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  1. Higginbotham is a great signing at this level.
  2. Forgive me for not being overly concerned with last seasons team of the year.
  3. Craig reid not still at kelty? He is solid at right back.
  4. Cairns and brownlie came into the team as it was hitting sinking ship mode. Competent without being eyecatching. Stevenson will be a very good signing. Was solid. Consistent every week.
  5. When that is your opening line did you expect anything else? As i said, off you pop. Take you extreme football knowledge somewhere else more worthy.
  6. So hold on wait, you come on and be a total bellend with a condescending post,(which is just you being you) then you think you are going to get a decent answer to anything you ask after that? You’re more than a dick than i gave you credit for.
  7. That they have signed. And they are new.
  8. This post sums up how much of a w**k stain you are. Not just on the lowland forum may i add, but across the board. Stick a red dot on it then off you pop marshy.
  9. I dont have any links mate. Just saw the plans in the local press.
  10. Might have known you would be a bloody mainser!!!!!
  11. The showpark is owned by the east kilbride cattle society and leased to east kilbride thistle so building there is a non starter. I agree though, outwith the shite parking, its the best location you could get for it in east kilbride.
  12. Anything that causes him upset can only be seen as good.
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