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  1. Well batted away! Nothing about why the negotiatons for the buyout broke down, who were the trust negotiating with ? Twigg? As I recall when Lee Murray was trying to buy the club he was sitting opposite Neil Rankine , why was this as his name hasn't shown up on the share pie chart. When the plastic pitch was awarded to East Fife, Cllr Hunter expressed concerns that there's a clear link between FFTC & EFFC and also said "today's decision represents a step forward for the finances of privately owned East Fife football club " Doesn't seem like the kind of revenue generated from the shop & basically selling of sweets as you previously stated. Could it be the trust aren't interested in a buyout now that they're involved in the running of FFTC? Let's get back to this later when details of stadium sharing & pitch rentals are revealed. All though details of any deals at East Fife seem to be cloaked in secrecy.
  2. Hi Angus, it seems every time I bring up the financial part of the club it never gets answered.(I won't discuss private messages) I am a fan, this is a fans forum & I'm asking questions about plastic pitch hire, land being sold, transfer fees, compensation for Smith ,Twigg/Rankine involvement. Now as you're the fans representative on the board & this is a fans forum then be open & if you can, answer the points. The forum for now is dominated with manager/player recruitment so my points are easily forgotten about on here but they will always surface. Barry Smiths contract, In the East Fife Mail Jim Stevenson said "the deal we have is that if a full time team come in then we'll allow him to speak to them" Speak yes but compensation for breaking a contract is still due. August 2014 was an interesting time when not 1 but 2 buyouts was taking place, 1 from the board & 1 from the trust ( there was even talk of a joint bid remember) whatever happened & why hasn't it been brought up again especially since the club is valued less than 2yrs ago due to Rankine purchasing all the surrounding land. More recently, the Live at Bayview music festival/fiasco, now most fans thought this was independently run but it wasn't & it wasn't to East Fife's cost, several thousand pounds cost. Has Barry Smiths compensation money went straight to cover the festival debacle. Finally, the plastic pitch, what is the financial split between FFTC & EFFC going to be? The club/Rankine/Twigg aren't allowing the use of their stadium out of the kindness of their hearts. I'll respect your/clubs wish not to comment on financial matters
  3. If there WAS a get out clause then why was it a 2 year contract he signed ? Doesn't make sense. He's under contract but as usual there'll be denial from the East Fife board that any compensation was paid. Why has East Fife allowed Barry to sign players today when he's due to leave? Probably due to compensation being agreed between Rovers & Fife. More cash coming Twigg/Rankines way !
  4. All of the above is commendable Angus, as you say this club may be the nearest Spfl club to the above areas but what you/East Fife are forgetting is the club is in the centre of 1 of the most highly deprived areas in Scotlands so there's little chance of boosting crowd numbers when season ticket prices have rocketed 40% I'd have thought you would've commented on more the financial side of things relating to my post
  5. Money coming in from rental for almost 50wks per year but apparently East Fife will make nothing & Fifers for the community (FFTC) are a 100% non profit organisation, as stated on their 'TotalGiving donation page' The new plastic pitch will have to be replaced every 4-5 yrs so that's a huge amount of money accumulating. The Kennoway Star Hearts deal has still to be confirmed but don't expect the details of that deal to be published It's very generous of Lorraine Twigg to forfeit this revenue to her club.
  6. Must've been plenty of transfer windows last season as he made 27 appearances. Would've loved to have Ryan back at Bayview, he always gives 100% & I remember after he left us he payed at the gate to watch us in the relegation playoffs. Worryingly as already been said that Stranraer can offer a more lucrative deal than East Fife
  7. 2nd that , Lamont & Goodfellow would be ok for the bench but will probably want 1st team football so won't be a surprise to see them leave
  8. The club received a fee for Fash,Mercer,Anderson & Naysmith but nobody was told so don't expect anything different with Brown. If there is a fee then it'll be dismissed as a small fee & pilfered out the club as usual. With 2 home gates V Raith plus extra revenue from hiring out the stadium(not the pitch) to Kennoway then East Fife will be generating some decent money next season , question is will this be passed onto the manager?
  9. Bobby Barr won't hang around for Lge1 football, he'll already be sniffing around Livvi , QOS, Pars etc
  10. The odds are obviously in favour of the team staying full time in Lge1 getting promoted to the championship as Livvi have proved but they stayed with a strong championship/Lge1 class team,Airdrie went with ordinary pros that just wanted to stay FT , question is what will Raith do? A team of U20's (that will get slaughtered) or splash out on seasoned pros?
  11. If the Rovers want to retain any of THAT team then pity help them as Brechin are an average Lge 1 side, up until the last 3 weeks 6 or 7 teams could've finished either 3rd or 9th in Lge1. If the Rovers think that staying Full time will see them spring back into the money of the championship then just ask Airdrie how that went!
  12. Gary Locke had the Rovers 19pts clear of St.Mirren at 1 stage surely the club should bring him back
  13. Tony Wallace has the benefit in that Barry Smith hasn't seen him play , I'm sure once he does see him then he'll be freed. I'd like to see Ricky Little from Arbroath, Ryan Wallace, Alex Harris freed from Hibs for starters. Thoughts & suggestions? Just noticed striker Dale Hilson is a free agent, played a lot of games for a 24yr old, good experience
  14. He was brought in by Barry Smith & featured in about 5 or 6 sub appearances. When a manager brings in his own player & doesn't play him even though the team are down to the bare bones most weeks then that tells its own story.
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