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  1. Struggling to deal with the natural order of the Lothians obviously. Honestly having seen it back on Sportscene, the Dykes incident is a penalty. He's tried to stay on his feet thinking he was through and then after he realises he isn't (following the contact) goes down. There's contact and I've seen them given. Arguably another penalty shout at the other side when Pittman has a shot from about 7 yards out, Hibs defender plays the man instead of the ball and takes him out as he's shooting
  2. I was at the other side of the stadium but it didn't look like a dive - then again I wasn't best placed to be making judgement on it. Allan has a record of it though, dirty wee cheat. Can't be fucked with the C3 lads and their Scott Allan Paedophile chant. If any of you are reading it, be ashamed of yourself ffs.
  3. Saw an interview with Halkett earlier where he said "When I signed [last summer] I didn’t expect to be in this situation (...)" Wonder if he regrets it
  4. A few mistakes v Hamilton but looks pretty good. Reckon he'll be a great keeper in a few seasons but as of right now I'd rate him below Liam Kelly
  5. Absolute stonewall penalty - even game though and a draw a fair result. Efe looks like a tasty signing. BFJ outstanding again. Only weak point for me today was Dykes, he seemed so off the tempo today. Wonder if he's carrying a knock or illness or something
  6. Could we potentially see one of the strongest ever Livi XI's fielded for this? McRorie Devlin - Guthrie (BFG) - Shagger Efe - McMillan Bartley - Sibbald Pittman Lawless-Dykes-Robinson Reckon if we'd have kept Sarkic that would be a belter. Undecided on RMc or Schofield in goals but RMc has been in more for us
  7. Carrick done okay with us, is banging them in for Airdrie. Scott Robinson has went on to be a great player for us, very smart, very gamewise. Also scored our first against Celtic in the 2-0 win so what a baller
  8. We can all agree on a draw here, and we all hold hands and sing songs about times Efe, Marv, and McNulty were top lads for both clubs. My current favourite Efe memory is him in his first interview saying he told St Mirren to f**k off because we're bigger than them
  9. Ambrose is a class signing. How many players have we signed that rock up with an international tournament win on their CV along with numerous titles and cups. Born winner. Heard that Lithgow had further health issues come up after getting his appendix out. Further bowel issues that could probably put his career in doubt which is a massive shame for the guy. Reckon he'll be out the door
  10. Super agent Steve Clarke to call up the majority of the Rangers team that week just for the banter and we make off with 3pts
  11. Really hope we go on to pump them and initiate mega seethe. Gerrard gone, Morelos tantrum. Jimmy Bell fighting with someone. Rangers fans invade the pitch at full time in protest at once again being shite.
  12. It's the same thing both teams were getting away with all game. Second half Famewo realised he could nudge/push Dykes when he was going up for flick ons and the ref wouldn't do anything. Honestly reckon the ref didn't have a bad game, St Mirren fans just raging at everything
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