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  1. United to absolutely bottle it in this game imo. Can't handle the occasion of stepping up into the big leagues
  2. Exactly this. Lawless turned us down, he said he probably has one big money making move left in his career and he wants to get as much as possible to set his family up a bit better post retirement. We pay about 45k a year, Burton Albion on average pay 95k a year. He's easily doubled his wages and then some. There was absolutely zero chance he was leaving to drop a division, he told us in November he wanted to go after rejecting a new deal. Funnily enough that was when we moved on Forrest, who is his replacement.
  3. Salim Kouider-Aissa signs a 2 year deal with option of a third. Last two seasons he's scored 58 goals in 75 games, albeit at a pretty shite level but still a good return no matter the level
  4. Or it could mean Dykes is away? If Kouider-Aissa can play on a wing he might stay in the squad for rotation. Maybe play some of the Betfred Cup games (whenever the hell they're going to be)
  5. It's honestly a shame that after a few good seasons when we were back in amber and black, the club is pushing out shite like this. Recent Livi fan poll voted this as our best home kit: Wish we'd get something even close to that now ffs
  6. Still hasn't had his surgery so apparently is out for the majority of next season. A proper shame for him too
  7. Paul Lambert, Mark Burchill, Kenny Miller? All pretty dodgy
  8. I'm assuming he's still on trial with us but we've just signed a striker so not sure what will happen. I'd like to see us sign him if he's cheap enough for us tbh, but that would give us 4 strikers unless he can play out on the wing? Poplatnik in his first interview on LFC TV there saying "I'm a striker, I'm here to score goals", not a bad way to talk yourself up at least. Here's hoping he does that.
  9. Transfermarkt has him down as a CB that can play RB occasionally
  10. True We've got a good record with players like that though, coming here and getting their career back on track. As long as he does better than Gregg Wylde then we'll be pissing ourselves. I wonder if we'll move to two up front and let Dykes work his magic the way he did for Dobbie at QoS and just let Prapotnik bang them in
  11. Poplatnik having scored 79 goals in 184 games. 46 in 68 from 2016-18 in the Slovenian Premier League. Class signing.
  12. Fitzwater is a 3 year deal and Poplatnik is a 2 year with 3rd as an option
  13. Lithgow/Pepe I imagine would be front runners for that
  14. They’ve just tweeted it’s none of them. So someone we’ve not mentioned. Rohan Ferguson maybe?
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