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  1. If they wanted to track them 24/7 they should have a word with wee alfredos good lady. She specialises in the tracker department.
  2. Can see celtic using this as the the perfect excuse to get rid of bolingoli. Which would be the correct decision because of his behaviour. But do you think they would taken the same stance if it was french eddy who had been caught out being as stupid as boli?
  3. East partick kilbride thistle thanks jerry! We are going full ‘braves’ and changing the name.
  4. Kris doolan is from east kilbride. And has always wanted to play at kpark.
  5. Haufdaft getting the ballbag seal of approval. Proud moment.
  6. Our empty shell of a club dont pay out fees. We just scoop up all those players who are out of contract.
  7. Guess what moonie, he is from east kilbride.[emoji16]
  8. Isaac layne, rico quitongo and stuart carswell please.
  9. Has been talk of it. But we have also been linked to, anthony stokes, kyle hutton, alan hutton, jorg albertz and tommy coyne. So take it with a pinch of salt.
  10. Moonster will be dishing out the telts!!!
  11. Yeah i have been over leo. Any thread that involves teams from ayrshire tend to go that way. Car crash. But like a car crash you cant help but keep watching. Darvel are loaded though. They must have around the same budget as yourselves.[emoji16]
  12. Don’t you start leo!!! Bloody darvel indeed!!!
  13. Get off our thread you peasant!!!
  14. You should have known i would let you down gogsy. Its what i do best.
  15. Ok. East kilbride are loaded. Happy days.
  16. Chris erskine is an east kilbride boy. And he is on record saying he never had alot of offers on the table after the whole covid situation and the draw of his hometown team was a deciding factor.
  17. F’ing deluded could be someone ranting about how much money a club is spending when they dont really know themselves. I dont know what the clubs budget is, and nor do i really care. You also dont know but are willing to have a guess based on a few “big name” signings coming in. Erskine and paton have allready said it suited them to drop down to this level so they could earn there money in 9-5 jobs outside football. I dont think they are here for a mega pay day. I maybe wrong. As i say, none of us really know except those involved. I was just giving you my opinion.
  18. Last seasons crowd figures were poor. It was also our worst season on the park though which definitely affected numbers through the gates. (Glory hunting bassas that we are). Over the years in the bigger games we would pull in 400-500 crowds. That number would increase if they moved up the leagues. I’ve no doubt of that. Thank you for the positives though. I hope it didn’t pain you to much as you typed them.[emoji3]
  19. Try not to engage with the ballbag one chaps. He likes to spend his afternoons trolling. Leave him to it.
  20. You are happy to come on and pick holes in all the things you see as negative. Fling us a wee bone with some positives every now and again.[emoji3] And im always going to be slighty defensive when its the team i support. Human nature. Could you also tell me why u think kelty would have a right good chance of establishing themselves if they made it to the spfl but you doubt ek would?
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