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  1. Is that it??? I think it'll be a tough season for Rutherglen!
  2. Who was missing from yesterday's Rutherglen team that would normally be playing?
  3. Very poor Rutherglen side today. Understandably it's only the sectional league cup but were well and truly beaten today by a much improved ek side.
  4. Andy Carlin has retired also due to injury
  5. Sad to hear Keith Hogg resigned from his post tonight. All the best for the future Hoggy.
  6. Analysing a league table on a Saturday night??? Living life to the max glensmad
  7. What an absolute twat of a guy, actually quite embarrassed for u, even the other clydebank supporters are holding their head in shame at u.
  8. Who exactly in your eyes never contributed enough garrellburn? Over the 2 games we were far the better team but unfortunately didn't take our chances.
  9. I really hope we beat u tomorrow night after that ridiculous statement.
  10. Good run over, another hard luck story, always next year Rutherglen
  11. Great to see Scotty Upton back at the club, heard he done very well when he came on. Another step closer to promotion for Kilsyth.
  12. 19 year old ex Dumbarton midfielder Corey Pearson has asked to go on the transfer list, can't see a player of his quality being out the game long, all the best corey.
  13. Sad to hear paul has asked to go on the transfer list, he a been a great servant to the club for many years. All the best paul.
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