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  1. 22 hours ago, glensmad said:

    Saturday's opening fixtures in what is going to be a terrific league :-

    Benburb v Rossvale

    Bonnyton Thistle v Johnstone Burgh

    Cumbernauld United v Drumchapel United

    Kilbirnie Ladeside v Neilston

    Rutherglen Glencairn v Gartcairn

    Shotts Bon Accord v St Cadocs

    Thorniewood United v Blantyre Victoria

    Whitletts Victoria v St Roch's

    First game always the toughest to predict.....anyway:






    St Cadocs


    St Rochs


  2. With no fans and games being played behind closed doors this year, there isn't much 'advantage' to be had for teams playing at home - so I reckon this creates a bit of a leveller for everyone (perhaps teams who play on astro or who have very good playing surfaces being the exception to this). 

    The league winner (if there is one) will not care about the fact teams pulled out - can only beat what's in front of you. 

  3. 19 minutes ago, Kilbowie's Finest said:

    Are these guys coming in better than those that have left? Yes!
    Jamie Donnelly was one of the best keepers in the league last season , Matt Niven is an excellent centre half , Joe Slattery was excellent at Rob Roy and at Rossvale last season.. Ciaran Mulcahy’s stats of 50 odd goals in less than 70 games sounds extremely promising.. and McGonigle was one of the best players in the league last season and was wanted by several clubs but has chosen to join Bankies
    I’m delighted with the calibre of players Bankies have signed and the fact many of them know the management team should undoubtedly help
    I’m actually really positive about the upcoming season - when it starts!
    Hopefully their performances on the park can make Mr Happy live up to his nameemoji16.png
    He should cheer up as well when he hears today’s signing news - one more signing to follow and this one should put a smile on all Bankies fans faces..

    Is this Liam McGonigle that has signed for bankies?  If so, good player!!

  4. 17 minutes ago, Tutankhamen said:

    Aye and history will not mention this famous Kello Rovers victory 

    Dream on.

    You're clearly misinformed if that's the road you are going down with this one pal.  Medda still in the west, and going strong in the league....

    Like Henrik said, one bad result after all the progression is not why this has happened.

    Only one guy dreaming in here....yourself.

  5. 37 minutes ago, passbackdave said:

    Good hes more trouble than what hes worth. Well done all at the club

    Mon the papers

    What were the issues Dave?  Looked from the outside seemed as if the lad was doing well

  6. 13 hours ago, jimbaxters said:

    The reality is that there probably will be a challenge by Darvel in the future. If there isn't then it will have been a massive waste of money. However, it all comes down to whether it will be enough or will have longevity. The Darvel fans bleated on about the Sectional cup win at Beechwood last season like they were the new champeens. One win can happen but it's over the piece that counts.

    Where I think the problem lies is the personalities and the kidology involved.

    1) A manager who talks about himself more than about his team.

    2) A chairman who pumps money in on a whim. And saying he insists on the kits being washed at home to save money is nonsense. Barely 10 minutes later Mr. Kennedy said GPS trackers were on order for the players. If success doesn't come then the money will stop. At least that's what history shows.

    3) Club officials being blatantly disrespectful to other clubs. There IS such a thing as bad publicity. Ordinary fans fine, but senior officials shou!d show some restraint and common decency.

    4) Whatever the situation in playing staff has been, Darvel are currently in the second tier and haven't beaten any top teams yet. The progress the club have made is fantastic but the same can be said about plenty of other clubs e.g. Rossvale, Cumbernauld, Neilston etc. but they don't beat their chest like you guys do. Until you take some big scalps it's all just hot air.

    5) And finally, on the subject of hot air, just because you all blow smoke up each others keester at every given opportunity doesn't make you winners or "the most talked about club in the Juniors". It just makes you all look like you're getting carried away.

    It's quite a simple formula really. Get the results on the pitch, show a little humility and stop telling us all how amazing you all are and you will be taken seriously. At least I will take you seriously at that point.

    Well said.

  7. 23 hours ago, Darvel legend said:

    At the end of the day we lost a game of football and deservedly so but after the first 7 minutes we won the game 2-1 played the full second half with 10 men and were without 

    haxton ,Perry ,marr,  mcd , Robertson , ferns And Mcpherson So all in all no too much to be disappointed with 


    wow haha!!!

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