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  1. It's 9 games and we've done it 3 times, once in the thirties, again in the sixties then, bizarrely, over two seasons under McClelland when 8 of the 9 matches were drawn! Top Flight Records Consecutive wins: 5 (6 occasions) Consecutive home wins: 10 (17/10/34 to 27/10/34) Consecutive away wins: 5 (03/10/15 to 05/12/15) Games unbeaten: 9 (3 occasions) Home games unbeaten: 14 (2 occasions) Away games unbeaten: 9 (27/02/93 to 11/09/93) Consecutive clean sheets: 6 (20/10/18 to 24/11/18) Consecutive home clean sheets: 6 (02/01/11 to 02/03/11) Consecutive away clean sheets: 6 (07/05/11 to 17/09/11) The records under threat are away wins (currently on 4), games unbeaten (currently on 8 games) and away clean sheets (currently on 4).
  2. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    How very, very ordinary are Rangers? I usually think folk are being naive when they talk about not showing the Old Firm respect but I hope Saints get properly after this mob when we play them in a fortnight.
  3. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Rangers have no tempo in their play and, for the money spent, should have far more about them than to just keep putting crosses in the box in the hope one finds a taker. Famous last words but Dundee look fairly comfortable.
  4. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Things like that incident with Tavernier and Kamara annoy me as much as anything about referees maybe. Surely a clear yellow card offence? Really simple things to get right that there is no excuse for missing.
  5. I don't see the benefits of a colts team to Motherwell. There surely won't be fluid movement between squads, i.e. you'll have to name a squad for August to January, then January to May, and will Motherwell have a big enough squad to do that? And a club like Motherwell who rely on promoting, showcasing and selling young players will surely be frustrated if they have guys doing well and can't use them in the first team? Plus the whole idea is rotten and geared towards benefiting two clubs ahead of anything else. They will stockpile the best young players in the country. I'd be surprised and disappointed if AB didn't see that.
  6. If you rated both performances out of ten, Saints would be well ahead, so you are probably correct. Not a bad situation to be disappointed with the way Saints played when we've 2-0 at Pittodrie.
  7. It was 4-1-4-1, with Kennedy on the right and Craig sitting. Alston was like-for-like with Callaghan. It often became 4-5-1 though as Aberdeen were camped in our half for long spells. They didn't have anything in their locker to break us down though, they maybe got one clear sight at the goal in the whole game, a May shot wide from an angle. Saints didn't play well, we passed the ball poorly when we weren't just kicking it long. But, we created the best chances and if it wasn't to be 0-0, we probably deserved it more than Aberdeen, certainly as the away team. Kerr and Shaughnessy were solid again and you'd pick them out as the best performers IMO. Watt worked well again off horrible service and Kennedy likewise. Would be great to go into the Rangers game still unbeaten but if we manage that, we'd need a performance much better than today's one.
  8. That's not really the issue for me. I'd be annoyed at Saints giving away such a cheap penalty in an innocuous area and would feel hard done by that the referee has penalised something that happens at most set plays but equally, it's not this dreadful decision that folk are making . Liam Gordon is clearly impeded in his effort to attack the ball and Dallas has obviously seen that. Maybe what's gone on before with Haring has played a part too. I'd understand the frustration at a penalty being awarded but am not having this idea that Dallas has just imagined a foul when, as the number of comments from fans with the right angle suggests, there was indeed one.
  9. That's the view I had from slightly further along the stand as well. There isn't a camera angle of the view Dallas had of the incident. The TV pictures obviously don't do him any favours though. Enjoyed the Saints performance again, although we lost our way a bit after half-time with the total reshuffle of the back four and Hearts successfully spoiling the game. It's great watching Tanser, Wotherspoon, Kennedy and Watt going forward at the moment and although it was really disappointing to lose the two goals from set situations, I'm not sure Hearts managed any other effort from inside our area, bar the tepid volley from Morrison near the end. Wighton didn't get a second touch all night from Shaughnessy and especially Kerr. He looked completely out of his depth. Disappointed not to win the game but plenty to take from the performance. Levein is on drugs if he genuinely thinks Hearts were the better side. Really, really good/bad drugs.
  10. Snowfall

    Anyone else watching this? Second season is drawing to a close on BBC Two (on FX in the US) but all the episodes are available on the iPlayer. Set in Los Angeles in 1983, a year ahead of the Olympics, as crack cocaine takes hold and tied in with the CIA-backed support for the Contras in Nicaragua. Bit of a Breaking Bad vibe with British actor Damson Idris as the antihero Franklin Saint. It's not perfect with some characters stronger than others and the storyline having a tendency in the first season of jumping forward leaving you wondering if you've missed something but some hard-hitting moments and an overall story that you don't know how is going to end.
  11. Big loss as his pace gives us something different. Shame we don't still have Craig Thomson. Plenty of options in reserve but none with the pace of Wright. It's such a shame for him as well as I think observers of the league were starting to take note of him as well. Hopefully they get the surgery done and he might make it back for a few games in May.
  12. Thought Dicker and Power simply got the better of our midfield. Not that Craig and Davidson were poor but the Killie pair work so well in tandem. Very few poor performances across the two teams and I agree with what seems the general consensus that it wasn't an exciting game but that didn't make it a poor game or lacking in quality. After their calendar year, Killie will surely have the belief that they can be in the mix for European places; I hope Saints can stir up those feelings as well. A lot to like about this team and the squad looks pretty strong. Our next two games will tell us a lot though.
  13. League Three

    I'm sure when League One and League Two clubs are told their league payment from the SPFL is to be divided between another 8 clubs, they'll be only too delighted to vote for it. Eventually, McCart, Mulholland and whoever at the SPFL is in tow with them will hopefully get the hint. Shame on any other Premiership club who has given an indication of being interested in this.
  14. Come on, this doesn't help. There are not even a dozen folk on here making a few comments, verging not beyond semi-serious. To talk about forcing folk out of a job is ridiculous. I bet not a single Saints fan wants Gary Henderson to not make a big success of this job.
  15. I was more being sarcastic in answering a question rather than slagging him off. From the job description given in the summer, I think he's got a pretty thankless task but really hope he's a great success. I think Ross Cunningham really got the fans onside and behind him and that can only make things easier.