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  1. Genuinely didn't hear much from Killie apart from trying to kick off pre-game in the stadium bar as if they're a big team
  2. Change my mind...

    Definitely a big team mate
  3. As is tradition http://www.skysports.com/football/livingston-vs-celtic-u20/366818
  4. LYT v Forfar

    We bossed it, Forfar looked especially poor. Don't think we'll get that luck next Tuesday but here's hoping we go out a do it again
  5. LYT v Forfar

    Now that we're a big team I guess we need to send some young lads out to win a cup?
  6. Absolutely not. He's an immobile lump. Big Jesus though just watch the first 30 seconds
  7. Livi v Motherwell

    Hopefully Sibbald back for this one, we took Killie head on so we can hopefully do the same here
  8. we had 1,300 there on Saturday
  9. In the end some Livi fans will be bothered with this and others really couldn't care less - there's not much we can do. However I'd say it's our job as fans to get behind the board and trust their judgement and that it's in the best interests of the club
  10. It's more so to do with putting coaches through badges and paying coaches but it seemed the biggest issue was the upkeep of the outside astro which wouldn't be used by the club now as they can train in the stadium
  11. Trust me, you can be ignorant having not watched the lump in person
  12. Direct quote from John Ward on the Facebook group which I think clears near enough everything else
  13. Due to the way the SFA are planning tournaments now we have to have an u20s team or face sanctions so that they can play in the Irn Bru Cup. Stadium is owned by the council though and it took years of fighting to get the new park It would cost the club 40k a year to run the youth academy, we haven't produced a youth that we have sold for about 9 years with the costs being about 360k for that time. Players we did bring through were McNulty and Scougall who we actually got from Hibs/Hearts even then the fee we got for them likely would've been 110k combined and we got no sell on fee with either. So it wasn't profitable or making business sense at all. I'm happy we've made a sensible business choice to ensure the club runs more smoothly and efficiently in terms of funding