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  1. Free money.[emoji387][emoji387][emoji383][emoji383][emoji383]
  2. Yous just concentrate on the league jerry!!![emoji6]
  3. You obviously dont know selfy. He is very stupid.
  4. Think one of the main issues was the pitch took a hammering with the two teams using it. Went through a spell when they couldnt get a game on it for months. Think there was a falling out between the 2 clubs aswell. Jerry will be able to fill you in better.
  5. Always look on the plus side. Its only drums and a bit of singing. Think of the poor shire fans that have to put up listening to mad old bills pish every week. I know what i would rather listen to.🥁🥁🥁🥁
  6. Oooft. What a mess tarmo stink has left that thread in. Painfull reading. Thanks for pointing me in that direction gogsy. My eyes are bleeding.
  7. That is the only plus side for both teams i would think.
  8. I know jerry. Yous went through all that yesterday just for an away at kpark. Boot in the baws or what???
  9. Not at all oor gogs. We are one of the few teams that they haven’t beat this season. Would just have liked a change of scene. As im sure bsc would have too.
  10. But there is already a perfectly good stadium there jerry. Could always use that as your plan b if you loose tho.[emoji16]
  11. With the winners keeping the indodrill stadium all to thereselfs.
  12. Aye i was on the verge. Was really stressed out. Im ok now though. Thanks for checking in.
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