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  1. Carlisle are flying could do a lot wore than Steven Pressley
  2. I actually typed 10 - and yes striker - a goal scorer if you will. as stated previously if you do not then you are a HEADS GONE
  3. if you can't see that KB was our most naturally gifted number 10 (and natural goal scorer) since the70s then proper headS GONE
  4. My pal said he seen Ryan Giggs in London so im sure the FA big brass are no doubt in London...2 and 2 sometimes do make 4.
  5. Going tomorrow and Saturday. Get bored with the 'oh full of wanks/english/takes longer to get to work.' Deal with it. It brings in money to the city. It's a great day out. Even better if drinking. Also lots more to it than comedians, but I get why people tend to flock to them. Though in saying that, afternoon start, free shows + a good drink = even the dross is a good laugh.
  6. The goal was never offside. Wonder how Lennon will handle getting beat at Falkirk during the season. Not very well by the looks off it.
  7. Black pudding. But christ that's grim. Would you rather, everytime someone said 'and' in your presence you shit yourself OR every shit you do is excreted from under your fingernails..
  8. I watched a terrible one years back about some asian girl that played football and had a thing for old Beckham. Was murder.
  9. Supras i always thought you were pretty funny but you backtracked quite clearly tbh
  10. This. I used to need to remind myself that I had done nothing embarrassing or outrageous. I'd then get the fear that I was an over night meme with a clip of my drunkenly stumbling/talking shite/anything.
  11. But they've not drew 5 games.
  12. Pretty sure Gerald Foos owns 1 of the B&Bs in Oban. It has that 'feel'
  13. Lee Dixon before the game was full of it. Brilliant. Thought Ian Wright was going to give birth or spontaneously combust. He seemed demented when he wasn't speaking, full of total rage.
  14. England will kick on in this match and easily win. The next round they will be soundly and embarrassingly taken apart.
  15. Couldn't see Ronnie doing this. And not just because he's Portugese
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