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  1. I agree with most of your post alan but i think stirling uni will cause a few of the bigger sides problems this season. Look a good side. Its early in the season but this game does have a feel about it that it could shape how the rest of the season plays out for the winner. On that note im going for a score draw. Feel free to post score updates for us poor nightshift workers. Enjoy the game. Not to much though.
  2. If only i wasn’t a compulsive liar.
  3. You were missed. Alot.
  4. East kilbride 1-0 gala
  5. Tom leighton signed on loan from cove and straight into starting 11 today.
  6. Thanks mate.[emoji106]
  7. Ekfc 1-0 gretna 2008
  8. Any score updates would be grand. Thanks.[emoji106]
  9. I can’t find any official live streams and there has been no word from the club. Which is pretty poor. Ekfctv put out a highlights package after game. With things as they are i thought they would have had a stream in place.
  10. I’ll pack my bags alan.[emoji1309][emoji1309][emoji1309]
  11. [emoji1309][emoji1309][emoji1309][emoji1309]
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