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  1. Cowdenbeath Vs Clyde

    In fairness if a fan had kicked a bottle that far then he'd probably get a contract at Central Park. That's the spirit! We'd also be remiss if we didn't at least consider this a cheaper, Ponzi-productive method of acquiring players. Purely based on the defensive Holocaust we relive, week after week. Six points chucked away in a month.
  2. Cowdenbeath Vs Clyde

    Maybe they watched a bottle fly out of our dugout last week when we conceded the second goal at warp speed, and took our example.
  3. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Perhaps he didn't... A simply awful second half yesterday. That defence is an utter shambles, frankly. Add the fact the midfield in front of them was not entirely sure of which plan to carry out at 1-0 up, and we have some very serious problems festering which are more than two or three off-form. Very little in this game to take forward now abd build upon. A decent team can work us out fairly quickly, and our better players are showing signs of accepting these limitations. The recruitment, with now the next window in sight has to be controlled better. The summer/post-window new signings (Rankin excepted over the last month) have been very poor. The quantity of players who have barely kicked a ball (if at all) and those who are in and out the team like a Cuckoo clock, suggest Lennon's policy on this is highly questionable. Operating on a budget should dictate that when you sign a player you do so because he's better than what you already have. Not to simply provide cover, but to go straight into the first team. There are at least six players who i would deem not good enough for this team, claiming a wage and from those, three players could be sought to fill our gaping wounds. As a matter of priority we need a new goalkeeper. And a new, fit right back and left back with Cuddihy returning to midfield either on the right or in the centre, and Stewart thus not being lamented when he is out. Which is a lot. We have a perfectly able centre-back sitting on the bench not bring given his chance there, so no need to rush out and get another. We have plenty midfield options and an excellent striker so no need to sign inferior products to bloat the squad. Either Hughes or Currie can go if we can secure a proper certified goalie. Not bothered which at this stage. No sign of Duffie, Gorman or Lyon yesterday either. Heard conflicting stories over Duffie's 'injury' status, but if those three aren't featuring, move them on. Belmokhtar seems to be sent on to save us, but with the pressure on, such as last week at 3-3, he seemed to be a bit lost. If he were genuinely able to affect results on a regular basis he'd be starting. Being a sub in L2 is no-one's childhood dream. Syvertsen seems to be suffering from misuse, be it position or physique that's the issue. Our tallest attacker being on the wing seems to confuse our players into hitting him as a target man. Straight out the park mostly. Strangely, Tore Andre Flo only ever suffered this fate when in Scotland too. Give the lad a proper chance, or move him on. And yes, i know he's not on a wage. Perhaps he could be if played centrally and does well- and then gets the money the likes of Gorman are syphoning for doing f**k all. I'd also hook Rumsby. Heads-down defending just won't cut it. Give Lang his shirt, and the new fullback his wages. Nicoll can be an adequate stand-in if TL gets injured/suspended.
  4. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Fair enough, i suppose you did. Apologies for any misunderstanding. The other mediums on which it is discussed, however, seem to be packaged with a hard-sell on what, as you say is merely an idea.
  5. Cowdenbeath Vs Clyde

    Hurt my feelings, there.
  6. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    But if its only one word, and it brings even a slight benefit, you have already stated you would not consider it an issue. There's an old fable. A guy asks a woman if he would let him f**k her for a million pounds. "I'd think about it", she replied. "What about fifty pounds?" She pours a drink over him and shouts loudly "what kind of woman do you think i am!!!?" The gentleman answers, "my dear, we've already worked that out. We're merely haggling over the price".
  7. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    All relevant points. What's being ignored here is that the club HAVE in the past had sponsorship and commercial activity within the locale. Businesses didn't give a shit before, and don't give a shit now, what's on your badge. That's for the customers (fans) to bother with. One of the (formerly) largest sponsors is still emblazoned across 500 seats. It's neglecting the likes of these for a decade, by several other means of pushing agendas, which leaves us as an unattractive business opportunity. I don't envisage this poor recent history being wiped clean simply by use of one word.
  8. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Just come across this. It's awfully bizarre! But why then would the badge need altered, if it were the club actions which secured the necessary publicity and/or commercial links in the first place? This is what's been sorely lacking. The correct answer is no, to the proposal/idea, in this instance.
  9. Cowdenbeath Vs Clyde

    E's are about the only thing which could make life in Scotland's Amish territory worth living.
  10. Cowdenbeath Vs Clyde

    You'd have to believe it occurred first, before being an apologist. 0/10.
  11. Cowdenbeath Vs Clyde

    I agree. It seems very strange that he's in for two games, scores as we win, then dropped for three, and comes back in again to score and then....nothing. His pressing against opponents, especially away from home is of great importance, and giving him the start to do this effectively for 60/65 minutes could force the gaps to appear later on, which Belmokhtar and Syversten possess the ability to fully expliot from the bench. Contrast this with the consistently-selected defence, which had improved with the resurgence of Coggill only for it to fall apart when he had an off-day last week. Interesting team lines await. Personally i'd change a lot. We have the tools for an out-and-out 3-5-2 or thereabouts, with actual wide midfielders/wingers instead of full-backs pushed on but Lennon won't touch it for some inexplicable reason. Barry Cuddihy can stay at right back in this case. The left-footed imbalance in central defence will hopefully be broken up with Tom Lang being given his first league start alongside Dylan if he's fit, McNiff if not, and one of the supporters if Rumsby is option number 4. The need for both Nicoll and Rankin on this pitch can keep Grant filling in at left-back, with ideally McStay completing the middle three from the right. I'd also begin with Boyle and Love flanking Goodwillie.
  12. Star crossed lovers( a tragedy) Clyde v Berwick

    It would appear so. Or at least, displaying a preference for being not in their company. At the risk of repeating, i had no idea we have any! Maybe the patrons of the Arria Lounge could be interested in the delivery of such labels, there seems a very varied, diverse clientele using it. There's bound to be at least one in there. But we'd need to wait until the Queen's Park fixture due to the 72/73 Lunch at the Annan game prior. Christ knows what term will be applied to the attendees of that.
  13. Star crossed lovers( a tragedy) Clyde v Berwick

    But hold on a second Wadsley, these sound like enthusiastic, supportive comments and/or chants. Which at least one can make sense of, no less. The original inference seemed to suggest quite the opposite, if anything.
  14. Star crossed lovers( a tragedy) Clyde v Berwick

    Do we have any "Hooray Henry's"? There's not been much to "hooray" about for quite a while. Conversely, who would be the closest to those at the club? Are we not all Clyde fans together, after all?
  15. Cowdenbeath Vs Clyde

    The last time was a complete disaster, frankly. Lennon didn't start with Nicoll despite the need for some Dogs of War on that Somme tribute pitch, then threw McStay at it despite an admission last year that it had prematurely finished his season (although he WAS cracking in the 3-0 thumping there). Saturday there seemed a bit of a bruising contest, so little idea of how we will likely line up. I'm sure we'll have an update on that here after training is finished in around an hour's time, just to help our opponents that small percentage more ahead of another vital match. Disguised as 'transparency'. In my opinion, trying to dominate possession is failing us, and so we should willingly cede it until we can catch them out on the break. As a team we lose far too much confidence when controlled, attempted plays from the back break down due to poor distribution. When they stop fannying about with it (particularly NcNiff) and get the ball nice and early to our midfield, we're virtually unplayable at times. Cowden 0 Clyde 4.