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  1. f**k me it’s hard to even read this now with tartan bullshits constant posts
  2. Correct. Manager and his pals have f**k all clue.
  3. Am more than positive ladeside will open up the changing rooms for you guys tomorrow night.
  4. Offft lochee for the cup
  5. Hearing someone passed away mate
  6. The injuries we’ve had and coped with them says a lot about us as well mate.
  7. No really as it was only trophy we hadnt won in our history. I’ll take the league now though and don’t see why we should be written off giving our record this season
  8. Ladeside are unbeaten since glenafton game in September. Pretty impressive if your ask me.
  9. 2008 we last one a major trophy mate. No pain in watching ladeside. It’s a pleasure to be part of something like us [emoji106][emoji23]
  10. No mention of ladeside. Guess were written off then [emoji848]
  11. Pc cabe you have some serious hypocrisy going on here. Still the same boring fud
  12. Then the fucking medda shouldn’t of asked for inspection the day before eh. Stooopit
  13. Do you give a f**k really [emoji23]. Let them medda dafties do all the greeting. Still think they can buy refs.
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