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  1. Thought Anderson showed why he's at the club today, 1 goal, 2 assists. What a player. Odin Bailey another that was utterly phenomenal too. Holt was a major standout though, he's transformed into an incredible midfielder compared to last season. I spent most of the afternoon just pointing out various 'Efe moments'. Good times were had.
  2. It's not even his best this season Had a worldie last season against Rangers as well from a Barisic free kick
  3. ATLIS


    Genuinely just such a great striker. He's fought off every replacement I tried to find 399 appearances and 289 goals for me in 2031. Not bad for costing 350k in 2020. Won a European Golden Shoe, Euro Conference League golden boot, Europa Player of the Season, Europa golden boot and 7 Premiership top scorer awards. Top lad. His record is incredible
  4. Apparently Bartley may come in to play CB for this one. Will be interesting to see if it's Fitzwater or Obileye that gets dropped. Maybe we go with Obileye CDM instead? Feel like we might see DM change the system up and actually go for something now that the pressure is on.
  5. Think we binned him at the right time tbh, he hit his peak with us and left at the right time. We didn't end up carrying him as a passenger
  6. Honestly not sure but I think Sky amended the previous agreement and reduced the streaming abilities of clubs recently. I know a lot of people who's providers were based in England got locked out of remote viewing some games recently, so it leads me to believe it's true for all clubs.
  7. He was really good with us, just a raging Rangers fan. Can't help but be pictured at their games and tweet about them (even if his team played at the weekend). Worked great as an inverted winger for us and can ping a shot from distance. He almost hit double figure goals and double figure assists for us in one of our seasons.
  8. Can't see anything other than a St Johnstone win here. Efe to score and backflip out the stadium
  9. I remember Livi were doing a scheme around the same time I was in Primary 1 where they'd send players into schools to talk about the team and give away free tickets. I was sat in the front row starry eyed at the sight of Marvin Andrews giving a presentation about Livi. A big part of us missing a recent generation was that they'd completely stopped that. Only recently I'd found out they've started it again over the last 2-3 years. I know Bartley has been into my old primary a lot of times, so hopefully that can grab us a few more local fans that we might end up missing out on.
  10. Same story as me, except my Dad is now a Livi season ticket holder.
  11. Nouble is a better player than Poplatnik, I don't see much chance we recall him at all. Nouble is 100% coming back though and Martindale has publicly said so
  12. I will not accept any Lyndon Dykes slander at all. He's the best striker we've got, and he's got the ability to play in a few roles up top. Absolutely integral to everything we do. Shite at penalties but he even got taken off of Livi's penalty taking duties for missing some Speaks volumes that he's scored more Scotland goals in less appearances than Griffiths.
  13. We did yes, which is hilarious but still we lost to Alloa in the cup too. We're really struggling and Martindale has come out and hit the fans with "the clue is in the name, supporters, start supporting" Then you've got the CEO liking passive aggressive tweets about fans moaning. So, they haven't blamed us yet but still.
  14. Ah yes Dunfermline fans, may I barter the no wins in 8 for 2 wins in 27 and a cup final loss from Martindale?
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