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  1. Realistically though, how could anyone find out?
  2. Poor from the ref and linesman...between the two they really need to getting these things correct - bread and butter stuff.
  3. At this level people are provoked on and off the park every week - lifting your hands is something different all together. Scandalous behaviour from a coach with his experience.
  4. Shocking behaviour from the Troon committee and players. Spitting on someone has got to be the lowest of the low, total scumbag. I hope that the officials deal with this the right way.
  5. Good luck to the new management - I'm sure they will do well!
  6. A high challenge above the knee which merited a red IMO. He's a few yards inside his own half, with team mates deeper than he is - no need to make such a foul in there. Cambuslang striker seems to approach the ref in a decent manner, moving his players back...a harsh second yellow for him.
  7. Good defender - I'm sure he'll have no issues getting another club.
  8. Wednesday's games....thoughts? Tablot v Troon Beith v Camby Glens v Cumnock Hurlford v Medda Kilbirnie v Peasy Kilwinning v Renfrew Rob Roy v Clydebank Pollok v Largs
  9. Predictions for this weekend's Premiership games? Camby v Rob Roy Cumnock v Kilbirnie Hurlford v Glenafton Medda v Clydebank Largs v Talbot Peasy v Kilwinning Renfrew v Pollok Troon v Beith
  10. I see Gormly was on the scoresheet - I thought he'd chucked it as a result of injury? Any truth in this?
  11. “We don’t want to go up this season” c’mon, seriously? What a joke of a comment!
  12. If you check back lt wasn't me who said that Opps ha, least you’ve not disagreed that its a bad shout haha... Some mad comments from Darvel Legend.
  13. So Renfrew haven't won 2 & lost 2 since the new year? I’m referring to your earlier chants about replacing renfrew and largs with yous and medda.
  14. Since the new year they have won 2 & lost 2, that's how it's looking You and Darvel Legend need your heads checked, you’s are laughable
  15. Tonight's games.....whats the thoughts? Forth Wanderers v Royal Albert Lanark United v Larkhall Thistle Carluke Rovers v Wishaw Juniors Newmains United Comm v Shotts Bon Accord Petershill v Thorniewood United Bellshill Athletic v Shettleston Blantyre Victoria v East Kilbride Thistle Cambuslang Rangers v Vale of Clyde Benburb v Neilston Juniors St. Anthony's v Pollok Ashfield v Maryhill Glasgow Perthshire v Clydebank Renfrew v Johnstone Burgh Port Glasgow Juniors v Vale of Leven Cumbernauld United v Kilsyth Rangers
  16. Maybe the supporters should start taking the same attitude...
  17. Hillonearth made some decent points, the fact the sections are the same every year I can agree is negative, it should change from year to year. However for fans not to like it I really don't understand that - their team is playing in a competitive game, they should have the same attitude towards supporting them.
  18. Some good points there which are fair enough.
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