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  1. Scores 24/11

    Craigmark 2-1 Glenrothes FT
  2. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    Yes ‘thee Greg Gallagher.’ The very one. He’s staying at Craigmark.
  3. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    Craigmark are delighted to welcome Lawrie Dinwoodie, Greg Gallagher and Keith Ross as our new management team for the 18/19 season.
  4. Tonights scores

    Craigmark 1-0 Lugar FT
  5. What's the score?

    Craigmark 2-0 Ardeer FT
  6. ADL Season 17/18

    Swimming pools open to the public on a Wednesday but not on a Saturday afternoon. Can’t exactly send two teams in to use the changing rooms when there will be people using them to get changed for the pool.

    Maybole 1-4 Craigmark
  8. ADL Season 17/18

    Correct mate, Ian Patterson is the manager
  9. Games On

    Annbank v Craigmark
  10. ADL Season 17/18

    Craigmark have signed former Darvel and Troon midfielder Murray Johnston.
  11. scores on the doors

    Craigmark 2-1 Cumbernauld FT
  12. Today's scores ?

    Jordan Barr x 2 and Kris Stewart
  13. Today's scores ?

    Saltcoats 3-3 Craigmark FT
  14. Today,s Score,s

    Craigmark 3-1 Annbank FT
  15. ADL Season 17/18

    Craigmark’s target at the start of the season was to finish top 7, to finish top 4 would exceed what we expected to achieve at the start of the season. However, we know it won’t be easy as there’s still plenty tough games to play. As for us not having the ‘class of player to win a league,’ just to name one, did Jo Maxwell not play in the Girvan team that went the whole season undefeated? Hahaha plenty others in the squad would get into any ADL team as well. ‘Amateurs at best,’ the league table would suggest otherwise, pretty remarkable when you consider where the club has been over recent years.