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  1. Livingston 6-8 Stranraer over two legs to be relegated to League 1. Had every Livi fan calling for Hopkin's head before he launched his juggernaut assault to the top
  2. We're going to fucking pump Berwick by 10. Stick Pepe up front to body folk. Pepe'n'Dykes shithouse parade
  3. Disagree, think a friendly will let us give players a run out that wont be near the 1st team for these games. No risk in playing players like Erskine etc to get a better look at how they do in this system
  4. In other, absolute minter news. A Falkirk based Livingston FC Supporters club has been started Fucking brilliant, any Bairns wanting to jump ship can come to the 'well run, ever improving Premiership club'. Ffs, from what I've heard even our season tickets are cheaper than your League 1 seaside parade tickets.
  5. Sounds like a load of shite Horrific choice of words, get with the times ffs
  6. "Some of the language and behaviour was horrid and singing about "black b******s" at the beginning of the game." Quote from our forum, could be the origin of it?
  7. Tweet about it came from someone in the Ayr end, either way hope it's investigated.
  8. Absolutely deserved victory for us across the board looking at the whole game Bit shocked to hear about claims of racist abuse towards Pepe from Ayr fans though...
  9. For me almost a half strength team getting used to losing three huge players for us. Missing Devlin, Sibbald and Lawson from the bench before even talking about Erskine, Menga etc, pre season has had me worried a bit but after seeing the team today I think we'll stay up pretty comfortably.
  10. Do you remember what a typical Falkirk Premiership fixture feels like?
  11. Falkirk fans, where the f**k are you? Lineup for me tomorrow Sarkic Devlin Cece Lithgow Lamie Bartley Pittman Lawson Souda Dykes Lawless Hard to know how we'll lineup tbf and that would mean a bench of Jacobs, Crawford, Tiffoney, Stewart, Sibbald, Miller, Robbo, De Vita and Crawford ffs. Pure strength. I'd play Sibbs for the pure banter as well and hope he scored
  12. The race is on. The only option is to hope they play in it tomorrow Here also, I'm fucking buzzing for tomorrow. Cannot wait
  13. To be fair Tony Macaroni isn't on the top of them either so could still be an addition to come
  14. It better be on the replica kits, would fucking love it.
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