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  1. Bluebells couldn't complete the survey at breakfast because there was a carton of orange juice in front of him and it said concentrate [emoji16][emoji16]
  2. Petershill still in with a shout but clydebank who I expected to go up have fallen by the way side.
  3. No chance. Concentrate on the job in hand. There seem to be 3 or 4 decent team in that league to be fair but super first is a very difficult league.
  4. Darvel might make it up from the cub scout league but they will struggle in a better league.
  5. Why are Troon not being given league games?
  6. Am know plane na mair [emoji3][emoji16]
  7. Basic spelling old bean. A different kettle of fish. I did like football crazy's response. A bit of wit goes a long way.
  8. Picky picky. What a waste of an hour that was for you [emoji6]
  9. I was just trying to teach the guy some basic English. Should be applauded in my view [emoji3]
  10. No but we know how to spell know!!
  11. Add Dalry for a healthy pay out!
  12. Beith Hurlford clydebank looks good.
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