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  1. Would agree, especially with the whole say sorry for the wife/kids comments.
  2. That's still 52 quid too much.
  3. Hoping this works out for the best. Only time will tell, and fingers crossed.
  4. He's very much become a forgotten man but yesterday was a game we could've done with a Dom Thomas, someone willing to show for the ball in wide areas and try take a player on/make things happen. He still would've had to get himself behind Lasley or Clay though to receive a pass off them.
  5. If Hartley goes I'll be very surprised if its anybody other Yogi.
  6. McGhee needs to put this Lasley and Clay partnership to bed. Whilst creativity isn't what Lasley is known for, I don't remember Clay passing the ball forwards much during that game. Time to see what Lee Lucas can do in the middle of the park?
  7. Definitely a game on paper that we should be winning, never as easy as that though against Hamilton normally.
  8. Really could have done with putting Dom Thomas out on loan before the end of the window there. McGhee saying we're 4-3-3, thats an extra 2 players in now for those forward positions, which will once again limit Thomas' playing time,
  9. Arsenal agreed terms with Mustafi of Valencia, all that needs sorted now is a fee between the clubs.
  10. ShireWell

    FIFA 17

    Kyle Walker has a face?
  11. Good start to the league campaign. I know it's only one game but I fear for Killie after that showing.
  12. Glasgow votes remain to tip the scales back in our favour!!
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