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  1. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    I’m guessing you missed the ‘banter’ from BRFC individuals directed to another league 2 side that finished bottom over the last two seasons?
  2. Peterhead v Berwick

    Berwick the Unwinnable
  3. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    V disappointing. Travelled after seeing Facebook Match day announcement at 3.30. Wasn’t aware of a pitch inspection announcement. Waste of time.
  4. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

  5. Cowdenbeath vs Berwick Rangers FC

    Is not Clyde’s turn this afternoon?
  6. Cowdenbeath vs Berwick Rangers FC

    Think a rebranding might be needed mate [emoji848]
  7. Cowdenbeath vs Berwick Rangers FC

    And Albion Rovers climbed a bit closer today... Tick tock...
  8. Cowdenbeath vs Berwick Rangers FC

    Only one team falling from where I’m looking.
  9. Cowdenbeath vs Berwick Rangers FC

    Berwick the Unbeatable [emoji848]
  10. Edinburgh City

    Nothing against Edinburgh City or their fans or if and however they win the league. Good luck to them. Sometimes ‘banter’ or ‘wind up’ like that is questionable.
  11. Edinburgh City

    A disappointing and juvenile post. This sort of thoughtless disrespect doesn’t contribute anything to football or any sense of community. Lone idiot with a keyboard should consider would they say what they post to someone personally?
  12. Peterhead v Cowdenbeath

    As long as your punters had their lunch then. Assume that’s why it wasn’t called off this morning with the club unavailable to answer calls
  13. Peterhead v Cowdenbeath

    Should have been called off a lot earlier. No consideration given to weather warnings.
  14. Cowdenbeath Vs Clyde

    That’s the game. Give the opposition cause for concern
  15. Cowdenbeath Vs Clyde

    #Frustrated post