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  1. How yous getting on leo? You happy with michael in as player manager?
  2. Most players at this level are signed on 1 year deals. There is always a big turn over of players each year.
  3. The clear out was always going to happen when mick was appointed. Alot of good players released. And a few guys who have gave there best years to the club. But bottom line is they weren’t good enough last season. So there cant be to many complaints. If you want to build a team capable of progressing, you need to be ruthless. i just hope he dosen’t go to top heavy with broomhill and darvel players who also fell short with there teams. oh, and david badboaby can gtf!
  4. This has to be alot of shite. Tell me so!
  5. At what point would anyone in the right frame of mind think that signing wouldn’t cause a problem?
  6. Congrats to spartans. Part of the lowland league foundations. Solid team throughout. Many may have thought the ship had sailed for you guys after a few close calls. Brilliant to see yous make it. All the best.
  7. Would need to be bonkers to sign goodwillie after all the negative press pw. Would be a clusterfuck of a decision to bring him in.
  8. Im far from being “in the loop.” But i usually hear about alot of things before they become public knowledge. This must be a piss take. The club wouldn’t go down that road. And i hope to f**k the new management team wouldnt be daft enough to even consider it. I can say right now, as a fact. If that is a road they were willing to go down, i wont be back.
  9. Theres no danger. This would be football suicide. Hell mend them if they even considered it.
  10. Congratulations to spartans. Hopefully yous can complete the job.
  11. Shit patter. At least you’re consistent though.
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