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  1. To be fair I'm sat thinking the same with Arbroath Would love to see you lot do the unimaginable and get up somehow! Interestingly enough, I remember we were sniffing about Tam O'Brien two seasons ago, a bit surprised he's still at Arbroath. Clearly he's Premiership bound with the Lichties though
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Potato-hood, fucking Celtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic
  3. I've not stopped smiling all day. Utter fucking class.
  4. True but we have our goals spread throughout the team usually. A striker needs to do a hell of a lot more than just be a decent finisher
  5. To be fair, Jack looks slow as f**k. We're used to strikers running about and chasing the ball but he just stands about looking grumpy half the time. Doesn't help that he's up front on his own but compared to Anderson he's not going to get a look in as it is
  6. Back to us in January when we end his loan tbf
  7. I'm not entirely sure we really use scouts, we use a stats based recruitment system. He was in on trial with us in Spain on our preseason camp. Interestingly enough though, it was none of that and actually JET that recommended him since he's pals with Frank Nouble - he's Joel's big brother
  8. Looking forward to Nouble coming back to us and us finding a way to somehow f**k it up
  9. PPV is the same for every game, nothing wrong with the price. It's set at that as with PPV people tend to watch in groups, 2 or 3 folk watching the game and that's down to £6.67. This price has been fixed since the start of last season, so don't go thinking Celtic are some special case. I'd rather be offered PPV at £20 than not at all like your total joke of a club. Not as if we're shutting other side's fans out of stadiums either...
  10. In all honesty, it should be doable for any club. It just takes a lot of forward thinking and innovation. We've started giving players 2 year deals with a club option of a 3rd. We're only now putting the youth academy back together after cutting it in order to avoid running at a loss. Obviously it helps that we sold Dykes for 2m + add ons which helped us through COVID. It sounds like you're going about it the right way at least, we managed to excel on picking up guys with a point to prove after being released from bigger clubs, or guys stepping straight up from the Juniors like Pittman did. If there was one thing I'd recommend that QP do, it would be to go down the stats based recruitment option. We had Martindale in charge of all transfers when we won League 1 onwards, he signed guys like Lithgow, Byrne, Hardie, Mullin and latterly Dykes based on stats based recruitment options. It meant we got players who fit the system, were undervalued by their clubs (or released) and were playing at a level worse than they could comfortably contribute to. Lithgow for example, at Airdrie and Clyde was apparently playing at a Premiership standard - I'd actually spoken to the guys that scouted him for Livi and it was pretty incredible seeing the pieces all together on his profile. It was the main reason we could compete at the top end despite having nowhere near that budget. Even if you're not ready for the Championship surely you could stay up, the higher up the leagues you are the easier it all gets. It just presents more options for money and growth at a faster rate than consolidating in League 1 could offer.
  11. Kelly is double the player McCrorie is, he'll be absolutely fine I think. Good shot stopper but prone to an error every now and again. McCrorie is just an utter calamity in all ways
  12. We haven't for a while, we've run at a net even/profit for about 7 or 8 years now. We just run off of what we earn, that goes back to the League 1 win for sure and the following double promotion. We ran as the only FT side in League 1 and did fine, off of about 800 ST holders. It's just that we ended up paying less as a FT side than the higher end PT sides. We run off of about a core of 1000-1,200 home fans and it sustains FT football just fine. Obviously helps to have a model of selling players on and playing top flight football. We won the playoffs in the Championship with the second smallest budget, Brechin in their winless season being the lowest.
  13. I really do wonder if the outcome will be, 1) make the league bigger, 2) get a better TV deal and 3) something vague about streaming or maximising merchandise income.
  14. Celtic must be shit scared of roundabouts and multiple McDonalds
  15. If we had more competent defenders at the club 352 would be the way to go to fit the 1,000 midfielders into the side
  16. His issue is just that he seems lazy as f**k, he needs to either get his fitness up or start to chase defenders around and hassle more. We can't carry a passenger up front
  17. Former Livi director that put money into the club in the form of a loan (repayable only when the club can afford to do so), tried to rinse us in court for £500k legal costs in March and the courts ruled in our favour. He was originally owed £400k through directors loans and the courts reduced that sum to £240k in 2015. He tried to push for the sum to be repaid on demand with 9% interest per year along with the £500k in legal costs We offered him £100k to piss off or have to wait for his money and he's been raging ever since. Not to mention he was banned from being a director of any club at some point too Most of the cash has gone to reducing our debt, most of which were directors loans but he's one of the last to get his money. Think the debt has went from 1.6m to 200-300k in the last 3 or 4 years. It's very convenient that J Domingo has a burning hatred of our board and manager, the same as Livi Del Boy does. All new random accounts that pop up with 'ITK' info that turns out to be bullshit. For the record those in charge of Livi are the best folk we've had in at the club for a long long time. They'll refuse to allow us to run at a loss and we play within our means nowadays with a focus on sustainability and good financial health
  18. You're never getting that cash Nixon Even the courts ruled against you, utter tears
  19. Talking shite, again and again. Away off this forum LiviDelBoy, J Domingo, Nixon.
  20. £500 or there abouts, what Logie's saying is true. I've probably made an arse of it He's definitely on that or less, nowhere near £2k.
  21. The big worry for me is getting the likes of Stryjek, Devlin, Sibbald, Forrest and Hamilton tied up on longer deals. Sibbald would be a huge loss for us if he goes
  22. He's absolutely not, and as Logie says, I also know for a fact he took £500 a week to come play for Livi. He was happy to take a huge drop in money you fanny. Piss off Nixon.
  23. You're talking utter fucking pish. Omeonga isn't on much money at all, the reason he is here is that he took a significant drop in cash to get back to playing Scotland. I think you've had one too many today and as usual are making an arse of yourself. Stop playing this J Domingo character and take your pish elsewhere
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