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  1. Very civil of Spurs to sign up to something they will finish bottom of every season.
  2. The 1 day a year when it is warm enough to drink outside in Scotland until 10.00 isn’t the problem.....it is the other 364.
  3. Merson is basically Alf Garnett with hair.
  4. You can’t play the ball with your hand /arm so how can your hand/arm be offside? It is utter nonsense.
  5. Ignoring the Covid bit, is it genuinely the case that young professional footballers these days go socialising wearing club branded merchandise??? Is it a sort of 21st century ‘do you know who I am?’. Bizarre behaviour.
  6. For consistently incorrect football reporting tune in to Radio Scotland for the sports bulletin that follows the 6.30 news headlines in the morning. If Goodlad is doing it you can just about guarantee one absolute howler. This morning he reported that Birmingham had beaten Liverpool last night. If he could just check the facts rather than endlessly trying to be a smart arse that would be much of an improvement l
  7. Today I think they were preoccupied with the launch of some video game initiative. Corporate priorities and all that.
  8. That would be more than enough work for a legion of Compliance Officers. I’m afraid I don’t know what the correct collective noun is for multiple Compliance Officers but there may be others that could put forward suggestions.
  9. Anyone who calls it soccer. There is no physical punishment in the world that can inflict enough pain on anyone who uses that word. None.
  10. I think that position is vacant at the moment. Maybe Maxwell could provide cover in the meantime......although the fatal flaw in that suggestion is that it would involve Maxwell actually doing something. I’ll try to come up with a more realistic idea.
  11. I played in goals in those days. It was before goalie gloves were used. My hands still have a pebble dash effect from catching (occasionally) those bloody things.
  12. I’m genuinely surprised that Which magazine is doing a comparison of pie huts.
  13. Is that you speaking from personal experience of the process?
  14. So the spelling of Wdowczyk was obviously a bit of a stretch.
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