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  1. Was that Albion Rovers first team you played last night or reserves/21's etc?
  2. Massive statement....I'd be cautious with your words DL
  3. 100%. When I've seen Stephen being 'arrogant' he's only ever gave as good as he's got from the players, and rightfully so. The likes of Cullum Scott tries and talk to players as if they are his kids, pointing fingers in their faces etc - quickly loosing control of the game in spells... I don't want to just make this about Callum, he's one of a few.
  4. A bit arrogant and cheeky at times yes, but overall a decent referee when I've seen him. Is he any more arrogant than the likes of Callum Scott - most likely he isn't. Could the SJFA have spoke with Stephen and give him a chance to sort it? Or did they try this already I don't know... Overall - IMO the Juniors are worse off in terms of officials for this.
  5. New thread for the West Region Premiership. The last one was becoming a bit of a shambles with some of the usual suspects. Teams that will be taking part this season (in alphabetical order) Auchinleck Talbot Beith Benburb Clydebank Cumnock Glenafton Hurlford Irvine Meadow Kilbirnie Ladeside Kilwinning Rangers Kirkintilloch Rob Roy Largs Pollok Rossvale Rutherglen Troon
  6. They are strong in every area - at this moment I don't know who from any other team in the surrounding league/leagues is going to come in and take a jersey. Also, a big question would be are more singings necessary or would it just unsettle a great balance that exists? However, as you said, Tucker seems be good at finding gems.
  7. A club going about their business the right way - good luck to them, hope they do it.
  8. Echo what Gowlad has said... No real shock here tbh, expected this sort of result. Talbot know how to get it done - well oiled machine.
  9. Good luck to the guys at Cambuslang - hopefully the new management and fresh start goes well.
  10. Largs Troon Draw (Hurlford after replay) Talbot
  11. I'm just going by current form - but you're absolutely right some great points in there worth noting.
  12. Another good win on Saturday. Seems like quite list of injuries this season at the club - including 3 strikers mentioned above and several others all having had long spells out. With all of the above fit, it looks like there will be some great fire power going forward! I don't see Medda getting anything other than 3 points this weekend going by recent form. A great turn around this season from the team and management - putting themselves into a great position and showing what they are made of....hope it continues!
  13. Always the same with him...should try just concentrate on playing the game, always got too much to say thinking he's a hard man.
  14. Is there anything glensmad won't comment on...
  15. St Mirren's park would be a great venue for it, surface is immaculate, perfect capacity for a great atmosphere (not too big) and also location wise very suitable just off the M8 and train stations near by. Astro shouldn't even be considered for the Junior Scottish final...no one enjoys playing on it.
  16. Camby v Peasy Glens v Rob Roy Hurlford v Beith Kilbirnie v Renfrew Kilwinning v Medda Largs v Bankies Pollok v Cumnock
  17. All the best to Talbot, flying the flag for the Juniors tomorrow!!
  18. Auchinleck Irvine Meadow Beburb Carluke Gartcairn Glenafton Hurlford Robroy Kilsyth EK Arthurlie Rossvale Rutherglen Shotts Pollok A few teams potentially getting results against those in the league above them!
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