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  1. will there be highlights up from your game last night?
  2. Why the dislike for Rossvale to the point you wish this? just curious....
  3. I think a lot of people would have fancied the teams who dropped down from the premier at the end of last season, however, as can be seen from the table its very much up for grabs and seriously tight. Too difficult to predict winner so in no particular order I will have a punt at top 5, from which I think either could win it.... Kilbirnie, Drum, Neilston, St Cadocs, St Rochs
  4. Who do you think is your best option in there? Assuming you watch most games.
  5. I'm just going to predict league winners Darvel Bens Renfrew Ardrossan St Peters
  6. First game always the toughest to predict.....anyway: Bens Burgh Drum Neilston Rutherglen St Cadocs Blantyre St Rochs
  7. Both clubs should just have cut ties with him.....its all a bit of a riddy!
  8. Any big moves/signings across the WOSFL.... Appreciating some teams still have games to be played.
  9. With no fans and games being played behind closed doors this year, there isn't much 'advantage' to be had for teams playing at home - so I reckon this creates a bit of a leveller for everyone (perhaps teams who play on astro or who have very good playing surfaces being the exception to this). The league winner (if there is one) will not care about the fact teams pulled out - can only beat what's in front of you.
  10. Fixtures for tomorrow: Beith v Rossvale Bens v Cumbernauld Blantrye v Hurlford Bonnyton v Troon Rob Roy v Darvel Largs v Clydebank Hard one to call as its the first game, but what are the thoughts?
  11. Just listened to Doon the Brae with the boy Jordan Allan....doesn't half like the sound of his own voice....good listen though none the less! Some squad you guys have assembled, good work by the management and committee at the club for landing them
  12. Is this Liam McGonigle that has signed for bankies? If so, good player!!
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