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  1. We're being linked with Euan Murray, how's he been? Would he handle the step up?
  2. At this point everyone has sussed out VPNs with international subs. I doubt very many people are paying for PPV anymore especially given the rise of VPN + International sub or IPTVs. I'd imagine the money we make on PPV is absolutely minimal at this point in the season, before factoring in that it's a nothing game for Rangers
  3. I'm sure it's the same stuff Motherwell fans were coming out with after finishing 3rd too. Teams tend to struggle to maintain those high levels when you throw in Europe.
  4. I can see it happening @EdinburghLivi, I can also possibly see us just letting everyone out of contract go (maybe bar Pignatiello?) Montano can play LWB I think, Josh can play it on the right hand side. Motherwell don't seem to enthused with Lawless, maybe tempt him back?
  5. Was along the lines of where I'm hoping he'd be. In my eyes I can see us moving away from the Dykes style of player and moving to a central goalscorer/target man for wingers to swing crosses into which may align with these numbers pretty well. Dykes absolutely was an anomaly when it came to quality of players you'd expect at Livi but seems as though Hamilton is on the right track given his age and progression. I imagine his link up play will be something that's drilled into him most of it will just be winning knock ons in the air to be fair and hold up play with his back to the goal
  6. @RandomGuy. Any stats on how Jack Hamilton might handle the step up from Arbroath to Livi? In other news Cristian Montano sounds like a phenomenal signing. Who was the last South American we had playing for us? "Montaño is an extremely pacey left-sided attacker; Bristol Post reporter Jack Vittles said that "he has a decent left foot but sometimes his final delivery wasn't quite there", and that he is "an out-and-out winger" who prefers to beat defenders with pace and skill to reach the byline to put in a cross" Cristian Montaño (Goals/Assist/Skills) - YouTube
  7. Efe's on his instagram with his prayers every morning as well
  8. Yeah seems to fit well. We need someone alongside Guthrie for set pieces and Fitzwater is mince defensively. Looking forward to seeing him as I feel he could fit in pretty well. Fits the mantra of excelling at the level below in terms of signings
  9. Hopefully he comes in and does well, I imagine he's our successor for Bartley and a fill in at CB. Bartley will need rest games this season so he'll get time to shine. We're also missing big physical crunching tackle type players this season so hopefully he can come fill that role
  10. Apparently we're set to announce Obileye in the next 72hrs. How do you think he'll handle the step up?
  11. True Menga was a basket case though, he was under contract still though. Paid taxes or not I think we've just got unlucky with Tiffoney but I honestly don't reckon he's got what it takes at this level yet and wouldn't want us to hang around waiting on him getting up to speed when JH is younger and better right now
  12. No idea why Livi fans keep mentioning Tiffoney when by current standings he’s away. He hasn’t signed a deal and is out of contract, he won’t be staying
  13. From the looks of it he has a big money move in China/Asia lined up. He had a pretty hefty deal on the table in China before signing for Livi since that move fell through due to COVID. To be fair to him, it's only in the last few weeks that he's been fully fit. He's probably still not fully fit, I reckon a fully fit Jet gets 10-15 goals in this league easy. It's just been an uphill battle to get him fit and to the right level. Funnily enough there's a quote from Arsene Wenger about him when he was with Arsenal: " Manager Arséne Wenger was effusive in his praise for Emmanuel-Thomas stating, "When his fitness is right, Jay will be not only a good player but a great player"."
  14. Jet is a weird one, if you get too tight to him he's going to either nutmeg you or just use his body to keep you away. If you give him space he'll trundle along and pick out a great pass. It's a hard one for any defender to go up against
  15. Yes it's been a successful season but the recent run has been inexcusable, regardless of past success or not. I'd take survival again, but clinching 6th from the realms of 4th is a horrific return and we should've done far better given the groundwork we'd lain for ourselves after that run. Livi fans are completely right in saying that recent form is terrible and should be addressed. At the start of the season the expectations are always survival, but if we were 15 points clear with 5 to go and threw it away on GD would we still hear the same 'punching above our weight' nonsense?
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