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  1. I think that deal was only for his first 10-15 appearances. The surprise was that he ended up playing them almost all in the one year
  2. They're apparently doing location scouting at bars/pubs in Livi for a strip club scene £70-£120 for extras in the scene as well.
  3. I've always just took the normal one to be Livi, as it's just a shortened version of the name. In the same way I always took Livvy as folk trying to piss off Livi fans, thought it was a deliberate thing
  4. Devlin makes a lot of sense for Motherwell imo. He's probably on about £1.1k p/w with us and that likely makes him our top earner or thereabouts. He's not long had a baby with his Mrs as well so I'd imagine he's looking to secure himself financially in the last few deals of his career. Only way I see us keeping him is if we get Europe and push the boat out. He's been largely inconsistent this season but he's always at least a solid 6/10 never on a shocker. Omeonga though, probably isn't of the quality that you'd be looking for. I don't think he's much of an improvement on what you've got He's only really been a rotation option for us, he had a wee purple patch in the first 5 months but never really built on it. The only upside is that he only took something like £750 p/w with us. He was on £14k p/w at Pescara and I think came to us looking to get a move to further his career but it never materialised. Not a clue what wage he'd be looking for as well, he might turn around and ask for something like £3-4k p/w but I don't reckon anyone touches him at that. I wonder if someone like Shinnie would work out at Motherwell though, he never really got to play his preferred position with us and got shoehorned in at CM (sometimes up front) rather than CAM and he never really got to display his quality.
  5. He's here to play Obileye in the Martindale biopic. Livi gone Hollywood, the true underdog story
  6. Massive game for us, a win here puts us in the driving seat for the run in. Always like an away day at St Mirren and the fans are always lovely before and after as well. Since the Championship we've both been in and around each other, so this just continues that trend. Feel like Nouble will be massive in this game, could be a a proper test for De Lucas as well but he's done well in his two starts.
  7. To be fair we've just had to put a new backline together, Obileye is out until next season and Fitzwater was suspended. That was De Lucas' second start for us and Boyes has only really came in halfway through this season too. We'd punted Penrice up to play RW since Bradley was out injured too. Could just be a case of trying to settle them in at the back although De Lucas looked pretty good for us.
  8. I think the other side of it is that Martindale sometimes gets credit for 'transforming' players when he hasn't. Nouble spoke previously about being typecast into a target man role where his preference and real position was on the wing. Easy to forget that we spent about 6 months with Nouble as a target man last season (due to Bruce's injury). Same with Montano who said that Martindale wanted him to play as a LW but he told him he prefers playing at LB as he can read the game better. JET worked better as a target man for me as he had the physical side of the game going for him and his holdup play was ridiculous. Martindale has hits and misses but he's more open than your average manager absolutely. There's definitely some roasters up by me behind the home dugout though. Armchair managers who think they've got the game sussed out tactically. I remember arguing with one of them after the Motherwell top 6 game last season, he was hurling abuse at Martindale and getting personal with it. After telling him to get a grip he was shouting at me asking if 'that was acceptable, top 6 and Europe is fucked now' . Some folk have their head up their arse when it comes to reality with Livi.
  9. To tag onto that point, it actually happened in this game Offside given against us and Ross County take the freekick about 5 yards into our half. Players steal yards and if it's close to your goal then refs couldn't care less it seems
  10. It’s not, but it doesn’t seem like anything is going to be done about it. Even our last game Dundee Utd should’ve been down to 9, but they got away with it.
  11. Get the guillotine out and make it a real party for once. Get rid of them once and for all
  12. I don't think it was serious enough to warrant a red either way. If anything the red would've been for denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity but even then I'm not sure it was that either as County did nothing with the ball when it rolls loose. At the game no one claimed for it, I saw nothing in it at the time. Even at that we were due a dodgy decision, we've had plenty go against us this season. At least 6 this season, so getting one our way is only fair. We were told at the time these things even themselves out so maybe we're finally actually getting something.
  13. I felt like Nouble had an off day yesterday. He seemed fairly clamped at times and just managed to get his goal by being in the right spot. Over the course of the game he wasn't his usual self and didn't get on the ball to run at players. Generally I'd say he was handled pretty plentifully. Usually he'd have a far bigger impact on games than that yesterday
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