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  1. Why hasn't Liam Craig been involved over the last three months? Seemed much better with him back in there. He doesn't crunch into tackles but is an intelligent player and always seemed in the right position to tidy up. Really pleased for him and the team. Liam Gordon made a big difference, both personally and in the performance of Kerr. Hopefully he can stay injury free but let's not make the same mistake as in the summer, we still need an experienced head in January. Really, you could say something positive about virtually everyone. Booth slotted in well, Holt's technical ability shone through, McCann mixed it with Dicker and Power, O'Halloran worked back really hard to deal with O'Donnell and looked lively in possession, and Kane put in one of those performances he's capable of in leading from the front. Worth the trip.
  2. If you wanted to completely shitfest this against Killie's 4-3-3 then you go 4-5-1, with the most disciplined of the wide players involved. As one of the guys already said though, it all falls apart if the centre backs don't deal with anything that does come into the box. Sad to say that I'd pick Kane over May as well. Killie are better than us and are at home, trying to go toe-to-toe with them is folly.
  3. I never expected Sutton to suit us, especially with MacLean still at the club. He turned out as I feared he would. Think Parkin was actually a level above the others, probably scored more goals for us than the rest combined.
  4. They are still finding their way down to their level. Taking expectation, pointlessness and complete lack of ability all into the mix, I think I'd plump for Morgan and Gormley, which quite incredibly gets Riordan and Beattie off the hook. But then you have... What a horrible list of shite.
  5. And how we still backed the manager... History will look on us as either rewarded for our loyalty or incredibly misguided.
  6. I missed the boat with the thread a few weeks ago on worst team but we have fair had some shite, especially up front. When folk criticise guys like Kane, and Cummins before him, you really need to be careful what you wish for. I came up with 16 forwards who were a mix of the disappointing, pointless and outright rubbish: Johansson, Dobie, Robertson, Finnigan, Higgins, Keatings, Oyenuga, Riordan, Beattie, Gallon, Iwelumo, Morgan, Sutton, Gormley, Johnstone and McMillan. Pick a starting pair out of that lot!
  7. I just can't consider Abeid, he played too few games. It'd be like inducting Claudio Caniggia into your Hall of Fame. Definitely think you have to strike a balance between ability and what they actually contributed.
  8. To lighten the mood, are we picking our Team of the Decade? Was surprised how few names actually came into consideration, would struggle to go much over 20 players. Mine: Mannus; Mackay, Anderson, Wright, Easton; O'Halloran, Millar, Morris, Swanson; MacLean, May. Subs: Enckelman, Duberry, Craig, Davidson, Wotherspoon, Kennedy, Sandaza.
  9. Home lists are dominated by earlier eras, although 2018 pops just outside the top ten in the worst list, 6 wins from 21 games. Looked at the combined records by year (including neutral venues) and 2019 makes for grim reading as things stand. 1976: 5 wins from 44 games (11%) 2001: 6 wins from 40 games (15%) 1964: 9 wins from 45 games (20%) 1975: 10 wins from 44 games (23%) 2019: 9 wins from 38 games (24%)
  10. Mark O'Hara flattening Jason Holt has to be about the least impressive instance of such an event that I can imagine. Tune in next week as Adebayo Akinfenwa gets the better of Brian McLaughlin.
  11. Kerr got caught under the ball a bit but the cross kind of took him out. Unfortunately his left back actively made himself smaller whilst ball watching. Still nice placement on the header though.
  12. When I'm sitting watching us three down to Killie on Wednesday night, I'm going to try and think of the fans that saw us win 2 out 43 away games in 1975 and 1976. That 1993 run looks a bad one but we drew 12 of the games.
  13. It was a shit goal to lose but no one (players) gave a toss at that point in the match. It happens the world over. You assess things that matter, not stuff that occurred when everyone is going through the motions.
  14. Robinson made the decision to reshape Motherwell this time last year and (very) successfully managed it. That in part was down to pressure from the support but also the media. A year earlier, our chairman and manager made the same call. The support maybe weren't raving about our style but we won plenty of games so essentially everyone was happy. We were painted unfairly in the media but it wasn't accurate so should have been easy enough to ignore. For whatever reason, the pair of them did (IMO) let that influence them and tried to put a different type of squad together. For a spell this time last year, it looked to have worked and we were in great form. When we hit a dip though, there was no one there to stand up and be counted and we've never pulled ourselves out of it. The summer was the chance to heed the warning signs but they didn't and we find ourselves here. The problem for the chairman is he is complicit in this. He told the manager he wanted a younger, faster squad and Tommy Wright has largely worked to that brief. Where does the buck stop?
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