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  1. deej

    FIFA 22

    Got this the other day. How in the f**k does rivals work now?
  2. Week 8: Aberdeen (1-2 Celtic (H)) The Potato stays up the A90 in Aberdeen min, after Celtic actually win a game. Maybe they will get the 10 this year after all. Aberdeen & Dundee's US owners show incredible foresight in moving the upcoming game, now its an international Hot Potato fixture. f**k the folk actually going to the match, right?
  3. Fucking hell Ange mate, I go on holiday and you choose that week to be the funniest of all the Hot Potato weeks. First of all a cracking win for Livi at the Spaghettihad sends it to Parkhead for the first time since I remember doing this (that could be wrong). Incidentally I saw that Gretna have won a league game at the Tony Macaroni more recently than Celtic. So that's a fun fact. Then a nice comfortable fixture at home to the quintessential yo-yo club Dundee Utd. Easy win right? Wrong! Celtic retain the Hot Potato for another week. Week 6: Celtic (0-1 Livingston (A)) Week 7: Celtic (1-1 Dundee United (H)) Celtic travel to Aberdeen on Sunday.
  4. Think they're just reminiscing about the olden days where we occasionally scored more than one goal a game
  5. Those 5 clubs all still searching for that first win, leaves the Hot Potato in West Lothian for yet another week. I hope it likes roundabouts. Week 5: Livingston (0-0 Dundee (A)) Next up for the League Cup Runners Up, CEO-less Celtic at home. If Livingston don't win that or the following game away at Hearts, they'll carry it in to October from week 1. Not that that has any significance whatsoever.
  6. She's away with work for a while, and will almost always phone me on the way to/from work. Me "How are you" Her "Ok you?" "Yeah alright, up to much?" "On my way to work, you?" "nope nothing" ..... ..... Her "well if you're not gonna talk I might as well hang up" Me "cool bye" Honestly no idea why she phones half the time, and she then gets pissy at me if neither of us have anything to say. She also phones me all the fucking time when I'm WFH for the most mundane shite, and gets annoyed when I say I'm working and need to go.
  7. Would be next month, a quick look online suggests they are similar, but Cambuslang is a bit of a bigger track
  8. Has anyone been to either/both the ScotKart places in Clydebank & Cambuslang? Which one is better/recommended?
  9. 4 games, 4 defeats for Tony Macaronis boys. Next up is a trip to Premiership new boys and the quintessential yo-yo club, Dundee after the international break. Week 4: Livingston (0-2 Hibs (A)) Dundee and Livingston are 2 of 5 clubs still searching for their first league win of the season, somethings got to give. Livingston will be keen to offload it asap as following the Dundee game, they have Celtic at home and then Hearts away.
  10. All I do in my thread is check the results of last week, fixtures for next week, and think up new ways to take the piss out of St Mirren. This is incredible work @craigkillie
  11. Ideally more than once, that proves you really don't care
  12. I'm a sad b*****d and skiving at work, so just had a wee count of what's left; 204 Ormond 732 North Less than 1000 tickets still available.
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