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  1. McKendrick was the referee in the first leg play off up north. He spoiled the game as it was pretty even at 1-1. Useless. Cove however, will most likely win the league and deserved to win today but they lack character and there’s still a lot of football to be played.
  2. With some humility and strength of character Cove might have beaten Cowdenbeath fair and square
  3. Used to think you were a decent poster. Have to adjust my thinking there. Gross collective generalisation. Unjustified arrogance.
  4. Unremarkable is commonplace in League 2. Hope it’ll be tasty after the remarkable Harvest Swann debacle.
  5. None of us are rolling in cash. What’s important though is that people do buy season tickets to support the club if they can afford it in order to keep the club running. It’s surely an investment in our shared future support of the club beyond any normal purchase. It’s a bit wrongheaded to be thinking about getting the ‘better of the deal’ and if that’s the case, then fine, then clearly you won’t be considering any season ticket options. Nothing wrong with paying at the turnstiles at all.
  6. I’m guessing you missed the ‘banter’ from BRFC individuals directed to another league 2 side that finished bottom over the last two seasons?
  7. V disappointing. Travelled after seeing Facebook Match day announcement at 3.30. Wasn’t aware of a pitch inspection announcement. Waste of time.
  8. Think a rebranding might be needed mate [emoji848]
  9. And Albion Rovers climbed a bit closer today... Tick tock...
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