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  1. Has anyone ever cancelled themselves so emphatically as this stupid old b*****d? https://news.sky.com/story/bernie-ecclestone-says-he-would-take-a-bullet-for-first-class-vladimir-putin-as-he-defends-war-in-ukraine-12642942
  2. He's still in a job after that shit show of a season. He's never getting fired
  3. In keeping with what was an utterly forgettable season for the Saintees, I forgot to close this out. A no doubt tense potato showdown on the final day finished 0-0, an apt way to end an all round shite season for the famous Aberdeen. Get a third star up there Davie boy, the cinch Scottish Premiership 2021/22 Hot Potato belongs to Aberdeen F.C. Week 37: Aberdeen (C) (0-0 St Mirren (H)) Congratulations to all involved. I'll be back in a month to sporadically update next years competition, depending on how shit St Johnstone are.
  4. I like that 4th place out of 10 gets in to the playoffs, as it makes it even funnier when Falkirk miss out on the 3rd tier playoffs again
  5. Well I didn't realise it was used every year so.. Nah I'm clutching at straws here. Time to speculate on next season? Obviously it's way too early, but lets have a go. With Davidson still in charge I just don't have the faith that he'll have learnt any lessons this year, so would think we'll be around the bottom by Christmas. Killie under McInnes will be solid if unspectacular, I'm sure they'll be safe. County and Livingston will be down there I reckon, based on absolutely nothing whatsoever. Surely Aberdeen and Hibs can't both be as bad as they were this year? And I cant wait to see how St Mirren throw away top six next season
  6. End of fucking thread. Never in doubt
  7. I've not had a season ticket in years, but I've bought lots of shite off the club, including several match tickets. Every time I've ticked the box to say happy to be contacted with offers etc. Guess how many times I've been contacted?
  8. What a fucking bin fire of a thread so far. Couldn't wait until the absolute shitfest of a game on Friday?
  9. Not if we blame the SPFL/SFA and just call it a demotion
  10. In some absolute #scenes St Johnstone not only score a goal, but they also win a game, and relegate Tayside Derby Rivals Dundee in the process. Week 36: Aberdeen (0-1 St Johnstone (A)) As @Leith Green pointed out, Jim Goodwins Aberdeen or Jim Goodwins former St Mirren team will fight it out on Sunday for the (not so) coveted cinch Premiership 2022/23 Hot Potato. And you thought Sundays games were meaningless.
  11. Week 35: St Johnstone (1-1 Livingston (A)) A new way to not win games this week, as a late leveller stops Saints leaving the potato in Livingston. Aberdeen at home tonight . 0-0. Potato now knows it will be with St Johnstone, Aberdeen, Hibs or St Mirren. But it'll be St Johnstone
  12. A vital hot potato fixture, and relegation six pointer, and in a classic case of Davidson-ball, St Johnstone fail to register a shot on target. Criminal. Week 34: St Johnstone (0-1 St Mirren (H)) Can call it now that the potato will end the season in Perth as there is no way Saints are beating anybody.
  13. I thought I had updated this. Week 32: Hibs (1-3 Hearts (A)) Week 33: St Mirren (0-1 Hibs (H)) Hibs fall in to the bottom six in possession of the hot potato, and promptly leave it in Paisley with St Mirren. All saints match up this weekend as St Mirren travel to #perthshire hoping for a first win in about 9 months. I might be wrong but I don't think they have a good record in Perth at all - maybe they need the extra motivation of a tatty fixture. I for one can't wait.
  14. Bus -> football pitch -> Wales -> Belgium -> Texas -> Your mum
  15. But if you stand next to a double decker bus with the sun on the other side, the bus blocks the sun - so it must be smaller than one bus, never mind two?
  16. We sure do. Week 31: Hibs (1-1 Dundee Utd (H)) f**k knows if the potato will be top six come 4.45pm on Saturday, but we do know it'll be in our Capital. I'm not even going to try and predict anything
  17. A real chance with the next 2 fixtures, however if Hibs fail to win either then obviously a real chance they don't make it either. Assume if they fail to beat Utd and then win the Derby they'll be top six? Equally if they beat Utd and then the Arbas don't win their Derby then there's still a chance they sneak in top six? Who knows at this point to be honest. I'm all for it. None of this European challenge nonsense, the real excitement is in the potato race .
  18. Twice this season Aberdeen have gone on double digit winless runs. Twice this season Hibernian Football Club Club have rocked up to Pittodrie. Week 30: Hibs (1-3 Aberdeen (A)) Looking like we'll probably end the season on week 37 due to the way fixtures have fallen. That's pretty god damn close to 38, which I am happy with. Hibs host Dundee United a week on Saturday, and then travel to Hearts in the final pre split match. A real chance that the potato sneaks in to the top six now.
  19. Week 29: Aberdeen (0-1 Rangers (A)) Another week, and Aberdeen still waiting for that new manager bounce to kick in. Defeat at Ibrox see's them match St Johnstones 9 weeks in possession of this seasons Hot Potato. They host Hibs on the 19th next. With Dundee and Ross County to follow, there is a real chance the potato could sneak in to the top six.
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