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  1. Mainly because we’ve had our fair share of charlatan directors/owners etc. For the first time in a long time, it isn’t us. We’re stable and in a solid place.
  2. I’m very happy to say that Gary Holt is clueless. He gets by on coming across as a nice guy. Somehow he’s managed to turn that into arrogance at Falkirk. He’ll have known exactly what Robinson’s wages were at Livi, and given he couldn’t afford Gavin Reilly’s wages he’s throwing out names and saying ‘ah almost’ and hoping you’re all okay with it. He talks about the recruitment but it was him that signed De Vita knowing he was coming back from a career threatening 22 month injury and saw his struggles every day in training. Holt’s success with us came from Martindale giving him players to fit a system from a stats based recruitment. Holt’s learning experience from that has somehow been, ‘ah that lad scored 3 goals last season? We can sell him for profit in 2 seasons!’ No idea why he’s looking at boys for the future and selling them on when you’re in League 1 ffs. We went down and we signed guys who were regulars at this level, some were a bit younger. You’ll have more cash than we do, and we signed Liam Buchanan (about 25 goals that season), Alan Lithgow, Sean Crichton, Nicky Cadden, Liam Kelly, Sean Byrne. It was around then we brought back De Vita and Keaghan Jacobs who had a few hundred appearances at this level between them and won multiple league titles. Guys that were (by large) mid 20s on average and that have either won this league before or have showed great quality at this level.
  3. The one thing that baffles me is Gary Holt doing recruitment. We kept him far far away from recruitment and let Martindale work on that, given his successes. Other than that, that was pretty banterful, keep it coming.
  4. Kelly will go down in history as of similar quality
  5. He'll get nowhere near the game, he's shite Possibly the worst signing I've seen us make
  6. I usually swerve the Old Firm away days, and £30 to get in absolutely solidifies that decision. I'd rather spent that on other stuff than letting a club like that take it off my hands
  7. We seemed to have turned a corner now, injuries are subsiding and we're showing more quality. If Bailey starts on the wing we'll be solid for attacking output
  8. Yeah we'll be losing 3 fringe midfielders so need someone for a bit of cover I reckon. Although losing 3 midfielders for 1 is probably right in terms of squad balance if it allows us a few more CBs
  9. Wasn't Josh's loan a full season one? I don't see much point of Anderson on the wing, he's a natural finisher, he's a striker not a winger. Ex-Lazio defender is Luis Pedro Cavanda I think, 2 caps for Belgium. Isak Thorvaldsson could be decent if it's a loan with a view to buying, or if Norwich will let him go for free. Luckily enough it's a club we have a strong relationship with lately too.
  10. As of January Kelly has 6 months left, I wouldn't bet against him taking up an offer elsewhere to get a longer deal. Seems pretty interesting, I'm hoping there's something in Parkes x Fitzwater. Montano is a very strange one, mainly because we haven't really tried him there. Longridge and Penrice look good at LB at this level. Longridge in particular has grown a lot in ability. It'd be very hard to drop Sibbald/Pittman/Omeonga too as all three are pretty incredible midfielders, but then again Holt and Shinnie are also phenomenal at this level. Obileye also has the makings of an undroppable talent in him. I'd agree with Bailey and Forrest on the wings, they look very dangerous as of late. We have a terrible problem of having about 6 or 7 midfielders who I believe are genuinely strong top 6 players, but we have 3 slots to fit them into. Provides great cover but no chance half of them are happy to sit and warm the bench. I'd imagine Omeonga didn't take an 11k pay cut to stick around on Livi's bench for about £500 a week to be fair though. Sibbald in the last year of his deal too is a concern. Bit of a juggle to keep them happy I imagine. Anderson looks like he's settling into first choice striker but has scary competition in Nouble come January (also how's his stats showing down there, I can imagine it's possibly a bit ridiculous?) whereas Hamilton's movement seems to be ruling him out of any chance with us. Too slow and lacks the ability to press defenders. Come January we'll need to pick up a GK on loan as I imagine Barden possibly won't be back depending on how his treatment goes, but I don't think we're putting any pressure on him at all. I'd wonder if we maybe recall Schwake and let him get a bit of matchday experience on the bench. Although he's stormed into Edinburgh City's first team and been showing up well there.
  11. I think what Livi fans will take from this is that Martindale can learn and change things for the better. He’s growing as a manager and actually getting better. He’s arrested the slump a bit here and is finding a settled first XI. It’s now time for a bit of consistency. A win against Ross County would be huge
  12. Watson would be a shout but if I remember right he didn't leave on the best terms Yeah I think there was someone on here years back with a story of him and Joe McKee talking shite about Livi on a night out when both were at Falkirk
  13. Paul Watson left Dunfermline by mutual consent, few of them saying he was their best CB. Fell out with Peter Grant, now I'm not saying we go and sign up Watson to come back, but is he better than Sean Kelly is, as a backup?
  14. Another fresh account set up to talk shite. f**k off mate
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