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  1. Ive no idea how ek have voted mate. If im being honest, with noises coming out of the club over last few weeks, i wouldn’t be suprised if they have voted in favour. Such a shame it has went this way. Clubs have been trying so hard to build the image of the league over the last 10 years and have ruined it with this decision imo. Shocker.
  2. Shocking decision to vote in favour of this. The fact wastecoat willie and bennet have shown up on a lowland thread sums up how honking a move this is. Hell mend the clubs that have voted in favour of this.
  3. Well done kelty. Don’t do an east kilbride in the final.
  4. This post sums up perfectly, everything that has to be said on the matter. Anyone who has posted on here over the years about the spfl 2 being a closed shop, with no automatic relegation, but is now backing the colts to join the league at the expense of teams in the tier bellow, are being massive hypocites. Would not be a good look for the league at all.
  5. Fair play. You’ve done me there. Some patter.
  6. The pyramid in its current form dosen’t work. Think we can all agree on that. Untill every league has automatic promotion and relegation to get things moving then it will continue to stagnate. Its hard to shout from the rooftops at league 2 being a closed shop (which it is) when it could be 2 years with no relegation from lowland.
  7. Aye, but can yous do it on a cold tuesday night at kpark jerry?
  8. Its finished. You not seen it??? Its a belter.
  9. I get that dougie, but makes you think thats not happening anytime soon if they are letting players go just now. Could work out for both parties right enough. Gets them match fit rather than trying to train on there own. So makes sense i suppose.
  10. Dosen’t look good for getting season finished when teams are letting there best players go out on loan for remainder of season. Not sure if there are any recall options if league restarts but it does point towards clubs not expecting a restart anytime soon, if at all. Hope im wrong though.
  11. Chris erskine and steven bell away to partick thistle on loan till season end.
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