get this game moved to ridiculously early in the day as Scotland were playing England in the Grand Slam decider at Murrayfield?
  14. Davidson's measure of a man is what handicap they play off.
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