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  1. Hiya marshy. You strange wee man.
  2. Its not the blue pound though is it. I would bet the majority of fans there would have been home fans. That if they were playing spartans or ek, wouldnt have been there. The colts aren’t bringing large crowds. But they are drawing out slightly larger home crowds when they play away.
  3. Very true. But they’re here now. So i can only try take any slight positive that is there. Cant change it now. Only hope is it is for the one season.
  4. I agree newky. They are a very well backed team. Great for the league. The point i was making was there are loads of things to dislike about the colts being shoehorned into our league. I was just playing devils advocate. Crowd just shy of a thousand is a big pull. And some folk are going out there way to downplay they numbers to suit the narrative of “we hate the colts and everything about them.” Im in no way a fan of the colts being in our league. As i’ve always stated right from the start. But if we are slagging them, do it for the bad things they bring. Not the good. And the only good points ive seen is, they can help with numbers through the gates. And they both have very decent squads of young scottish players who are so far are showing the rest of us up.
  5. It may not suit everyones agenda or viewpoint. But pulling a crowd of 1000+ at this level is good going.
  6. Welcome aboard. You picked a good time to join the revolution. Certainly can’t be called a glory hunter thats for sure.[emoji16]
  7. Will let you away with it mate. He looks like a grant to be fair. Its grant from now on.
  8. No, never had time. Was in the studio trying to edit last weeks highlights reel. Once i finish that i’m going out to prove that the earth is flat.
  9. Played east kilbride, spartans and bonnyrigg rose in the last week. Score so far: bo’ness nil - refs three.
  10. Good to see the salty tears are still flowing Im sure ekfctv will put the highlights up when they have them sorted. Nothing to to with a big conspiracy to hide anything as the salty brigade may want us all to believe. Think dave summed it up well when he said yous were beat on the day by the better team over the piece. Shite refereeing is not a new thing. And will continue to be the way some weeks. So time to dry them and move on chaps.
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