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  1. Jodido athletica, Gora Bilbao!!!

  2. Only if the family income is below a certain amount or something as well.
  3. The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart Was very enjoyable, would recommend it. Interesting insight into the mind of some one who's a bit out there. Id quite like to live by the dice but im just too feart! 8/10
  4. Reasons To Be Cheerful and Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves. Took some detective work but I got there
  5. Rather die than play with you spastics!
  6. aye,no bad mate,Kev persuaded me ae join its no bad a suppose

  7. Alrite mate, how ye doin? A mind kev telt me ye where on this but a couldnt mind yer name

  8. orite daniel, its clinton

  9. The Machine Girl If a scantily clad Japenese woman with a machine gun/chainsaw arm seeking revenge is what your into then this is for you. Ultra gory, obviously not to be taken seriously. HMV if your wanting a watch. Hard to give a score as I would guess a lot would hate it, ill go for 6/10
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