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  1. Let’s hope for a right or left back - they’ll be keeping all the really big names for the Family Day [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Any good full backs knocking about at Tim Hortons? Will Colin go for a back 3 Neil, Marsh and Munro or have we seen the last of that? New kit, new team - can’t wait for the season to start[emoji23][emoji23]
  3. Good summary Cesc, I would certainly keep Dickson and agree with most of the rest, I would also keep Duthie - a decent player who needs coached. Donaldson will be a loss, his drive helped immensely when attacking although I thought he had a poor game by his standards on Saturday.
  4. Gibbons did go down far to easy and tbh was lucky not to be booked, I was right behind the goal and my first thought was that he may get booked for simulation. I thought we did enough and certainly had chances but it is Stenny and like Scotland there is an easy way and ..... also I think Colin forgot about Ruaridh’s world class headed goal at the Falkirk game [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  5. I still rate big Morgyn and nobody doubts Marsh’s commitment but big Andy is an organiser and we have desperately needed that. Huge game on Saturday and I don’t think the play offs will be easy if we get there. I also think it would be nice not to have one season where we finish either top or at least out of the bottom 2. Either way I will renew my season as when I got my first one in 1987 I knew that it was not going to be all European Cup Finals [emoji23][emoji23]
  6. So the best we can get is a play off place after being thoroughly beaten on Saturday. Referee was poor and Baird should have walked for three bad tackles and Munro gets sent off for swearing[emoji35]. About what you expect from that clown who is one of the poorer referees about. Every time we ask the community to get out and support we have a stinker although genuinely think Forfar would have beaten us even if we had played better. 2 very big games and then it looks like the play offs it will be Clyde in the first round if we get there. Every year drama till the last[emoji848]
  7. That’s 2 big strong centre half’s who not many strikers will relish battling with - that is presuming Marshy stays on the park long enough[emoji23]
  8. Starting to look shaky, massive game next week against Dumbarton, need a win to pull us back in to the pack, looking for Forfar to beat Brechin who still have a game in hand over us. Always expected a tough season but desperately struggling to put a run together, why we decided to go with an inexperienced manager is a mystery. Saying that Jim Duffy not exactly working miracles although he may get money in the window which Colin may not get[emoji848]
  9. Me too, quite inexperienced obviously and a tough gig for him taking us from bottom of the league. I had hoped for a more experienced campaigner but the board make the decision so I’ll get behind it and hope they got it right[emoji848][emoji848]
  10. No intensity in the play until we go behind, agree on Reid like Stuart Malcolm we seem to have got him a season too late. Let’s hope they get a manager in soon as we don’t want to become detached at the bottom.
  11. Not a particularly impressive Wikipedia page, never seems to stay anywhere for very long including in his short managerial career, looking for better although I appreciate choices may be limited.
  12. Disappointed and didn’t see it coming, yes the late substitutions frustrate and yes we are inconsistent but probably have the lowest budget in the league and that’s what you get. Martin Corrigan again! I hope they know what they are doing and don’t screw it up again[emoji848][emoji848]
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