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  1. Claiming Meadowbank's history isn't exactly some universal thing for Livi fans. I certainly don't, as far as I'm concerned Livi is 95-Present. I've got no interest in claiming to be some other club, one ceased to exist and then Livi did. We've almost been in existence for 30 years, there will have to come a point where even the staunchest defender of this topic lets it rest and finally comes to terms with Livi as a club. 1974-1995 is 21 years, Livi as a club have existed for longer than that. We're over halfway from Ferranti's 1954-1995 stint if you're lumping them both together.
  2. Was thinking the same Martindale was right about it to be fair, we had a good season in the end. Is Fox as good as Martindale though, I think not.
  3. Ultimate Shitfesters f**k sake. St Johnstone are probably the worst for roughhousing and diving. St Mirren fans just enjoy booing whatever they can
  4. To add onto this, the fact that he doubles down by saying that the 200 we brought is half of what we normally do is hilarious He's been emptied by folk that even work at Livi, stating that we've never brought that (400). The guy that works for the Courier covering all things Livi (for 8 years) rightly pointed out we've only brought 400+ on about 4 or 5 occasions, two of them being the away playoff game (which had a lot of neutrals) and then an away cup game to Hearts.
  5. Weirdly I think our season tickets are up to 1.2k from 800 last season. Then again bringing 200 or so is still about 17% of our home support. I think that's probably pretty average in terms of away supports. St Mirren in particular bringing 800 to us is 16% of the ~5000 they had today.
  6. To be fair, that away support is equal to something like 20-30% of our home support. Proportionally it checks out just fine, the same as any other club. The guy running the twitter has had a total heads gone moment, outing himself with some proper Tory comments St Mirren well worth their win today, we collapsed against 10 men and should've taken a draw. If you can't bury a penalty then what chance have you got.
  7. Pretty fair comment. Both teams might actually be fairly similar, not that I've seen St Mirren this season. We've got big guys that are phenomenal with the ball at their feet in Nouble and Moyo. A physical team that can play good to decent football is pretty much the blueprint for success outside of Hearts/Hibs/Celtic/Rangers/Aberdeen where those finances can afford more in the quality side of things
  8. To be fair, Bitsindou is an internationalist too, he got his cap last summer. He's huge, looks good on the ball and had a good passing range when we stuck him at CB. At this level his physicality should stand out, he's arguably more physical than Nouble but not as good on the ball. He should be an absolute monster in the middle of the park for winning the ball though
  9. We've got nothing to fear here, pretty much a free hit. Would like to see Fitzwater come back into the team but if Montano is keeping the same form he had he'll be impossible to keep quiet
  10. Absolutely wasn't me ffs. Forrest is a one trick pony; he just cuts inside and shoots. He was caught on to quick enough at the end of last season. I thought the people suggesting that were taking the piss but if not then deary me
  11. Can't see why Che Adams starts ahead of Dykes IMO. Dykes brings far far more to the team. His scoring record for Scotland is fairly unmatched by most in the squad.
  12. Looks like us and Rangers are holding up the new Sky deal. Neither club have responded. It's a woeful deal, glad we're making a stand. The league needs 11-1 in favour for it to pass. It'll allow Sky to show 4 games at each stadium per season instead of just 3, so more fixtures being moved for a petty sum on top of what we get. Hopefully this is a chance we can restructure the entire deal and get what we deserve
  13. To be fair, I don't think there's any chance he's even League 2 level at this point in his career. He's just getting good development minutes in at a young age, could go on to do well but we seem to step up our loans. Jack Hamilton for examples went about a few non-league clubs and then went League 2>1>Championsip x3/4>English League 2. We seem to have a plan in place for some level of developing these guys but you'd imagine it's still 2-3 years before he'd be ready to start even in League 1. Only one that broke the mould was Schwake but he was in League 2 TOTY and a standout for Edinburgh City. He went League 2>Championship
  14. Only one likely out of that whole team is Longridge, or the really young boys like Che Reilly, Kieran Wilson or Lucas Stenhouse. Hamilton, 2nd choice keepr Cancar, rotation CB Boyes, just back from long term injury and getting fitness Fitzwater, our best starting CB Brandon, 2nd choice RB Penrice, 1st/2nd choice LB Shinnie, rotation CM Anderson, just back from injury, getting fitness, 2nd top goalscorer in the Premiership last season Stephen Kelly, just signed, rotation CM Goncalves, not long signed and getting fitness up Konovalov is 3rd choice keeper and Bitsindou is a weird one. He's been capped for Congo and played most of our league cup games at CB despite being a CDM. Hasn't been in the team much at all - possibly the only other option?
  15. Yeah that makes a lot of sense, no idea who you'd actually go for though. Guys like Hopkin that would've fit into that 5 years ago haven't actually done well
  16. To be fair, the home record argument with us is a bit of a myth. We had a better away record last season
  17. After our game we were up to third, fifth now after Hearts/St Mirren wins, but we've got the smallest budget in the league. It's just that Martindale's recruitment has been phenomenal for about 5/6 years. He consistently finds gems, I think a lot of that is down to stats based recruitment but there's also the fact that he can spot a player by eye pretty easily. More than just money, that's a staff personnel skill set thing. We've had two top 6 finishes, and not been too far off Europe in both of those. We finished 6th last season pretty easily too. The point about a manager with a record of mediocrity makes sense but what proven and strong manager is going to come to Scotland if they aren't here already, let alone going to the second tier. Even guys like Alexander struggled at Motherwell.
  18. To be fair Guthrie was an Indian League punt and Omeonga was from Italy at the time
  19. You'd be surprised mate, after Rangers' antics on the opening day there's been discussions had about it. We're no longer selling walk up tickets for the home end unless it's to season ticket holders* to stop away fans getting into the home end. *For Rangers/Celtic games Opening day was total chaos and fans forced the club to take action. I reckon it won't be long before we're eating into the south stand allocation for those games. Rangers' fans were totally embarrassing that day, and Celtic will be tarred with the same brush regardless of who did it. Clubs are looking at both clubs as the same when it comes to allocation and behaviour.
  20. To be fair we're the same as some others, just the three stands. If we could even contemplate filling our main stand of 2,000 then we'd absolutely close the south stand like we used to do in the 2000s - back then it was for season ticket holders all the way up to the corner. I think right now we're at 1,200 ST holders and maybe ~200 walk ups. To be fair that's up from the 750 it was a few seasons ago but we'd need something like another 1000 fans to even justify closing part of the south stand. Locals would rather sit in the pub/house and watch Rangers/Celtic/Hearts/Hibs, which is a shame. It's a long road but we're slowly building up. I think the most home fans we had last year was 2,500 but that was with about 1,000 tickets being given out to schools
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