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  1. Obviously he has by no means played the equivalent number of minutes but last night made it 2 goals in his last 62 appearances for Stevie May. That's just not sustainable for a forward at any level. He gives his all but we lost so much when he replaced Middleton last night and no amount of effort can make up for that.
  2. Was concerned about last night ahead of the game because of our away record but our home form should be cause for optimism. Since the break we are 4 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats. First defeat was a narrow one to Rangers and the 2 draws came right at the start of the run. The St Mirren game is obviously a concern because it mirrors the sort of importance that Monday carries but it should serve as a warning. Since the start of December, Inverness have only won at Morton, Queens and at Partick in the play-offs. Obviously beat Arbroath on pens. Saints have beaten Aberdeen, Hearts, Livingston and Motherwell at home since the middle of February. As for the team, Butterfield and May played themselves out of contention last night. Not many other options available...
  3. The Dundee one is fair enough. Then when we had our foot on their throat, he eased them right off and it got to stage he was going mental about too much stoppage time being added. Looking at games in league/Europe this season: Equalisers by Saints: 4 Equalisers against Saints: 13 Given we've only scored in 23 games, those 13 equalisers represent a significant percentage of our games. There was a time where if Saints got ahead in a game, they'd never give anything away. Not under this manager though. Of the four we scored, one was an own goal, one was the massive Butterfield deflection against County at home (when we went on to lose anyway) and another was a header from a corner.
  4. Can anyone remind me of a match that Davidson has positively influenced with changes?
  5. Glad I no longer have to suffer Callum Davidson merely in the company of St Johnstone fans. He managed to offer the whole of Scottish football an insight into his managerial merits this evening. Thought we were very good in the first hour. Everything you want to see in a Saints team. Intensity and getting men forward. Last half hour is more what we've become accustomed to this season.
  6. You were maybe only looking at the bottom echelons but, incredibly, we finished eighth in 2010/11 scoring only 23 goals. From memory though that was more down to missing chances etc... but even the 9 home goals mentioned by @RandomGuy. from last season, it wasn't for not getting into the right areas. This team though, they struggle to even get men into the final third. We are torture to watch. Our form since January should be cause for slight optimism but the bigger picture of envisaging watching more of this style of football next season tempers that massively.
  7. Trying to shitfest a goalless draw tonight would be different if we had actually shown ourselves capable of keeping a clean sheet. Since Zander Clark's heroics at Tannadice, it's one away clean sheet in 14 games, at Easter Road, another game where we showed a stunning lack of ambition against a blunt Hibernian side, despite having 2,000 fans there yearning for something to get behind. Indeed, we've conceded more than once in half of those games and the goals scored column (5 from open play) show it wasn't because we were going gung-ho. This isn't about being negative. It's about trying to articulate that we should have been trying something different long before this stage, where you have to concede it would be a gamble, given we are welded into one style and system. If the cry is be positive, then I'm all ears...
  8. Accepting that the shape will be the shape and admitting that it probably would be counterproductive to change it now given they are never coached any other way... Clark Cleary - Gordon - McCart Rooney - Hallberg - Butterfield - Davidson - Booth (Brown) Hendry - Middleton
  9. Picked up on that quote as well. When the league resumed in January the bottom of the table was: 8. Livingston: 20 points (-10) 9. St Mirren: 19 points (-13) 10. Ross County: 18 points (-8) 11. Dundee: 16 points (-19) 12. St Johnstone: 14 points (-14) He was then allowed to sign eight or nine new players, spending well over £100,000. The damage was actually done when we failed to beat Dundee and/or United at home just after the break. They were, at the time, probably the two easiest fixtures we had remaining. Whilst there was never really again a group of teams we could catch, there were opportunities to reel those closest to us back in and we made a mess every time; the defeat in Dingwall, settling for a draw at Dens when we had all the momentum, then that St Mirren home game. Hopefully down to counting on one hand the number of Davidson interviews left to endure.
  10. Allan Preston has used Saints since the day Davidson took over to either get his clients fixed up or get them better deals elsewhere. Greg Stewart, Greg Kiltie, Graham Carey, Robbie Deas, Zak Rudden, Mark O'Hara, Craig Conway, Drey Wright and of course Davidson himself, all Preston clients.
  11. "We're confident that we’ll go up there and play as the manager wants us to." I largely don't have a problem with many of the players that have made up the bulk of our side this season. They've tried their best in the main. I won't be upset if most of them leave but I wouldn't question the effort they've largely given. There are maybe exceptions but if we are relegated, the second part of the quote above from Hallberg is the reason why.
  12. Whilst this is true, we weren't the ones working with him. Absolutely shambolic handling of goalscorer.
  13. Can't deal with the idea that Davidson might be signing players for us this summer. Need to believe he'll be gone by this time next week and we'll have some hope restored, whatever league we are in.
  14. Middleton needed that on Sunday. Last time we went to Easter Road, he played 59 minutes and touched the ball five times and three of those with his head. You could get frustrated at how deep he was dropping at times at the weekend but that has to be preferable to a nothing performance. He plays up a bit with the huffiness and I won't be that sorry to see the back of him (although the fact he's never been played in his strongest position this season would understandably drive anyone mad) but I wouldn't be worried about him starting these games now at least. That last part applies to Stevie May as well but you just don't see where a goal is coming from him and in a team where there aren't many goals, that obviously isn't ideal.
  15. If the choice just is Butterfield or MacPherson, the fact you'd opt for the crab that will be getting a free transfer next week says it all about our £50,000 buy that's meant to be here for another two years. Agree that the Aberdeen performance should be the clincher but under no illusions that Butterfield isn't ideal. His efforts to close down McGinn ahead of the cross for the second goal in Sunday were pathetic. Next one, May or Middleton?
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