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  1. Tassimo, Americano Grande, bit of milk. Easy, same everytime, does the job. At the weekends we might have a cafetiere of cat shit coffee
  2. deej

    FIFA 22

    I think its just becoming too obvious that the promos are 100% pack sellers tbh. There's no doubt Mbappe and Messi are great. Have they had better years than Salah? And how tf is Hakimi in the TOTY? Spoiler: Its cause he's quick and OP. Ronaldo being the 12th man is just blatantly to sell packs, no hiding it. On the flip side, I am enjoying the game more, funnily enough because I am playing it less and not stressing about getting every objective card like previous years. Once you f**k the FOMO, its a more enjoyable game.
  3. Week 20: St Johnstone (0-2 Hearts (A)) Dundee next. It's not even funny anymore
  4. Week 17: St Johnstone (0-2 Motherwell (A)) Week 18: St Johnstone (1-2 Ross County (H)) Week 19: St Johnstone (1-3 Celtic (H)) As predicted St Johnstone remained utter shite over the christmas break, but no fear as Nadir Ciftci is here to single handedly drag us up the table. If the international clearance comes in. European push starts with Hearts away for the Super Js tonight.
  5. Thinking about learning keyboard/piano, would it be enough to buy a cheapish one from argos/wherever and learn from youtube etc to begin with? Or would people recommend going for in-person lessons?
  6. Anyone able to get away tickets? Website is extremely slow and not giving the away option
  7. Tesla drivers are easily dealt with - "Oh the new Toyotas look nice"
  8. Week 16: St Johnstone Nil (0-2 Rangers (A)) A trip to lovely Lanarkshire next up, where last seasons Hot Potato enjoyed so much time. Hope it doesn't expect to stay long though, as St Johnstone are without "main striker" Chris Kane. After Saints fail to score here, its back to McDiarmid Park where they will fail to score in consecutive games v Ross County and then Celtic. Merry fucking Christmas
  9. Someone told me cow manure works as well. I reckon its bull shit
  10. Week 15: St Johnstone (0-1 Aberdeen (H)) Saints can feel hard done by with the goal, but we were never going to score anyway so would have kept the Hot Potato regardless. Next up is a nice relaxing trip to the champions on Wednesday. f**k sake
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