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  1. Week 30 - Partick Thistle (0-2 Hibs) Week 31 - Partick Thistle (0-1 Killie) Week 32 - Accies (1-2 Partick) Something fucked up as after 34 games we're at week 32, think it was due to postponed games. Anyway, Partick finally got rid of it post-split and will hope not to see it again. Crucial match next week between Accies and County, now has the added pressure of being a Hot Potato encounter.
  2. Week 22 - Ross County (0-2 Motherwell) Week 23 - Ross County (1-2 Rangers) Week 24 - Ross County (2-4 Aberdeen) Week 25 - Dundee (1-4 Ross County) Week 26 - Partick Thistle (1-2 Dundee) Week 27 - Partick Thistle (1-2 Hamilton) Week 28 - Partick Thistle (0-0 Aberdeen) Week 29 - Partick Thistle (0-3 Hearts) Partick in possession. Away to Hibs then home to Kilmarnock, so 2 opportunities for the Hot Potato to crack the top six before the split. Also have County but I don't know when that is.
  3. The Photography Thread

    A week in the Alps and I got this, blue skies and beer.
  4. Arnold Clark Horror Stories

    Went with stag motors after a recommendation, guy seems nice enough. £250 plus VAT just for the part I need though , bit of a kick in the balls Sent from my HTC One A9 using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  5. Arnold Clark Horror Stories

    Looking for some advice - my wee Swift has been struggling recently - the Malfunction Indicator Light came on recently, and what sounds like the fan belt is going off its tits on start up and idling, but not all the time. Anyone know of any decent garages in Aberdeen City Centre they'd recommend? Windows down and heating up didn't achieve anything.
  6. Hopefully get Frazer Wright out of retirement to goad f**k out of Ciftci and bring yet more tears
  7. Anyone who says they wouldn't have him at saints on some principled bullshit needs to take a look at themselves. So most of our fan base I'd reckon.
  8. what's the deal with turnstiles at tynecastle these days? Can I get away with a student ticket in an automatic turnstile or has gorgie drafted in people that can read?
  9. Shite week. 4, 3, 5, 6 for Monday to Thursday, although a super sexy 9/10 to finish the week. Almost definitely too little, too late though.
  10. Have you not seen the banter page? He's clearly the next Cristiano Ronaldo, but Tommy Wright just doesn't give youth the chance.
  11. So into the new year, and leading the way together are Dundee and Kilmarnock on 7 weeks. Out on their own in second, but nowhere near the leaders are Partick with 2 Everyone else that has had it, has only held it for a single week. These lucky lads are - Hearts, Motherwell, Rangers, Aberdeen and Hamilton.
  12. Week 1 - Hearts (1-4 Celtic) Week 2 - Kilmarnock (0-1 Hearts) Week 3 - Kilmarnock (0-2 Celtic) Week 4 - Kilmarnock (2-2 Hamilton) Week 5 - Kilmarnock (0-2 Motherwell) Week 6 - Kilmarnock (1-1 Aberdeen) Week 7 - Kilmarnock (1-1 Dundee) Week 8 - Kilmarnock (0-2 Ross County) Week 9 - Partick (0-2 Killie)] Week 10 - Dundee (1-2 Partick) Week 11 - Dundee (0-1 Motherwell) Week 12 - Dundee (1-3 Accies) Week 13 - Dundee (1-2 Hibs) Week 14 - Dundee (0-0 Killie) Week 15 - Rangers (1-2 Dundee) Week 16 - Aberdeen (1-2 Rangers) Week 17 - Dundee (0-1 Aberdeen) Week 18 - Dundee (0-2 Hearts) Week 19 - Partick (0-3 Dundee) Week 20 - Hamilton (0-1 Partick) Week 21 - Motherwell (1-3 Accies) Bit of a mix up with week 21/22 as the Hamilton-Killie game was called off, so Motherwells 22nd game (and almost everyone else) falls under the HP's week 21. I don't care, Saints haven't had it yet despite being utter dugshit most of the season so far. Motherwell bring the Hot Potato into 2018.
  13. Some lovely guessing this week. Aussie sport and Nobel Prize wrong today for tomorrow.