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  1. The only reasonable outcome here is a 3-0 forfeit for every game they fail to display their duty bound sponsorship logos.
  2. So in short, we're no worse off than last season and half the fanbase are being torn faced wee greeting fannies.
  3. Think his overall work as a pressing forward was more of interest to us. We don't tend to rely on strikers for goals, it usually comes from throughout the team. Fitzwater is probably the problem right now, he needs to toughen up mainly. Too weak and too slow. Although, yes as you say, harsh to judge on 1 game away to the league winners on the opener
  4. Did well at Hamilton last season, our main issue is at CB. Everywhere else is fairly strong, it's just our CBs are like Bambi on ice
  5. No, he's our first choice striker. He was pretty highly regarded previously though and consistently puts out high xG each season though
  6. Just need to get the finger out and sign a CB ffs. Getting the fear now about going down
  7. He was better because he was on the bench, other than that he was absolutely rotten. His biggest weakness is dealing with crosses and low shots, his one redeeming quality is doing well with rushing out to through balls
  8. I don't think we get the income as the stadium is owned by the council, so it probably goes to the West Lothian Youth Foundation who technically own the pitch
  9. Had a contract on the table from Rangers as a boy, decided to go play 5s with his pals and broke his leg and Rangers rescinded the offer. So would've had something about him I'm sure
  10. Possibly different rules for stand sizes maybe? I'd imagine Livi's stand and St Mirren's stand are of similar size and both clubs need the entire thing in order to safely distance
  11. Could provide a bit of an issue for us. We don't own the stadium or the pitc, the council do. They're using the pitch as a local community hub along with their local charity. Pitch gets hired out constantly allowing young folk/anyone a place to safely play/train. Also used by local junior sides sometimes as well. We've got a 50 year lease on the stadium, but I'm not sure what would happen if we're told to rip it up and the council say no. Are we likely to see the league/other clubs fund a new stadium for us to play on grass? I don't think so.
  12. Could be a Premiership thing possibly but there's definitely something in it. Possible that players being PT vs FT makes a difference too? We had a similar thing with folk kicking off asking about why they can't use their seat
  13. Not too sure, but for all of our games we've been located in the away stand. It possibly depends on the number of people employed by the club and size of the main stand vs other stands. We had asked the club about it before and were told about the rule
  14. This is apparently a rule for all clubs in Scotland. They're required to have the main stand clear of fans to allow players to safely socially distance and to allow the club a safe space in which they can carry out activities related to the club while minimalising the risk of COVID. St Mirren will have had zero say in the matter, neither have we or any other club.
  15. Can see us going 433 as well Stryjek Devlin Obileye Parkes Longridge Sibbald Holt Lewis Mullin Anderson Montano Fairly strong lineup but Parkes gives me the fear having to get up to the speed required for this game. If we keep it below 3 I'll be happy. Can't see us getting anything out the game while Rangers are raring to go
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