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  1. It was a seriously surprising move, we all thought he was either dropping down the leagues to the Championship or League 1 (a few thought Falkirk tbf). He genuinely struggled to last 90 minutes for us and should've probably retired there and then
  2. Already signed a pre-contract elsewhere apparently but could be in doubt now possibly?
  3. Holt is under contract for next season, I think we're also discussing an extension to his deal. As it stands though he's out of contract 2023
  4. Weren't those his only goals that season? Just the three against Partick It was somewhat of an omen back then that no one could've predicted
  5. Aye the game kicked off about 9pm local time in Seville
  6. Hahahaha Ramsey must be the worst signing in a while
  7. Would be the funniest thing ever Pure poetic justice
  8. Sakala is shocking. Wouldn't get a game for Ross County up front
  9. Half of them moonlight as Livi fans any time a certain club are in town
  10. Your theory is spot on. The reality is much different. Oh absolutely just depends whether you pay them any attention or not to be fair
  11. If Rangers win it'll be fucking insufferable. The c***s go on about titles they've won in a two horse race, how the hell will they be if they win something of note? End of the day they can hardly brag about a European title to a Livi or QoS fan Not as if they expect us to be competing for that. Only one it'll irk, or should irk, is Celtic fans
  12. If Rangers win, it'll be funny as f**k. If they lose it'll be even funnier
  13. I'm the same, for the coefficient and for Scottish football's reputation as a whole
  14. It'll give us another boost on the coefficient. Hopefully soon enough we can get the top 6 completely in Europe
  15. Huge for Scottish football, lying if you think otherwise
  16. That'd've been soft penalty. We'd be talking about how shite refs are here if it was given in the league
  17. IMO Livingston is a new club, I don't tend to take Meadowbank into account when I think of our history. As far as I'm concerned Livi is a 1995>Present thing. I think this kind of mindset comes from fans that were born around the time of or after Livingston became a thing
  18. It's hilarious sometimes because he'll absolutely do 2, 3, 4 players sometimes then throw a random foot in the balls direction when he wants to shoot I'm hoping it's something they work on in the summer with him. Could be a case of once he gets one he can't stop
  19. Yeah I'd seen a few of his goals and have kept up to date with him. He looks like one of the better players at that level so hopefully it's a case of him developing over the summer even further. He'll get a few starts in the Betfred Groups I'd imagine. Nouble was phenomenal for us btw, not sure I've seen a player with such ability to drag us up the park and keep the ball at Livi before. He absolutely bullies defenders at Premiership level, you can't get the ball off him at all. The only downside is that he's hopeless in front of goal, but that's completely forgiven with the amount he contributes in build up play. I think Hamilton did a lot of shadowing of Dykes in training which probably explains a lot of his physical play up front. If he can do half as much as Dykes did for us he'll be on to a winner to be fair
  20. To be fair Hamilton probably are a step up from Morton given recent history. I'd imagine Hamilton can attract a better calibre of player than Morton can as well
  21. That makes me hopeful to be honest, for whatever reason he was shocking in the first half of the season but the longer he spends in the Championship the easier the step up will be for him. I believe it'll just take a goal for it to click for him in the Premiership, once he gets that next season he should settle and compete with Anderson. He's got huge competition in Anderson though who got 13 for us this season
  22. No, but we've offered him a new contract. I think the rule is that it needs to be an improved contract, which we've offered him.
  23. I don't think there's any chance at all we'd be loaning Bitsindou out. He'll be coming in to play first team games for us I think. Jack Hamilton is out of contract and hasn't signed on but we'd be due a decent 100-200k at least in compensation for him if anyone wants to sign him. Guys that are contracted for next season but aren't likely to play are/could go out on loan potentially: Brian Schwake (GK) Harrison Clark (CM) Jackson Longridge (LB) Josh Mullin (RW) Jaze Kabia (RW) Beyond that the rest of them are all out of contract and away.
  24. If anything we'll end up sending Arbroath Harrison Clark (CM) or Brian Schwake (GK) I imagine. The guys coming in are apparently fighting for first team spots - Bitsindou is a DR Congo Internationalist. I can see Josh Mullin going out on loan as well maybe a shot at Arbroath? I'd say it's basically a given we'll end up loaning you someone or maybe 2. Dick Campbell was a speaker at our PotY awards last night as well, could very well have organised something last night
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