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  1. No. Great at free kicks. But work rate, is pants. Unless you was watching a different game
  2. Marc Mc Callum covered more ground.
  3. 2014. Goals by. Hilly ( O Kader (36) Foxy (61) pen G. Swankie (68) Dods, sent off (24)
  4. 4 nil.... On 11th of march. Can't remember the year
  5. Another 6 pointer. Good luck, and best wishes to the Loons!
  6. I remember, an early season cup tie at Dens, few seasons back. Was in main stand, with 15 mins left. There steward, came down front, stood in front on fans, blocking view of the goal. Needles to say, he got the rath, of the Forfar fans. His answer, the club, told me to stand here, towards end of game. He was gonna eject, a few fans, for arguing,with him. So he was told, don’t stand there. You caused the problem. Think, there was a further 5 or 6 stewards arrived.
  7. Last season, we had a proven goal scorer. Every season we have had one, we are top half of league. Goals, win games. Be it 1 nil. Just my 2 pence, not a dig.
  8. Best wishes, to the Loons, at new Bayveiw, go for the win. The extra ££ be helpful, for the club. Signed off work, love to go, but not up to it. Just watch my phone for updates.
  9. Over the peace, a very good season. Jim, has been passionate in his interviews. Ross as chairman, is breath of fresh air. Don’t want to sound negative, but would need to keep Easton and Reilly, even Bones Malone. Give the young lads a go last few games, plus Eddie, Easton and Reilly.. Passing game has been fantastic, but stop punting high balls, to the forwards, there dewarfed, by opposing defenders. Get behind our team, and push for 2nd place! Big strengthen required, if we got promoted, more depth. Go for it boys[emoji3]
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