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  1. Linesmen and women of the lowland leauge will be sleeping a bit easier tonight tam. He used to give them pelters.[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Sad sad news. Remember first time seeing “mad bill” at kpark. He done my nut in for the full 90 minutes. But i loved it. Its folk like bill that make football at our level what it is. A real character who clearly loved supporting his team. Rest in peace bill. The sidelines will be a far quieter place without you.
  3. [emoji3][emoji102][emoji102][emoji102]
  4. Looks like they are close to signing davies from preston. Left sided cb or full back.
  5. You dont feel so abso”lite” after a round of stovies and 3 pies though.[emoji16]
  6. Former celtic youth Kieran mcgrath has re signed for club after spending a short loan spell last season.
  7. Yeah there is definitely scope this year for any of the teams u mentioned taking points. We have already saw that first hand. Its such a shame we cant get fans through the doors to see what is by far the most competitive season since league began.
  8. Its artic up here jerry. The snow we had has pretty much frozen solid over last few days. 2 teams look very evenly matched. They always seem to be but this year more than ever. Just hope we dont cancel each other out and give kelty more breathing room.
  9. Tonights game with bsc is off cause its baltic.
  10. He does it everyweek newky. Regardless of who they are playing. Good or bad. Its what he does. Nobody was disputing that tranent are a very good side. So we shall agree to disagree. I miss us falling out.[emoji6] hope you had a good christmas fella.
  11. U must be new around here. He does this most weeks. Yet you are still biting away. Thanks for the breakdown though. [emoji106]
  12. You know as well as me newky. That what craigie does best. Winds folk up, makes an arese of himself. Its not a new thing.[emoji16]
  13. The post i was refering to was made 2 hours before the eos pumping was being handed out smart arse.
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