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  1. I'm sure this venue has been mentioned every year going back....but never ends up being requested. Would be a great venue for it IMO.
  2. 01/02/20 FIXTURES Clydebank v Beith Hurlford v Benburb Kilbirnie v Cumnock Kilwinning v Irvine Meadow Rob Roy v Glenafton Largs v Troon Rossvale v Talbot Rutherglen v Pollok Thoughts and predictions....?
  3. You're clearly misinformed if that's the road you are going down with this one pal. Medda still in the west, and going strong in the league.... Like Henrik said, one bad result after all the progression is not why this has happened. Only one guy dreaming in here....yourself.
  4. Fixtures for tomorrow .... Talbot v Bens Cumnock v Medda Kilbirnie v Largs RobRoy v Buffs Pollok v Hurldford Rutherglen v Clydebank Troon v Glenafton Thought and predictions?
  5. What were the issues Dave? Looked from the outside seemed as if the lad was doing well
  6. Good battle between the two last time they met, with a few talking points. Correct though as you said, form goes out the window!
  7. Thanks for confirming that you are in fact at the wind up hahaha!!!
  8. Ok, fair enough. Didn't mean to upset ye. Pollok strong but Irvine on a good run and confidence will be high. Will be a good game I'm sure. A chance to go top surely as big a motivator as they will ever need.
  9. Uch relax, only having a bit of banter. You're the one who wrote they 'will' win...
  10. Obviously still hurting from last week....
  11. Top of the table clash tomorrow. What's the thoughts on how this one will pan out?
  12. Talbot for a comfortable win today.
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