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  1. Jeanfield Swifts

    If only crossing fingers was enough, it really is hard to understand the train of thought with regards to the team selections, except that possibly when the people making that selection are still in the squad themselve, and have played alongside many of the older present playing squad, even with the best intentions it will be impossible to keep an impartial open mind.
  2. Jeanfield Swifts

    That seems the way to go at the Riverside, the older you are, the better you are, unless you need a shirt filler, or someone to sit out the game, then the younger you are, the better. Whatever happened to if you are good enough, then you are old enough?
  3. Jeanfield Swifts

    Absolutely, there's a name that commanded respect, and someone who treated his players with respect.
  4. Jeanfield Swifts

    I got a call last night from a friend in Dundee in stitches laughing at the home loss of 7-0. I think he is still laughing now after I told him that it could have been 10, and that Jeanfield have gone from the Linlithgow incident, and losing a quality defender, to drafting in 2 ex players who possibly haven't kicked a ball in anger for nearly a full season to make up the numbers. Since they beat Penicuik 2-1 they have collapsed as a team. They have achieved a draw with Broughty and a win against Lochee, however both sides at the time were in a situation, that win lose or draw, it really didn't matter. That was Carnousties biggest league in 30 years, and it may well have been Jeanfields biggest league loss in many years. I genuinely felt embarrassed for the players as they have found themselves in a situation that is not of their making. The departure of clubs into the EOSL (Pyramid) Will save their relegation, however I am convinced that it will mean another season of humiliation, unless the powers that be wake up, and take a long hard look at team selection, and learn to respect the players. To be honest a drop back to the Premier league could be just what the club needs. With the incoming assistant coach, fingers crossed that he can introduce impartiality into the team selection.
  5. Jeanfield Swifts

    I heard yesterday during the Yawnfest against the Haws, that as a result of the incident at Linlithgow last week, one player requested to depart the club with immediate effect. IMO, Jeanfield have now lost their most consistent, reliable, and composed defender. I don't remember him being outpaced, or beaten 1 on 1 all season. He never seemed to panic, and punt the ball up the park. He did struggle with the ball in the air being small, but with the amount of goals conceded at set pieces this season, so did they all. Good luck S.M. I don't blame you.
  6. Jeanfield Swifts

    Yes that was a great season for us, winning promotion to the Superleague also. Unfortunately then lost 2 players to Elgin, now we seem lost, and confused, not that the 2 players leaving is the reason, can't really put my finger on it. But I have just this moment heard 2 players gave up their Friday night, and Saturday, made the journey to Linlithgow, were kitted up, and warmed up, to then find out by the tannoy team list announcement that they were not even in the squad.[emoji20] How can something like that happen? It wouldn't happen at Amateur level, something isn't right.
  7. Jeanfield Swifts

    Agree with most of that, they are good at pushing out, and catching the opposition offside, I feel that they weren't physically capable of maintaining the pace, and tiredness crept in, which is why they sat back, and as a consequence ended up making 2 rash attempts at tackles costing them the game.
  8. Jeanfield Swifts

    Spot on, raw certainly is one word for it, but as most players and coaches are of the opinion that you build your team from the back, (If you don't concede, then you don't lose) consistency is of utmost importance, and I really do think as I stated, that they have not played the same back four more than 2 weeks in a row. So match sharpness, and player understanding is a serious issue.
  9. Jeanfield Swifts

    Architects of their own downfall at Linlithgow. Self belief is great, but it seemed that things were set up for all out attack, whilst at the same time forgetting that they will need to defend. 2 poor naive attempts at tackles cost Jeanfield the game. The game was there for the winning, but unlike the Penicuik game, defensive naievity cost them, and yet again another back four line up, I don't think the same back four have been played for more than 2 games in a row all season. Strange, because from what I could see, the whole squad was available, unless there were injuries.[emoji848]
  10. Jeanfield Swifts

    Jeanfield 2-1 Penicuik, that was not an accident. That performance has been knocking at the door all season. A composed panic free result. Jeanfield took the game to Penicuik, and deserved the win. At no stage did Jeanfield sit back like rabbits caught in the headlights, and show too much respect to their opponents. Self belief is amazing, and Jeanfield must continue to believe in themselves. Brilliant, more of the same.
  11. Jeanfield Swifts

    Drs, as you pointed out Camelon were only 9 points ahead, having played 1 more game than Jeanfield. Back in September we went to Camelon and lost 2-1, and yesterday at home we had a hard to understand starting 11, and as a result lost at home 4-1. It is frustrating knowing that we are capable of much better. We have to be at our best to compete, but that will only come with consistency. Taking nothing away from Camelon, they deserved the win, but at home, against a team who were 9 points ahead, having played 1 more game, it should have been approached as a no lose game, and as a result, our strongest team should have been out there.
  12. Jeanfield Swifts

    Surely after 25 league and cup games so far this season, the powers that be must know what is our strongest squad. Yesterday against Camelon quite frankly was confusing to say the least. A back 4 who have never played in that formation together before, a centre half playing in midfield, again like the back 4 playing in a situation that has never been used with these players before, and midfielders (IMHO) as strikers, with 2 outright strikers sitting on the bench. In the last 2 games we have conceded 10 goals, and scored 1 against teams who we should be at least matching, and taking points off (If an outsider were to look at those figures, what would their thoughts be?) We will always struggle against the likes of Bonnyrigg, so players should not be punished as a result of that. We have 12 games left to salvage the season, and to restore some pride. Now is the time to start playing our strongest squad, and if players have missed training because of work commitments, family commitments, or illness, then so be it, (Coaching staff have all done the same) these matters can't be helped, if they are the right player for the job, then they should be out there doing the job, and if that involves players being on the bench, then hopefully they should be accepting it. I have no doubt that the Gaffer has one hell of an unenviable job trying to keep all the players happy, but the players need to realise that results for the team is the Gaffers main priority. This season has shown on some occasions the potential the squad has, for instance the game against Beith, the score did not reflect the performance, 3-2 after 60 minutes, and looking comfortable. Since then we have looked confused, and lacking composure. this will happen when being played out of position, and alongside players whom you don't have a playing alongside relationship with. Because there has been no consistency in team selection, and formation all season what ever starting line up is used will take time to gel, and whatever result is achieved against Penicuik next Saturday, this should not panic anyone into making wholesale changes based on one result. Earlier on in the season I posted saying that Jeanfield were going to struggle this season, I wasn't wrong, but I will say that I have no doubt in my mind that they have the potential to get themselves out of the trouble that they are in. Good luck for the remaining 12 games. COYJS
  13. Jeanfield Swifts 2017-18

    No one could doubt the commitment, and passion that all players had for Jeanfield yesterday, however as any Scotland supporter knows, that isn't enough. I do have a few questions / thoughts, but I will only mention 1 for the moment. We are one of the smallest sides in the league, if not the smallest, and all opposing sides use their height to their advantage against us. So my question / thought is, "Why do we not use our lack of height to our advantage"? At free kicks, and corners, we are forever putting the ball high into the box, sometimes we actually have our tallest player taking the corners, why? There hasn't been any set piece situation, which has provoked a comment of "That came straight from the training ground" I am convinced that if we played some rehearsed set pieces, with the ball on the ground driving into the box, then we would be far more effective than we are now. We are making the opposing big boys look good. Everyone is the same height when the ball is on the ground, but everyone knows the smaller man with the lower centre of gravity has the advantage over the big one when the ball is on the ground. We have the talent to do it.
  14. East super league

    Speedos? Interesting thought. My intention was to provoke thought, and discussion among the powers that be, which it may or may not achieve. , but I'm sure that they will now all be aware of it. The ball is now in their court, what they choose to do with it is entirely up to them. If Jeanfield are still in the Super league this time next year, then I will be looking upon it as a great achievement. If you check out the Boness thread, for a team that has just lost 2-0 to us, they think we will be struggling. Fingers crossed that they are wrong. I'm off to get my Speedos. Signing out with one parting comment. "Too many cooks......etc" (Just a thought)
  15. East super league

    A bit confused where the bile, and hatred is coming from, how about making a few sensible points to contradict what I have said. My original point was to draw attention to a problem, it really is now up to the powers that be as to wether they take a long hard look at themselves, or wether they choose to ignore everything. However if you are interested in saying something constructive, or something of intellectual value that proves me, and incidently other supporters wrong, then I would be happy to hear them, and believe me I genuinely wish that I didn't have to start this, but I felt that it was needed.