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  1. Just signed up to the Virginbet Fives, first spin is worth £2 and I got 2x Southampton Defenders, James Milner, Jarrod Bowen and Aubameyang. 2 Strikers with a decent chance.
  2. Knowing insurers though, this just means that new business prices will rise to meet silly renewal prices.
  3. In the analysis of the Hibs Saints game, they showed Hibs chances, including a close (but clear) offside, where Martin Boyle ran through and had the ball in the net. So why the f**k was that not in the highlights?? Also, team lines running along the bottom as the highlights is shite, but unless I'm mistaken Hibs did actually play eleven players, not just the four players listed.
  4. Get out of here with your sensible thinking, no place for that at the SPFL And you just get the f**k out of here with that
  5. Crowd w**k ✓ Won Trophies years ago ✓ Just need an "It's not a derby" to complete another round of 'we don't care about St Johnstone' Bingo
  6. A very #staunch stake there as well
  7. Is anyone offering odds on multiples for Scottish play off winners? McBookie led me to believe they were, as when you add selections it gives the price for the treble, but then when I went to place the bet it says they are eligible for singles only.
  8. Mind and phone the day before to make sure they'll see you
  9. You have to assume that there will just be one group of 4, and then 3 places for best runners up instead of 4? Possibly discounting results against the bottom placed team in the groups of 5 as they used to in WC/Euro qualifiers.
  10. I purposely don't renew with companies even if they can beat the other lowest price after they've already high balled bunch of robbing c***s. Similarly, I had already bought the new insurance before cancelling with Admiral, fully aware they would beat their own price. Had they been significantly cheaper then I could always cancel the new policies before they started. I changed job mid policy, from working in a bank to office based engineering. What difference this made to my car insurance I've no idea, but when I went to notify them the premium jumped up £60. So I closed the page and went about my day.
  11. More of a PTTGOYN I suppose, but insurance. Renewal is due in 2 weeks for both cars, Admiral come through with a handy auto renewal price of £665. Obviously renewals are silly prices so I go on to compare the market, and one of the cheapest is Aviva, who also offer multicar. I go to Aviva directly for a multicar quote as comparethemarket didn't seem to offer that, and they come in at a whopping £865 for both, whereas individual quotes for the 2 cars (both with Aviva) combined is around £500. The 2 cars are now insured - 1 with Aviva, 1 with Churchill, as the total cost was around £440. I go to cancel the autorenewal with admiral and magically they can knock £115 off the renewal price. Apparently the price was the best they could do at the time with the information they had on me, yet managed to chop nearly 20% off the renewal price with no additional information. Insurance companies are robbing b*****ds.
  12. Table Update; United taking possession for the first time this season. Motherwell will finish the season having held on the longest. Aberdeen, Celtic, Livingston & Rangers guaranteed to never have even held it, while a Dundee United victory over Motherwell would see St Mirren avoiding possession as well.
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