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  1. Agree. There's a facebook page that I think he set up and he put a post on that about it. He does go to quite a few amateur games. Hopefully someone can fill us in with what's happened.
  2. Anyone know what's happened with Stephen Lang? He's the photographer who's been at every home game in the past 5 year. I seen a post saying he's been hung out to dry with no support?
  3. Small, but the Macron tops are quite tight so probably best to buy a medium.
  4. I wonder if we'll bring in a midfielder in January with Norman going back to Canada next week. Is Frizzel only here till January?
  5. Ross County v Queens

    No reason why we can't get maximun points from the next 3 games and go into the New Year in the top 4.
  6. There's an update from the board on the OS if anyone hasn't seen it yet.
  7. Wild guess here, but I'm going to say a few games.
  8. If Dobbie is fit for next week then I can't see it being a 451. It'll be the way we've set up recently.
  9. Queens v Partick

    If someone said Partick would be bottom come December I would have laughed at them. Unreal.
  10. Obviously I want us to win the league or the play-offs but if we don't then i hope Ayr carry on this form throughout the season and either win the league or play-offs.
  11. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but do we know how many televised games every team will get?
  12. Surely when the televised games are sorted out they'll look at it based on the mileage between the sides. I can't imagine we'd be given a home or away tie on a Friday night against Inverness or Ross County.
  13. Queens v Inverness

    Agree with your last sentence. That's where man management comes in. Some players need right good boot up the arse and others need a quiet word and a bit of encouragement.
  14. Don't tease us like that.
  15. Surely you're happy that Lyndon scored? Most of your posts are about him not scoring.