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  1. Dont suppose you have the team sheets. Cant find the celtic line up anywhere.
  2. Finished last week. Just using it for five a sides just now though. Breaking it in.
  3. Folk in bothwell dont have cars mate, they have drivers.
  4. Its a horrible run of fixtures to start on. But hey ho.
  5. You thinking of taking the mrs down next season?
  6. I think they will be up there this year. They are building a decent squad.
  7. Shocking decision from the league members to allow 3 colt teams to buy there way in. Didn’t think it could get any worse than the farce of letting the old firm in last year but they have managed to go one better. You have teams in the tiers bellow, bursting there arse over a season to earn a chance of getting promoted. Clubs jumping through hoops just to get there liecences in place. And these cnuts just swan in with a bribe payment. No wonder league 2 will never open up direct promotion when the lowland conducts itself like this. The leauge deserves every bit of ridicule and hate thats coming its way. Turned into a joke. So dissapointing yet completely predictable to watch it unfold like this. Im sure east kilbride would have been one of the driving forces behind it. They have been in the past. Fucking let downs.
  8. It gave me a good chuckle too.
  9. I’m still not over the 5-1 humping from your lot craigie. Shires finest lowland hour.
  10. Alot of billy big bollocks chat going on from the newbies. Nothing us simpletons down at the tumbleweed valley haven’t heard before. We heard the same noises from shire fans. And to lesser degree from the berwick fans when they landed in our wee shitehole. But you might just have to get used to it cause you could be here a while. Its a tough league with alot of good teams. Not the best supported clubs for sure. But still good clubs, trying hard to attract fans at a difficult time. And some of theses 1 man a dog outfits have very decent sides as you shall see. The threads are quieter than you will be used to. But should pick up when football starts again. Anyway welcome. Think yous might enjoy the journey. (For a bit) New grounds to see, winning more often than not. And the chance to visit the legendry kpark. We are even laying a brand new state of the art pitch just for yous.
  11. I’m aware of that cowden. But i’ve yet to be on a supporter bus where its not happning. And if its not, im walking.[emoji16] but i get what you are saying.
  12. “Sure things like a drink are a no go.” I’ll walk thanks!
  13. Need to remember this one when those glorified boys clubs are turning yous over this season.
  14. Runaway runaway runaway runaway!
  15. Congrats to tranent. Welcome to the shitehole that is the lowland league. Where we do what we want, when we want. And if the rules stop us, we will change them to suit. Welcome aboard.
  16. That red rose is a thorny wee p***k aint he!
  17. They were you wee rascal. Was 1-1. Good guys back in front again though.
  18. Anyone got any info where broomhill will be calling home next season? I’ve a feeling scotstoun is about to become reality.
  19. Very decent goalkeeper. Fans player of the year. Will be a good signing for yous.
  20. The aitken brothers were awrite by the way!
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