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  1. Guess who's back.. Back again... Nobody really cares who wins the actual league these days, and this competition always gives the wee teams a chance to win something, and with Dundee back in the league they will be itching to add to the trophy cabinet next to the "we played Crystal Palace" trophy they love so much. As ever, we start with the biggest defeat of the opening weekend, which somewhat unsurprisingly was Livingstons 3-0 loss at Ibrox. They only faced the prospect of the Hot Potato once last season, and comfortably sent it packing with a 2-0 win, so this truly is uncharted territory for the Lions. They host Aberdeen on Sunday. What a season this promises to be. Week 1: Livingston (0-3 v Rangers (A))
  2. 300Mbps isn't going to happen, but to be honest if they can deliver 1/3rd of that then I'd be happy, as this is what I'm currently getting, just me in the house, nothing else running; What's putting me off is the lack of actual detail as to how they are doing this. A wee mention of government vouchers, not sure when it'll go live etc. And the website doesn't help much either. £25/month for a year, £45/month for the second year. So £35/month for 2 years of 300Mb/s fibre seems quite reasonable? There's just something in me that is hesitant and wants to stick with the companies I've actually heard of
  3. Perfect, do you need my mothers maiden name and the last 3 numbers on the back of my card, or just my card number and PIN?
  4. Whereas the Sky Sports reporter is wondering why nobody else is at Tannadice
  5. Perfect, I'll send them my bank details now Yeah that's what's concerning me, apparently in another part of town there's a different company rolling out fibre to premises. I just want internet that lets me watch netflix while I'm supposed to be working
  6. Has anyone heard of/used Go Fibre? Had a guy at the door offering up to 300Mb/s download for £24.99 a month, for a year (after that I think its something like £44.99/month). Thing is I've never heard of them, but I'm currently getting about 15Mb/s max from Sky, so it's tempting to see what they offer. Unless of course they're a bunch of cowboys, which given they have gone door to door, they probably are.
  7. Then they'd be wrong https://gardeningproductsreview.com/shovel-vs-spade-whats-difference/
  8. what the f**k else are they going to call it?
  9. As opposed to your regular awareness? Spatial awareness ffs
  10. Surely it'll be Budapest seeing as they seem to be ignoring covid for full houses
  11. Give penalty takers soldiers wages
  12. That's a good point. Aside from the obviously shitey clickbait headline, its factually inaccurate as they have bought themselves into the Lowland League this season, so don't have "Premiership rivals" Also I don't think they use hats anymore
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