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  1. Another way to look at it is he managed to score equal to 25% of our total league goals in only 84% of the games.
  2. Cute . Davidsonball in full effect here. Will set up for 0-0 . Barrie McKay to score a decent goal just before the hour, Bair and May switch depending on which one started in an attempt to 'chase the game', finishes 1-0 and Davidson 'happy with the effort the boys put in' as we 'controlled the game up to the wonder strike' and now we 'just need 4 or 5 players in' to compete. At least my saturday wont be ruined
  3. Has anyone ever cancelled themselves so emphatically as this stupid old b*****d? https://news.sky.com/story/bernie-ecclestone-says-he-would-take-a-bullet-for-first-class-vladimir-putin-as-he-defends-war-in-ukraine-12642942
  4. He's still in a job after that shit show of a season. He's never getting fired
  5. In keeping with what was an utterly forgettable season for the Saintees, I forgot to close this out. A no doubt tense potato showdown on the final day finished 0-0, an apt way to end an all round shite season for the famous Aberdeen. Get a third star up there Davie boy, the cinch Scottish Premiership 2021/22 Hot Potato belongs to Aberdeen F.C. Week 37: Aberdeen (C) (0-0 St Mirren (H)) Congratulations to all involved. I'll be back in a month to sporadically update next years competition, depending on how shit St Johnstone are.
  6. I like that 4th place out of 10 gets in to the playoffs, as it makes it even funnier when Falkirk miss out on the 3rd tier playoffs again
  7. Well I didn't realise it was used every year so.. Nah I'm clutching at straws here. Time to speculate on next season? Obviously it's way too early, but lets have a go. With Davidson still in charge I just don't have the faith that he'll have learnt any lessons this year, so would think we'll be around the bottom by Christmas. Killie under McInnes will be solid if unspectacular, I'm sure they'll be safe. County and Livingston will be down there I reckon, based on absolutely nothing whatsoever. Surely Aberdeen and Hibs can't both be as bad as they were this year? And I cant wait to see how St Mirren throw away top six next season
  8. End of fucking thread. Never in doubt
  9. I've not had a season ticket in years, but I've bought lots of shite off the club, including several match tickets. Every time I've ticked the box to say happy to be contacted with offers etc. Guess how many times I've been contacted?
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