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  1. Martindale saying Nouble wont be leaving in this window, drops a hint that he rates him at 1m, potentially 2m by the end of season if he continues doing well. Says he's leaving a striker option open as there could be some good loan options from down south
  2. Stryjek away, thank f**k. Could've seen him being a shite influence around the club if he didn't get his move. Martindale saying we'll have another keeper in for the weekend which is interesting given he was talking up Zander Clark in the same interview - no way he'd be interested in being a backup even for 6 months
  3. Should've heard him and Lee Johnson on Saturday, hilarious. Both trying to go for each other and amidst it all a shout from the stands "You're so small Johnson, so fucking small" Not that Martindale is much bigger, could be smaller to be fair. Either way it seemed to rattle the tiny Hibs manager.
  4. We get the cash for it, not sure the agreement we have with the council but it's something like an 80 year lease we have. I'm assuming it just falls under our control
  5. Pretty much this We always f**k it up - if we don't f**k it up this time then we're off to Europe probably
  6. Was thinking after the game that Saturday might've been Ayo's best game for us. He done everything right and kept it simple, if he can consistently do that then him and Fitzwater is fine. He needs someone better and a bit wiser next to him to flourish - like he's got with Fitzwater now. I'd love to see us tie Fitzwater down and just agree a modest release clause on the deal. Even something like 500k-1m which is affordable for the level he could play at
  7. Quite a few in there you'd be worried about losing. Priorities surely on getting Nicky, Pitts, Omeonga and Holt tied down. Letting Fitzwater go now could derail our season I reckon
  8. Apparently he's spent the whole summer working on his finishing. Sort of feels like the last part of the puzzle for him in becoming a real star for us. He's some boy. Another one that's surprising is Sean Kelly, he went from being written off and being a joke at the club when played at CB, then LB. He's somehow turned that into being a starter at CM which is astounding. He's so technically good and is a real physical presence in the middle. Absolutely mental that transformation but credit to him and Martindale for nurturing that inside of him.
  9. There's not been a year that Livi haven't existed in my life, so who knows Maybe showing your age a bit
  10. We played a lot of good football in the first half and Hibs came out in the second to make it a battle. We're good at what we do but we don't rely on a single player to do it all for us. Was never a cup final though, just another routine win against Hibs
  11. Quite a few Hibs players were flirting with a second yellow or a straight red in that game. Cabraja and Boyle especially. Cabraja on Devlin and Boyle diving. Either way, interesting stat to note that we've won 4 of our last 4 against Hibs, all against different managers We run the Lothians...
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