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  1. Indeed. The pathetic jump in prize money between 1st and 2nd almost makes it viable to not win the title- crazy. I think we have what we deserve. Peterhead deserved winners, with a very experienced side finishing up running scared of us. We can't complain, as i don't think the evidence stacks up that we could have taken anything more than perhaps a point from Elgin THAT DAY, given our run of lack of goals at the time- and we still (and might further) struggled with Annan's physicality twice, along with a motivated Cowden side. League table doesnt lie.
  2. 60mph winds had quite a lot to with that. The prospect of travelling to Annan on a Tuesday, then welcoming their six uncles (as the team will of course share those) on the Saturday is nothing to look forward to.
  3. Ochilview is by far the preferred venue i'm sure for any possible final. Old terracin, old ground- perfect.
  4. Its an entirely political remark. Why not utilise "No Surrender"? Same sentiment, different twist. Used in numerous contexts. Unlike yours.
  5. We've had our moments, Strichy- but fairs fair. Aye its been some season. Four crackin games between us. Another four next year. The pixel rivalry here's really down to bordeom. Nothing personal!
  6. I didn't know Annan had an alt-Bourgeiose anarchist underbelly. Can i use phrases associated with General Franco in response?
  7. Stenny would probably smash us yet again. Thankfully we don't have to worry about that. You are fairly ruthless when it matters this year, tbf. Best team won it.
  8. Yes it will, Ross. But there's something of a shop-window feel about the containment of our success up until now. It reeks of us once again falling at a hurdle that isn't so difficult elsewhere. I mean, for fucks sake, Callum Home has a medal out of this!! I felt our amatuerish start today was reminiscent of our game vs Berwick last year, where the 90 mins in front us dissipitated on the basis that it required a jump-start from the "other" match- immaturity? idealism? who knows? We clearly have little focus when the prizes are in sight, even after estsblishing our own credentials. They didn't need to bother about events at Hampden today, yet couldn't match what was in front of them. The point of runs taking in 1 defeat in 25 is that there's a plan behind it, and today there wasn't. Absolutely f**k-all. Maybe the straight knockout minileague could benefit us, but if Cowden can see through us, why shouldn't Edinburgh or Stenny or Annan? I'm not sure we have it left to give. Peterhead would smash all three into the ground, frankly.
  9. Yes, absolutely. Objectively, i think a serious revevaluation is needed for you guys. Pardon me for not giving a f**k whether or not you action it at this moment. Personally, even i cant say we deserve to top you after turning out that turgid pish today. Our Autumn maliase cost us- i can only wonder if any of our happy-clapper arseholes will admit to its culpability in not beating you. Best of luck. Gen up.
  10. Fair play. Congrats PedroCranium. Bluffed it better than last year, and we totally shat the bed today with a 90 minute version of all your second-halves since Christmas. c***s.
  11. The correct answer to this, is an unprecented all three. We really are so reviled. Good, i say.
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