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  1. Highlight of game for me was someone in the crowd shouting the word "penis" loudly just after we had all calmed down after scoring......made me laugh for about 10 minutes.... I love lower league football banter
  2. Totally agree..... Great post... And yes Dipo has been great piece of buissness.... Wonder if the club are already thinking about offering him a longer deal?? Know he is on 2 years but no doubt Mccall will be after him soon as he has a total boner for Ayr players
  3. I hope he is an absolute baller..... Welcome to Somerset David "the ghost" Bangala.!!!!!
  4. When you think things are bad... Take a second and think it could be worse.... We could be Falkirk.... Shocking again from them... 4 nil defeat to a bang average Airdrie side...... That's poor Tipped to do well every season and end up utter shite.... And they are throwing decent money about as last season proved
  5. I think people down playing the win at QP a tad frustrating.... They have a decent side and budget.... Big lad at the back is a Nigeria international.... Simon Murray is a premiership striker(Scotland obs) and Don Thomas from what u hear turned us down...... Defo not a shite amateur team they once were...
  6. All my happiness and enthusiasm from last post aside....which I cannot deny still buzzing from lasts nights comeback.. Couple of talking points.... Owen Coyle what the hell is he on about.... Never a hand ball and penalty.... Regardless of what team you support is the guy having a laugh... There defender kicks the ball off his own arm which deflects it away from ayr players.... Penalty all day and wouldn't complain of was against us... It wasnt a ball to arm unavoidable contact..... He kicked it off his own arm that was flaling about in the air.... People need to understand and keep up to date with rules... Secondly watched game last night BUT watching highlights again..... Bryden just isn't ready.... I think he will be a great striker given time.... but he needs some experience and confidence from playing at a lower level... He lost the ball for 2nd goal and few times when watching the game he seemed a bit lost... Need a experiences head to play next to big Dipo... Finally Dipo... Think Dick Campbell knows the game better than any of us on here, and certainly think he has called it right with the big yin.... He was outstanding last night and causes teams all sorts or problems..... And Jesus how fit is that guy.... He was running full pelt on the 90th minute.... If any of us on here see him out on the town tonight..... Buy the lad a pint...
  7. Absolutely smashing feeling ... 1st half we can all agree was garbage... But whatever Bully said at half time... Certainly worked a treat. 2nd half looked like scoring everytime we went forward... Urgency... Good attacking play... Sharp and dogged in the tackle.... And that Mcginty header... Almost burst the net.... Absolutely stoked for Dipo.... Hopefully that's money off his back... Was absolute superb... Just need a strike partner for him as feel playing with Bryden not going to work just yet... Bryden will come good just isn't ready yet.... That's proper cheered me up for weekend... Super AyrYaaaaaaaas P. S fans who made it up were excellent cheering in the team... Enjoy yer weekend folks
  8. Sad to say I agree with you sad that there is such a differemce in support when you look at it this way......
  9. I don't quite think alot of you got my point..... /either that or don't like hearing the truth.... The reason we are struggling to attract better player is down to money.... Other teams even raith who are also playing terribly have sold 1500 season tickets.... Therefore will have more money available.... We can't moan and groan about missing out on players when we don't have the money. Theoretically ayr should have much larger support.... Due to big catchment area but we don't..... Sadly too many support the old firm... And or don't go cos we are shite... I think the board and manager are trying there best with budget we have..... Think we just need to be more realistic.... And to those shooting me down for calling out the fans a tad.... Do you go to the games?.... Could be just where I sit..... But when we lose a goal.... I hear.... "Mcginty your fucking rubbish, get to f**k" "you don't have a fucking clue Bullen".... And so on.... So your agreeing such a tirade of abuse Is helpful and encourages the players??? OK then
  10. Agree but hey that's the kind of attitude we have in this forum.... "I am a miserable bugger and I will moan and complain no matter what" Think its maybe just us in general.... Like those people who moan "it's too hot, it's too cold, it's too wet, we could do with a drop of rain, and so on........" Never happy no matter what....
  11. Back tracking.... I clearly stated for people who cannot afford it the this does not apply.... There you go,,see your sounding alot more positive now.... Good on you fella
  12. .... Good comeback... Utter drivel....because you know I am right... You do you.. Wait and till we sign 11 superstar players... Get Alex Ferguson in as manager and..... And then buy ure season ticket.... And support the team.... For the most part I was making a point.... But thanks for your argumentive NEGATIVE comeback.... Here is an idea maybe go support Manchester City or something heard they are bringung in some decent players....... Ridiculous
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