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  1. Cammy elliot up front looks a real handfull. Looks like he would be a nightmare to play against. Very decent return of points from what was a tough run of fixtures.
  2. What one? His first or his second?
  3. Wasn’t a foul for me mate. He had time to get the pass away. Made an arse of it. If it had been at other end of the pitch i would be hoing mental if a foul was given there.
  4. Young left back is robbie fraser. Known him since he was a young boy. Smashing young player.
  5. Can we get the old pitch out the skip and re-layed please!
  6. Big 3 points away from home. Alot of teams will be turned over there. big result for open goal against spartans. and berwick taking a scudding of hearts young yins. welcome back fitba.
  7. Jack ruddy lasted long. Fare thee well young warrior. Fair thee well.
  8. Bang on mate. He was as good as i’ve saw down at kpark before or since.
  9. Sad news to hear of the passing of adam strachan. Still a very young man. He always had his demons but he was a joy to watch the few seasons he spent at ek. hopefully he is at peace now.
  10. Must be very well experienced in picking the ball out the back of the net newky.
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