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  1. There's no point in looking for sympathy because the way some of your players conduct themselves no one is going to give you any. Players shouldnt get invovled with fans at all, tthey should just stick to playing the game and concentrate on that.
  2. Well done to Camby and Larkhall - commiserations to St Rochs. Its no surprise that some of the St Rochs players were more interested in winding up the fans than playing the game...maybe they'll learn from this.
  3. I think that all looks accurate apart from Maryhill. I fancy them to stay up, and either Yoker or Cumbernauld to be dragged into the bottom 4.
  4. Couldn't agree more....an issue which definitely needs to be addressed. Keepers should not be allowed to lead with knee's, they should be jumping the same as any other player is allowed.
  5. For the winning goal from where I was standing the 2 Renfrew CB's went for the same ball, collided, and as a result the ball dropped to your strikers feet (a defensive howler like I said). You've said '3 times opened up' but also said Renfrew were 'unlucky'...so which is it? Renfrew definitely deserved at least a point on Sat your correct about that.
  6. Yes, perhaps harsh with my last comment, yous were in the game a lot more in second half...you can't deny however the goals in the second half for KR were gifts from Renfrew. KR never once scored as a result of opening Renfrew up with good football?
  7. Renfrew controlled the majority of the game, made 3 defensive slip ups and paid the price. They should of had the game wrapped up at half time - could have been 3 or 4-0 at half time had the chances been converted. Well done to KRFC though, goof fight back.
  8. Great effort from that distance out, and great exposure for the junior game on the news etc.
  9. Probably took a healthy signing on fee as well....lesson for Troon!
  10. Best away grounds....Newlandsfield or Medda Park - both have a good old school feel to them as well as a great atmosphere and playing surface. Worst away grounds....Petershill, Perthshire and Maybole
  11. Largs and Troon to go down, Kilbirnie in play-off...
  12. Girvan Irvine Meadow Rutherglen Glencairn Renfrew Clydebank Draw
  13. Same good draws in there. Pollok v Talbot will be a cracker!
  14. Spot on, a combination of poor finishing and bad luck to an extend (referring to the header that came off the inside of the post and fell to no-one). Renfrew are definitely more a better outfit than their league position suggests. However like you said, that's football. Kilsyth going well this season, some good quality in their side.
  15. Do you honestly think that they aren't capable of putting 100% effort into both and coming out on top in both? the idea of doing anything other than that is stupid, or in most cases just used as a get-out for when they don't win both - claiming that the real efforts were only focused on one thing.
  16. The inconsistency is the worst thing about them, giving a decision for something then a different decision for the same incident - no wonder the players get frustrated Linesman are supposed to assist the referee's where possible with decisions other than calling offside. Most of them however will wait to see what the ref decides then go with that with no input....even when the incident happens in front of their face and the ref can be 20+ yards away.
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