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  1. YASS BROWNLIE HAS SIGNED ON... Said no one ever.
  2. It's a shame to see Jacobs go, he was one of the players I wanted to stay. Jacobs also wanted to stay but obviously he isn't in AJ'S plans. Morton have got themselves a very decent player.
  3. Summer Transfers of '19

    Same wage as at ICT apparently.
  4. I think they're trying to cling onto the Championship forum as long as possible.
  5. After his first half performance I was starting to wish that Martin would go back to being glued to his line. Still though, a clean sheet for the guy and he made a few really decent saves.
  6. Totally buzzing that we're the '2018/19 Championship Play-Off Winners.'
  7. There were quite a few punters in work today putting a Dobbie hat-trick on. Hopefully there's alot of happy faces in later when I go back.
  8. Our players definitely won't be thinking this game is over. They have no right to.
  9. In the middle with this one, not really confident or worried. If we go 1-0 up or 0-0 at half time then great. But if Raith score first then I hope we don't start getting deeper and invite trouble, especially with our defence.
  10. When I was watching the game against Aberdeen the commentator said that there was a couple of clubs intrested or enquired about Marshall. I'm sure it was mentioned twice. If so, hopefully Holt is his replacement.
  11. Yep, he definitely needed sacked, maybe should have been sooner but it is what it is. I believe that if GN was still Manager then we wouldn't have scored 9 goals in 3 matches and we could even have been relegated by now. Correct decision from the board, but if rumours are true then the way it was handled was very harsh. The 3 games so far have been against lower league teams but the way we played under GN then that looked about our standard so fair play to AJ for changing things quite quickly. We were pretty poor at times last night but you could see we weren't playing for a draw and there was a wee bit more confidence in the team, especially with Martin who i thought came of his line more last night than he had done all season. The tie isn't over by any means but I feel more confident going into this game than I have done the majority of the season.
  12. Tbh I'd still slag yous off even if we were in the Lowland league.
  13. Dobbie scored 4 and Kean, Tosh and Harris scored the other goals.
  14. Premier League 2018-19

    Only time the league trophy has been at Anfield is when Blackburn won it.
  15. Premier League 2018-19