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  1. Why do people have such negative views towards this league cup section every year? It's almost as if saying it's pish has just become the thing to say, to jump on the bandwagon. Why is it that teams don't want to take these games seriously and enjoy it as much as any other games throughout the year?
  2. Pollok Troon Winton Perthshire Ants
  3. 7 very good signings for Pollok. It'll be interesting to see how they'll set up with so many new options
  4. Congratulations to Glenafton and everyone involved at the club, excellent achievement.
  5. Of course I don't mean it the way you've said it Kenny, that's a bit of an exaggeration. All I was trying to say is that its up to the referee to know this sort of stuff inside out. The referee's are very good at telling the managers and players the rules when its something they DO know, just think that they should be clued up on every aspect of the game to avoid this sort of nonsense reoccurring.
  6. All this chat about the Benburb management knew what they were up to etc, maybe they did maybe they didn't....but its not their job to officiate the game. I've seen this referee make an hash of it on a few occasions now
  7. There must have been a good few out there thinking this haha....
  8. The referee should be het for this one - surely this sort of stuff is bread and butter for them...
  9. Don't see why everyone is so against this competition. Its a good opportunity for the league winners to get some additional silver wear to round of their season and possibly play in a final - so what if it runs on a couple of weeks after the season and there's only a handful of teams involved.
  10. Will the new manager be targeting a lot of signings over the summer or does he plan to work with the squad he has with the addition of maybe a couple here and there?
  11. go on then....lets hear it? I'll be shocked if you back that one up!
  12. Give the sarcasm a rest eh - its getting boring now. No-one sympathies...
  13. There's no point in looking for sympathy because the way some of your players conduct themselves no one is going to give you any. Players shouldnt get invovled with fans at all, tthey should just stick to playing the game and concentrate on that.
  14. Well done to Camby and Larkhall - commiserations to St Rochs. Its no surprise that some of the St Rochs players were more interested in winding up the fans than playing the game...maybe they'll learn from this.
  15. I think that all looks accurate apart from Maryhill. I fancy them to stay up, and either Yoker or Cumbernauld to be dragged into the bottom 4.
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