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  1. I prefer the ones that look like they get sun burnt in a warm room
  2. Well I've not updated this in a while, so its been awfully nice of Accies to make it nice and easy on me. Week 14: Hamilton (1-3 v Rangers) Week 15: Hamilton (0-0 v Livingston) Week 16 : Hamilton (1-2 Celtic) Week 17: Hamilton (0-1 v St Mirren) Failure to win at Pittodrie on Saturday will see Accies match St Johnstone's early season streak, then a relegation 6-pointer at home to Hearts follows.
  3. deej

    FIFA 20

    I take it's best to just play offline just at weekend if not in weekend league. Neither is best IMO, you can still play rivals - depends what you prefer really. I usually do a bit of both if I'm playing.
  4. deej

    FIFA 20

    I would assume it would go down a few levels if not playing Monday - Sunday, wouldn't be surprised if you drop out of Gold
  5. deej

    FIFA 20

    Better luck with the 82+ SBC today - essentially a gold upgrade (11 Gold with 7+ rare, minimum 30 Chemistry) done 4, 83 Tolisso and Aranguiz, 84 Sokratis and 87 Bernardo Silva.
  6. deej

    FIFA 20

    Don't expect Mbappe
  7. deej

    FIFA 20

    Disagree really - they could offer more, but why would they do that when folk consistently lap up the shite they offer at the prices they offer it?
  8. deej

    FIFA 20

    Just checked their records for me there - Aubameyang has 56 in 62, Vardy has 41 in 58. Not sure where I got the feeling that Vardy was scoring more.
  9. deej

    FIFA 20

    Good point, can change in game - I prefer full chemistry as well. Bit of both for Vardy, he seems more clinical to me, plus its 10 chem. I change pretty regularly though as it feels like if you play the same team repeatedly it goes stale, although I'm pretty sure that's in my head.
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