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  1. Outside of the old firm and maybe Aberdeen I don't think there's a better front three in the league ahead of Nouble-Anderson-Bahamboula, here's hoping this is the start of it propelling us up the table
  2. Is it really that close? I've always had the perception that the train station there is about 2 hours away from anything meaningful in Livi
  3. Kyogo is a fucking embarrassment man, don't think I've ever disliked a player as much as him
  4. That's actually the number being up on recent year, it was previously only 1m. I'm fairly sure we've had the smallest budget in the league for years, even Hamilton I think were out-paying us.
  5. I was for VAR, but f**k me it is boring. One game I've attended when it's in use and it's utterly stinking. We've got no screens to even figure out what's happening either.
  6. Also get Jack Hamilton binned, never to be seen again. Fucking woeful 'keeper'.
  7. Because they do, we have a turnover of 1.25m, whereas Celtic and Rangers have 50-60m turnover per year.
  8. Don't think they've got a lot to gain. Just the 3 points, but a hell of a lot to lose if they don't win. Pressure is on Celtic, we're not expected to do anything
  9. Yeah that was implied, trying to be a little careful though. Last time I made that claim I was accused of racism on here
  10. I think when Livi were doing body profile tests at the start of one season something was thrown up with Efe as well. Something to do with his body profile being consistent with that of someone 3-5 years older than he was at the time. It could be nothing, could be down to poor eating etc
  11. We've already done it signing Esma but he was about 5 stone overweight The signings that come from there are always so unfit and take 6 months to get fit, like JET did with us. He was shocking for the first 6 months with us
  12. Will never forget Falkirk's utter meltdown at losing Sibbald to us for a similar fee. Genuinely hilarious. I can imagine it'd be something along those lines
  13. To be fair he's not the type of player we sign. We could probably get better from cheaper with the way we recruit case in point with Nouble/Bahamboula etc
  14. He could genuinely get us relegated and has enough credit in the bank to get a shot at next season. Best manager in the league, without a doubt.
  15. Are Celtic fans going to cry about VAR in this one as well? We've got nothing to fear in games like this, we're not expected to get a point let alone a win. Celtic have had, what, one win here in about 15 years?
  16. That's an absolutely phenomenal article, wow. If there was ever a person in our club's history deserving of a statue, then it's Martindale. Hope to f**k he never actually does leave us because replacing that work ethic and input will be impossible. I'm guessing this bit will be about Esma as well then : The players have got to be under 60mm skinfolds when they have their eight measurement points taken by callipers — otherwise, they are out of the team. A recent signing dropped from 103mm to 49mm.
  17. Haven't actually thought about this, but if Dundee Utd go down could they be in big financial trouble? They've ran at a loss for a few seasons have they not, and surely dropping down would be a hard one to take
  18. For further clarity, Martindale didn't even discover Nouble. He was recommended to us by JET on his way out as he knew Joel's brother, Frank Nouble and felt he was a similar player to himself. Even if Dick Campbell is looking for another Nouble in those leagues, don't you think Livi also are? It's a bit of a wild chase either way but we've had a lot of failures from that level too.
  19. We've been in far worse positions, Holt's season where he resigned and even last season threatened a lot more than what we've got now. Overall this squad is a lot stronger than any we've had in the Premiership. Still a long way to go though, January could come and Nouble/Fitzwater/Anderson could go and we're sat worrying a bit. Last season Martindale came out with the 'this squad won't get relegated comment' which raised a few eyebrows in here but he was spot on. If we lose Martindale then we're fucked
  20. It always seems to be us. Celtic dropping points in back to back games against us was the start of Lennon falling apart and the 10 slipping away. The whole post Dubai COVID saga was beginning just as they had to face us twice. It's actually pretty funny when we force one half of them to lose their shite. I hope the Rangers fans who were dancing about in the home end on the first game of the season are sitting in tears I wouldn't put it past us to take a point off of Celtic next week, or lose about 8 goals to them
  21. When in doubt, spend more Then again, Ross County tend to spend a bit when in trouble and Motherwell could do similar. Killie/St Johnstone shoot out for bottom spot?
  22. They really do have a hugely self inflated sense of worth don't they? They've gave us a few loans through the years and it's been hit or a miss. Last season we suffered Ben Williamson's shite performances and prior to that we had McCrorie dropping them in the net. We've took Stephen Kelly off their hands permanently but no chance we'd have taken him in on loan
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